Silsila Pyaar Ka 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

After a month, raunak goes to jankis room, and says ma how are u, janki says I am good, raunak says ma it’s a month since akshay has passed away but u health is there something else stressing u, janki says akshay was my child too n so I couldn’t get over it yet, raunak says ma I have to talk to u something imp, janki says raunak I am tired, raunak says ma its urgent and I don’t want to delay it anymore, janki says I know its abt kajals, raunak says no ma, I was thinking abt her family, I had seen kajal how helpless she was, and I, janki says raunak u still love kajal, raunak says its true I will love her till last breathe, but kajal loves akshay n ma can I plz go n see akshays family, it’s a month I havent seen them, they all must be in such pain n sakshi she must be, janki says yes

raunak go, they are our family too, raunak says ma but what is stressing u, janki says raunak will u fulfill one wish of my, raunak says sure ma, janki says it is very difficult n its I want u to get married to girl I wish too, raunak says ma I promise u, I will marry the girl u choose without any conditions, now I will lae, janki says take care.
Janki says now kajal will never enter this house n also I have deleted the video n now new beginning a new story, n before kajal is up to something I have to look for a girl for raunak. Kamini drinking with munmun n says because of this akshay all my plans of munmun n raunak are spoilt n I hope even in hell akshay gets no place, munmun says ma u are so selfish, that janki aunty had made me her servant,kamini says go check who is at door, munmun checks n says its janki aunty, kamini says hide thse bottles quick, kamini opens the door.
Kajal busy in house hold works, everybody gather for morning breakfast, every body upset n missing akshay, kajal says papa we should start with shop today n I will come help u, munshi say kajal, kajal says papa, we have to move on, even akshay wouldn’t like to see us in pain, for him we have to move on, everybody starts with breakfast ,kajal looks at akshay picture n thinks why did u leave us alone n go,n says I will go wake sakshi.
Kajal goes to sakshis room, n is in tears, she looks at akshays picture n is in pain. Kamini says janki u here, janki says why are u so shocked, kamini says no I was in kitchen n didn’t expect anyone come in, kamini sees munmun left drink glass on table n slowly walks to table, janki says kamini why didn’t u come to see me what happened n what smell is this, kamini tries to hide the glass n saysmay be agarbattis smell munmun does pooja everyday n so, n janki after akshays death I wasn’t doing well n was uoset so couldn’t come, janki says ok enough, kamini says now u will also have to go for raunak n kajals marriage.
Janki says kamini raunak said yes to marriage but with girl I will ask him too n he promised me so, and u will help me find him perfect girl n I have found one too, she is the right girl n the way I wish, kamini say sthen why u want me, janki says bcoz its munmun I have selected, munmun hiding n listening to all this gets shocked, kamini say smy munmun, janki says u have any problem, kamini say so oh god I am so happy, munmun takes her duppatta over her head n comes n takes blessings form janki, kamini gets so excited that she faints.
Kajal n everyone at shop, making arrangements, vendors come n stall their stuff ahead of shop, munshi says what u doing this ur blocking our way, ashok says plz go ahead, vendor says go morn on ur dead boy n let us do our business, kajal says we are requesting n u are crossing ur line, vendor says we arent moving, kajal pushes their stuff, one of vendor pushes kajal, munshi n ashok hold her n says are u fine, ashok says see this is illegal plz move ahead, raunak reachs the spot in his car n walks to the shop, seeing rauank kajal has flashes of akshays last wish.

Precap: raunak talking to kajal, kajal says sir plz I will handle it, raunak says kajal plz why don’t u understand, kajal says why are u here n why u want to help us, so that u can marry me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Raunak and kajal..I am excited… Pls make them happen soon

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  4. Why did they kill akshay I miss him

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  7. love Ranuak & Kajal combo

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