Silsila Pyaar Ka 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak reaches shop site. Kamini comes back to conscious, and so excited n says oh janki u gave such big good news, I am so very happy, janki smiles n says munmun are u happy with this proposal, munmun says as u elders say, I am ok with it, kamini says munmun now u are in right hands,janki will be ur super mom, janki says kamini I wish to test munmun,she is indeed beautiful nut how beautiful her heart is this is what I need to find, n removes few papers, munmun says aunty what are these, janki says ur ma taught u not to speak in between n as u said u will agree to us elders, kamini says off course she will, tell me janki.
Raunak asks kajal whats the matter, kajal says nothing we will manage plz don’t bother urself u may plz leave, raunak says I can help u up,plz share,kajal gets a

call from radhika, kajal freaks n leaves for home,kajal tells ashok landlord has come lets go,raunak says I shall drop u, munshi says yes lets go.
Janki says I love raunak the most in this world n these papers are for that purpose, so that if in case of divorce or any dispute, the girl doesn’t claim my property, right kamini, kamini ays ya ok, janki says yes kamini one more, munmun can marry only when she signs these papers, she will be my pupet first n then raunaks wife,munmun picks the paper, janki says u have time to think,munmun signs the papers, janki smiles but kamini not happy,janki says I will manage other things, n looks at kaminis upset face n says whats the matter,, kamini says nothing I am still not believing this happened,janki smiles n says soon we will meet as relatives, munmun takes jankis blessings, janki leaves.
Kamini says munmun why did u sign those papers,munmun says ma relax now see my game, once I become raunaks wife, they will have no idea m whole property will be mine. Landlord asks for money n says I am sorry for what happened but I need money n my loans back, munhsi says plz give us some time, raunak says no issue I will clear all ur payments, munshi kaka don’t u worry, am I not ur son,this my card call my manager he will pay u, n don’t ever come back here, kajal says plz sir this is our personal issue stay away, that would be better for us.
Landlord says kajal ji ur shop n house will get auctioned agree to his deal, kajal says I know just give me 15 days, plz trust me I will get ur money, landlord agrees n leaves. Raunak says kajal why don’t u understand, kajal says sir plz don’t embarrass me,raunak says kajal akshays laons are to big n I can take his place, kajal says no one can take akshays place, rauna say si didn’t mean that I am like son to munshi kaka n kaki n for them I will do anything they are my family plz let me do my part, kajal says sir plz this is my responsibility now I will manage,raunak says god kajal why don’t u understand, kajal says why shd we for past 5 yrs we lives this way n now u care why just bcoz akshay is no more, he begged u to forgive him but u didn’t listen n now its too late, how can I trust u, or is it like u want to marry me in return of the money.
Janki announces raunak n munmuns marriage house n says this has to take place week,vidhisays idot know why munmun is not the correct girl, janki says I know her since childhood n guys don’t worry abt that, vidhi says I think we shd ask raunak, chachu says ahbhi must have thought a lot we have to be happy n not question her n get sweets, raunak calls janki, janki says yes what is it, raunak says just called to tell u, I am ready for marriage.
Janki says ok raunak, I knew u will never go against my wish, neeti says raunak hai its munmun, janki says i am very sure munmun is correct choice for u, raunaks phone on speaker kajal listens to all this, raunak says ma I will come home n talk to u.
Raunak says look kajal n now can I do my part plz, kajal n what happened in hosp was just to make akshay happy, I already had troubled him a lot n wanted to bid him bye on a happy note, n I know u love akshay n will never ask to forget him, I was upset with akshay but he was my brother, but he left me alone n went away, n I want his family to be happy,munshi says u always were our family n no one can separate u from us.

Precap: raunak with vendors says with in 5 minutes vacant this place, vendors eve tease kajal n say this man must be madams new love.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. slowly rounak is replacing akshak place sure he will marry kajal without janaki permission….

  2. I Hope Ranuak and Kajal get together …. they will be good for each other!!!

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