Silsila Pyaar Ka 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak says kajal plz now at least don’t take me wrong, kajal says ok,raunak calls chachu n says I will give details later but just take care all Is sorted very well, raunak says uncle lets go shop, ashok says u go home we will sort it later, raunak says delay as already cost my brother n now not his family lets go now, chachu tells janki abt akshays loans n raunak transferring it to their company, janki says thats good I am happy with raunaks decision n lets take it as a amount for his new start, chachu says but if he keeps meeting kajal, things will get bad, janki says good to know u care but u havent understood raunak yet, he has promised n he will not turn from it, anyways order raunaks engagement ring n send it on this address, chachu says kajals address but why, janki says u questioning

me forgot all manners, chachu says sorry, janki says just want to share happiness, its strange but let it be, raunak took their pain n we will share happiness they are our own after all.
Everyone reach shop location, raunak asks vendors to vacant the place, ashok says raunak calm down, police reach location, raunak says uncle let me handle, ashok says police, raunak says I called them, lets finish it legally, raunak tells police the situation, vendors says look madam has got a new lover, raunak gets angry n gets into fight with vendors, everyone around start gossiping abt kajal, kajal gets upset n walks away, raunak sees kajal walking away n rushes to her n stops her n says why did u run, raunak says kajal was that true no it was wrong, u aren’t wrong so don’t run away, we have to face such situations get strong don’t run away, the kajal I know isnt like this we are friends remember, ur five year old proposal lets make up, we are friends, we will miss akshay n I will never let anyone point u, u are my friend I don’t want my friend to be weak.
Kajal gets a call n says sir lets go home its urgent. Kamini tells munmun that her engagement is in indore n says get ready we will go shopping, munmun says ma but we have no money, lets postpone the wedding, kamini says shutup I will arrange money my way , ur father doesn’t know abt jankis loan n we will use that I have saved 40 lakhs, once u become raunaks wife all money is ours then, janki will give u money n u will give it to me, munmun says I have better idea,kamini agrees to it n says very good I am proud of u, now just janki get trapped then we are all set, munmun says she is already trapped because she has chosen me, now mom just relax, kamini says come lets go shopping.
Sakshis health gets bad again, doctor says its been a month now n theres no improvement looks like she has given up on getting better, she has a whole in heart n that accident she saw has weakened her, kajal says sakshi look ma is here look, sakshi opens her eyes n says papa, n closes her eyes again, kajal start crying, raunak walks to sakshi n holds her hand n says doctor sakshi will not give up, she will get better. doctor says sakshi isnt responding the treatment, raunak says shd we take her abroad, doc says that’s not needed sakshi needs rest, kajal says I know sakshi will get better, raunak says any other option, kajal says sir thanku for concern but after akshays loss, all I have is sakshi n I want no risk.
Kamini with janki, janki asks whats the matter, kamini says u know I took care of kamini all alone, after divorce n I want money n I will return later, janki says what amt, kamini says i feel so ashamed to ask for money,janki says this relation shd bring happiness n not shame, kamini says janki I will sold jewellery but what will people say, what to do I am so confused, janki says kamini just tell me the amount, kamini says I am feeling so bad but 7 lakhs will do, janki says here 10 lakhs, kamini says I will return, janki says this my gift for raunaks wife, but remember the condition she is my pupet, kamini says relax munmun will take no step against ur wish, I will leave now.
Kajal says neetis delivery date is near we shd go for neeti n vinays wedding, raunak says I will talk to ma, raunak says I am staying in this hotel call me if any need, radhika says no u will stay here, kajal says ma is right n tomorrow is akshays bday shall we keep a pooja in his name,munshi say sok. raunak says I have to share something that will help sakshi n shares some information, kajal says no its very risky.

precap:raunak says first time I am lying, but I feel its right thing for now, kajal says but this is risky.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode firstly I thought this is the worst serial but I was wrong now the story is getting shape awww nice very nice serial kajol & raunakh Jodi is superb?????

  2. Rashmi sharma is copying Ekta kapoor. Now for sakshi, raunak and kajal will get married just like for ruhi Raman and ishitha got married.

  3. This serial is story of my life and a mother in law who has full control on her son. Janki is no different from my own mother in law. Its suffocating if u have such person in ur life

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