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Silsila Pyaar Ka 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki says kajal go get ur brother n then I shall trust u,raunak says everyone in hall is searching for vinay but no one found him, kajal says I will find him n I m sorry if I hurt u but trust me,kamini says because of u our little princess is in tears n if u don’t find vinay u have to fall in jankis feet,kajal says I will go and search for him n leaves, kajal goes t each room one by one and starts looking for vinay,kajal meets raunak n says I will check upstairs u plz keep an eye down here, kajal goes upstairs n starts looking for vinay,kamini says janki why don’t u throw this kajal out of this house,janki say sh no if kajal goes to raunaks room n sees that framed love letter, kamini says relax nothing will happen because I have already removed that frame, janki says oh wow how did u turn

so smart and u have one favor on me, kajal looking fr vinay every where goes down stairs, raunak gets a message that they didn’t find vinay.
raunak with kajal janki kamini n neeti tells them that no one found vinay, kajal says I did see him , raunak says kajal u must be wrong it may be some other girl, kajal says then tell me how I have invitation card, raunak says must be mistake, janki says no that’s not possible because no one knows where she stays she must have robbed it n now here to spoil my daughter’s life and kajal u, u have hurt my daughter now without any mess here plz leave,raunak says kajal itsa request plz,kajal is in tears,neeti says kajal didi I am sorry I insulted u but plz understand my situation and I am sorry, kajal says no worries neeti, just don’t take any wrong step u are a very nice girl and all the best,janki says its high time we shd go to mandap, kamini says kajal u have to fall in jankis feet and say sorry, raunak says its ok that’s not needed, kajal says I don’t have problem she is elder to me and touches jankis feet,janki hugs her n whispers u shd have beem Mumbai instead of Indore they would have taken u in films n now just get lost from here,kajal wipes her tears and walks away.
Vinay in mandap,neeti joins him,kajal leaving,raunak walks to her,kajal says I am sorry sir I hurt everyone here nd I never thought I will see u again and in this way, raunak says u were here for neetis good and it was good to know u didn’t change, kajal says u trusted me thanku for that,raunak says take care kajal,kajal says u too and leave.vinay sees her walking away and says good did is going, vinays watch’s alarm starts ringing, hearing this kajal stops.
Panditji says plz stop it,vinay struggles to put it off,kajal realizes that vinay is in place of groom, kajal remeberd giving vinay the watch to keep n check on his workout timings,vinay puts off the alarm,janki and kamini walk away from mandap, kamini shows janki kajal starring at the groom and says look at her she is still here shameless girl and see raunak is starring at her,janki got to do something,janki says kamini I will take care of raunak,kamini says yes and I will wipe this kajal away,janki walks to raunak and says go get me a packet from store room,raunak say sok and leaves,kamini calls munmun and points at kajal.
Munmun walks to kajal and says don’t u remember u were asked to leave,raunak goes to store room and puts on the light,the groom is tide up there and struggling to get rid of it,kajal says who are u,munmun says dare u stay here and now I will throw u out and not let u spoil raunaks life anymore and holds kajals hand and forces her out, the groom starts making noise,raunak stops and stops looking for who it must be.
Kajal leaves munmuns hand and rushes to vinay and removes his sehera,everyone gets shocked seeing vinay there.

Precap:janki says neeti speak up do u know this guy,neeti nods no.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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