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Silsila Pyaar Ka 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak n Kajal take a look at the video footage,Raunak recognises the car to be his n says oh god this is an murder n the person was using my car, Kajal says it means this person has some connection with ur family,Akshays death wasn’t an accident but a murder, Raunak tries to figure out who is the person in burkha, raunak says I have to inform ma abt it after all the car is mine,Kajal says sir plz don’t try an understand , this will hurt Janki aunty a lot n when a person can clearly take ur car without ur notice can do anything so tell we figure out who the person we have to keep mum,Raunak says I will find out who killed my friend.

Ashok opens the door n Janki n Raunak come in, Sakshi rushes to Raunak n says papa look I finished my breakfast now come lets play, Munshi says now

Sakshi princess go meet ur friends too, n I will not let ur papa leave, Sakshi says ok but papa plz don’t go without seeing me,Raunak says promise go now.

Janki sees Radhika walking away in anger. Nisha crying seating in a corner, Vinay gains his conscious, he walks to Nisha n says Nisha calm down let me call the police, Nisha says no way I will loose my divorce case if police get to know abt it, u go but promise me u will never tell anyone what happened here not even Neeti. Vinay says ok n leaves, Nisha starts smiling.

Janki says Kajal now we are waiting for ur decision n these all gifts are for u n if u are not happy with any tell me I will change it for u, now cmon tell us, what’s ur decision, Radhika joins them too, Kajal says aunty at first I wasn’t really annoyed to see u here yesterday n so if God wants me to be with sir, I have decided that I agree to this proposal, Radhika gets very angry, Janki walks to Kajal n says Kajal I knew u won’t disappoint us, see Raunak I told u Kajal will accept u, n Kajal I hope u will not back out, Kajal says no way this time I won’t back out n even Akshays last wish was this, it’s all for his happiness, Radhika says Kajal u will have all wealth in ur new house don’t take Akshays name In ur games.

Munshi says Radhika there’s a limit for everything, Ashok says Kajal are us ute abt this, Kajal says yes papa, Radhika says Kajal u do whatever u want to but Sakshi will go nowhere,she will stay with me, she is my sons daughter,Kajal walks to Radhika n says ma u are a mother too, n u know the pain of loosing child n so this can never happen,Radhika says no way,Kajal says Sakshi will always be related to this house, I will manage both my houses well, Radhika says see Kajal,Munshi says Sakshi will go with Kajal n no one will go against it, Ashok u go make arrangements for kajals bidai, Ashok says Janki Devi plz forgive my daughter if ever she commits any mistake,Janki says don’t u worry I will take care of my daughter,Munshi says Kajal u go pack ur n Sakshis clothes n Ashok u don’t worry Radhika will be fine.

Raunak says ma I hope u are happy, Janki says if ur happy I am happy too, Raunak says ma for first time a decision of mine is against ur wish, Janki says Raunak I’m ur mother n this is nothing In front of ur happiness.

Neeti meets Vinay at restaurant n asks Vinay what’s wrong where were u n how are u injured,Vinay says I slipped of staircase, Neeti says come lets show doctor,Vinay says Neeti I’m fine don’t worry,Vinay thinks Neeti I’m sorry I have promised Nisha so won’t tell u what happened last night.

Kajal packing her things, takes Akshays picture, Munshi walks to her n says are u done packing, Kajal takes her blessings n says papa I hope I success on my plan,Munshi says Kajal I am really hurt to know Akshay was killed n Akshay never hurt anyone n tell me who did this,Kajal says papa we have to hide this truth may be the person is still eyeing on our family, n ma is upset n when she will know all the truth she will accept me back,Munshi says yes she will but do u doubt anyone,Kajal says Janki aunty, she trapped Akshay into our marriage n she also deleted all the video proof n so she can also do this,n since she was with me I can’t blame her n now I have to find out the whole plot behind Akshays death.

Precap: Kajal says Janki aunty u know mask some day surely comes out n I promise I will do this good job and reveal ur true faces

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Akshya was selfish and hence he ruined the true love of Raunak and life of Kajal.

    1. Janki blackmailed him to marry kajal she said if akshay doesn’t marry her she’s going to kill kajal.

      1. Akshay Was not selfish,he was helpless,did it for his family as she blackmailed him,still regreted saying should have shown some courage,united Raujal at his death, he was selfish to do that? Sorry,I don’t think he was selfish.

  2. most proplem in your drama when start ,,,,you kill akshay

  3. Janki can’t kill akshay..bcz she knew if anything happen to akshay then kajal and raunak will come she will never do anything to must be vidhi.bcz now they are showing vidhi..she must have some revenge over janki.bcz janki always treated them like she must have did this tow unite raunak and kajal and trouble janki..

  4. i think may be akshays mom bcoz shes reacting so much especially wid kajal whos helping them economically….it cant be janki n others no suspicion

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