Silsila Pyaar Ka 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal calls Raunak, Raunak says yes Kajal,Kajal says sir first calm down I got to know what happened In Indore n we need to handle it very calmly,Raunak says no Kajal Radhika aunty crossed her lines even after knowing the truth she blamed ma for Akshays death n Neeti she is troubling Neeti to sorry I won’t wait bye, Kajal later says sir but the truth is Janki aunty is the reason behind everything how will u handle urself when u will get to know that Janki aunty forced Akshay to marry me,Vidhi Kamini n munmun seeing all the drama.

Kajal keeps trying to convince Raunak but Raunak says I will not listen this time stop calling me bye,Vidhi says God Raunak didn’t agree now only one option left u shd go Indore n stop him,think if Raunak doesn’t control his anger what will u

do,it’s ur house too n Neeti her whole future will be dangered, Kajal says ur eight Chachi i shd go Indore.

Kamini says wow Vidhi now Kajal will go Indore without informing Janki n that too on wedding day now will the real fun start, Kajal walks to Janki n says ma Raunak sir went Indore in anger, Janki says Kajal what u want,Radhika blames me n I keep quite,let’s say I keep mum but Raunak he won’t, Kajal says I understand ur point but if we go n stop sir it will bring situation under control n Neeti think abt her,if sir gets her back it will ruin neetis relation,Janki says Neeti already has made a wrong decision marrying Vinay but Radhika can’t torcher Neeti ,Kajal says I thought Neeti n her relations matter u most but u n ur ego,but I can’t let this happen I will go stop sir,Janki says go n get ready u need not fall in all this, Kajal says u are doing same thing with me as Radhika ma with Neeti so what’s the difference.

Munmun Kamini n Vidhi again keeping an eye on them n says looks like Janki aunty is gonna burst in flames on Kajal,Janki walks away,Vidhi says shit plan flop,Kamini says don’t worry Raunak is on his Way Indore n he will for sure crate n scene there.

Raunak gets a call from Kajal,Kajal says sir plz listen ,Radhika ma insulted ma but try understand her pain,u call her kaki right so try understand her pain,Raunak says I get u but Neeti, kaki shd understand Neeti isn’t alone,Kajal says Neeti will handle it trust her,Raunak hangs the call in anger n walks to neetis house n rings bell.

Neeti opens door n says bhaiya u here n hugs him. Sakshi sees Kajal upset n says ma why are u upset, Kajal says I’m worried abt ur papa,Sakshi says I have an idea I will give papa an hug n kissy n all his anger will go away. Kamini with Janki says don’t worry our Raunak will get Neeti from that hell, people will gossip abt it but u don’t worry,munmun informs Raunak is here .

Raunak walks in alone,everyone gather in hall,Janki asks where’s Neeti,Raunak says she didn’t come,Kamini says what did Radhika house arrest her,Raunak says when I went to see Neeti, Neeti n Vinay welcomed me home,Neeti says bhaiya u take seat I will make tea, Vinay says no u sit talk to ur bhaiya I will get tea, neeti says bhaiya how is ma,Raunak says she is fine but kaki, Neeti says bhaiya she is upset abt Akshay bhaiyas death,I did felt bad but kaki is very nice n it’s ok, n ma I know U will take care of her n so plz let me stay here I will manage all things here.

Raunak says ma Neeti Will handle everything, I trust her,Janki says Neeti said she won’t come ,Raunak says ma don’t worry Neeti is very happy n Vinay takes good care of her n Kajal was right if I had fought situations would worsen but when I saw Neeti I calmed down n I couldn’t believe how well Neeti handled situation,Sakshi says papa u aren’t angry right now get ready it’s ur wedding day, raunaks n says I remember come lets go n leaves with Sakshi.

Munshi calls Ashok n says why aren’t u going to kajals wedding,Ashok denies,Munshi says don’t worry Kajal will understand our situation,Neeti walks in with tablets n says where’s papa,Munshi says he had to go urgently,Neeti says but wedding, Munshi says what to do,Neeti says if u go Kajal bhabhi will be very happy she takes u as her father too n leaves.

Janki in her room thinking abt Kajal saying that she cares abt her ego n then Raunak saying Kajal was right,Kamini walks in n says Janki u look so tensed I can understand even I’m not liking all this I mean see Raunak is all behind Kajal,Raunak once could give his life n even kill someone for u but now bcoz of Kajal he doesn’t care abt u,always Kajal Kajal Kajal ,I’m telling u this Kajal is gonna control Raunak after marriage n so do something or else Raunak will be gone dos something Janki.

Pre cap : Raunak n Kajal taking pheres, Janki says after this day Kajal will forget what happiness is.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. How is Ms Radhika Kajal’s mom? I thought she was Akshay’s mom, and I also don’t understand how Kajal’s bother is staying at her house, m just confuse.

    1. Radhika is Akhsay’s mother and kajal’s brother is staying at her house because his parents live there too.

      1. Thanks for the clarification, I guess both families used to stay together even b4 Kajal and Akshay got married.

  2. low budget serial. total budget spent on janki’s house. they even can’t afford to show Mohena singh in more than 2 episodes.

  3. Totally Crap…!!

  4. Totally Crap…!! Boring serial..same shit frm beginnning

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