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Silsila Pyaar Ka 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal says lets go sir, raunak n kajal leave, kamini says let me go check on neeti,kamini meets neeti n says neeti u and munmun are no different for me so if u want me tell something feel free and ur husband is little not so handsome as u so if u have any plans to runaway n all tell me, neeti looks at vidhi n sas yes aunty theres a plan, kamini thinks now I will stop neeti and janki will be impressed n asks who are u running with, neeti says with ranbir kapoor n laughs.
Vinay gets into the wedding venue, kajal trying to fin vinay, janki welcoming groom, kamini walks to her n whispers janki don’t u worry I juts checked on neeti she isn’t running away, janki says shutup kamini, kajal sees vinay but before se reaches him she dashes with a waiter, raunak asks kajal are u fine, kajal says

yes sir n I saw vinay god knows where he vanished, the water later walks to vinay, vinay says thank yaar, just one more help now, raunak says kajal are u sure its my sister, kajal says and my brother is involved too, waiter walks to groom n says hello sir the bride has arranged a special surprise for u plz come with me, the groom walks with him,vinay is keeping an eye on them,raunak says kajal give me vinays photo so that its easy to find him, kajal says sure and can I plz meet neeti once, raunak says yes come.
Everyone gets a message from raunak with vinys phot n says without informing anyone else search for this guy n if u see him tell me, kamini shows janki kajal n raunak together n says u just keep calm n leave them to me, janki says no wait I will come too, waiter takes groom to a dark room n says sir u wait here n walks away, the groom says neeti come out tell me whats the surprise, vinay comes there and says sorry dude but u I have to do this n puts chloroform on the groom,neeti gets a call from vinay n says we are too close to our mission n going as per plan, neeti says good see u soon, vinay gets dressed in the grooms outfit, the waiter comes in says leave now, vinay covers his face with sehera n leaves.
Raunak goes to neetis room n says chachi we need to talk to neeti alone, vidhi says we u n who, kajal walks in, vidhi asks kajal u here, raunak says how do u know her, vidhi says in ur bday party, janki comes from behind n says neeti come lets go, raunak says ma kajal wants to talk to neeti, kamini whispers look at this kajal n her plans she is again behind raunak, raunak says ma plz let her talk, janki says vihdi u go attend the guests I will get neeti down with me as vidhi leaves janki closes the door.
Janki says ask what u want to kajal, kajal walks to neeti n says I am kajal vinays elder sister, neeti gets conscious n says hi, kajal says I know u and vinay love eachother n are going to run away n I even saw vinay here, so neeti just listen to me don’t atke any such step that will hurt ur family, neeti sits down n removes her dupatta n jewellery, janki says neeti whats wrong dear what are u doing, neeti says I am not gonna marry, u and bhaiya think I am not hapy, kamini aunty thinks I am gonn run away n kajal I don’t even know her n she says I love her brother I don’t even know her, my own family doesn’t trust me, janki says raunak look I told u, and kajal u stop all this nonsense and leave,kajal says aunty plz trust me, janki says I wont, I already have hurt my daughter not anymore.
Panditji asks to get bride and groom, vinay comes n sits in mandap, chachu goes to neetis room n says bhabhi the groom is in mandap we shd get neeti soon, janki says u leave I will get her, janki walks to neeti n says relax neeti and now get ready, neeti feels giddy, kamini says look what u did, kajal says plz trust me I saw vinay theres some problem, janki says go get him here and then I will trust u.

Precap: kamini says janki why don’t u throw this kajal out, look she is going to every room and searching for her brother, janki says oh no what if she goes in raunaks room n sees that framed letter, kajal walks in raunaks room.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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