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Silsila Pyaar Ka 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neeti Radhika n Vinay at dinning table,door bell rings, vinay goes check n sees Janki n mamaji and welcomes them home,Janki says Vinay I’m here to invite u all n take Neeti along with me for Raunak n Kajals wedding, mamaji gives Vinay Shagun, mamaji asks where are others,Radhika joins them n isn’t happy seeing them n says what marriage n what happiness u are the reason my son is dead, u forced Akshay marry Kajal n now see the girl u hate most is gonna marry ur son today,mamaji says see,Radhika says u are here for a new drama scene now,Neeti says ma plz leave,Janki says I always fought for my children n their happiness n few decisions of theirs will keep hurting life long,hairsh come lets leave.

Neeti gets upset n leaves,Radhika says the way Janki snatched Akshay from me, I will

snatch Neeti from her n then she will know the pain. Kajal walks to Raunak n says sir plz I’m very sorry, plz forgive me,Raunak says ok n leaves, munmun watching all this gets very happy. Sakshi sees them too n says now I shd do something to patch up. Kamini says wow my dearest munmun great news,munmun says looks like Raunak won’t forgive her so quickly,Vidhi says good to see Raunak n Kajal are busy in them n now see how I separate them n they will hate each other soon.

Kajal keeps cheering Raunak but Raunak ignores her, Sakshi falls down n shouts for help, Raunak picks her up n take her to her room,Sakshi acts as if hurt, Kajal says I will apply balm and soon u will be alright, Sakshi says papa u too apply balm plz,Sakshi keeps raunaks hand on Kajal n says Yeah sticky gum n now ur hands won’t separate, Kajal Raunak try to separate but nothing works,Sakshi says this is ur punishment,now stay this way till u stop fighting,Kajal say Sakshi u shdnt have done this,raunaks says don’t scold her,Sakshi says u two keep fighting n leaves.

Kajal says sir I’m very sorry, Raunak says ok but next time don’t ever talk on that topic here after, Kajal says promise I won’t, Kajal says try water , something goes in kajals eyes n trying to remove it Raunak n Kajal get very close, Janki walks in with Sanjana n sees them lost in each other n says Raunak u look very busy,here are clothes try them when u find time n leaves,Sanjana says wow how romantic,n bhabhi u enjoying too now at least leave hand,Kajal says do something our hands our stuck thanks to Sakshi.

Janki says hairsh,hairsh says Didi plz calm down u will affect ur health,Raunak walks in n says ma Sakshi played a prank with me n Kajal n our hands were stuck so, Janki says Raunak stop giving excuses,mamaji says Raunak ,Didi is already very upset abt neetis in laws behaviour,Raunak says why what happened,mamaji tells Raunak what happened n munmun hide n listen to all of them,raunaks gets very angry n leaves,Janki smiles n says now raunaks anger will show Radhika her true place, my Neeti is my life too n Radhika I will not spare her for troubling my daughter n Raunak will nor let Neeti stay even a minute In that house.

Kajal sees Raunak walking out in anger n follows him, Raunak leave in his car, Kajal says God sir was so angry where must have he gone,Kajal walks in thinking abt Raunak, Vidhi walks to Kajal n says see this saree, Kajal says yes it’s good ,Vidhi asks what is it why are u upset,Kajal says yes Raunak walked away in anger,Vidhi says actually Radhika insulted Didi in Indore n tells whole situation to Kajal n so I guess Raunak went Indore,Kajal try stop Raunak,if he goes get Neeti now, it will ruin everything,Raunaks anger I have seen it n only u can stop him,Kajal says ok I will talk to sir n leaves.

Munmun says Chachi why Kajal,Vidhi says Didi is expecting Raunak to handle everything but Raunak will come back when Kajal asks him to,munmun says wow so we will make Raunak do all work Janki aunty hates n Janki aunty will blame Kajal for it,Kamini says wow Vidhi u made a master stroke.

Pre cap : Kajal says Janki aunty I thought u love Neeti but all u love is ur ego,Janki says Kajal,Kajal says yes I will stop Raunak sir from doing it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Honestly Kajal, who do you think you are? Raunaks slave? “Sir?” He’s your future husband not your master!
    Meaningless serial!!

  2. Sir? Yes that is too much. Raunak enjoys every bit of Kajal’s proximity. But he never objected to that word till date. It is a miss by the directors or anything behind that.

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