Silsila Pyaar Ka 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika asks Kajal what’s ur decision, Janki says Radhika this is very imp decision let her take time till tomorrow morning, right Kajal,Raunak says but Kajal,Janki says son plz let her take her time it’s a very imp decision for her,Raunak says Kajal I just want to say take ur decision without any pressure n burden,Janki says Raunak lets go n hope tomorrow’s day brings lot of happiness n leaves

Radhika says good now Kajal has no more drama to do in name of Akshay,n this time this must also be a new act,Munshi says Radhika enough of ur rubbishness,Radhika says me nonsense n what abt this Kajal, how dare she ask for time abt marriage decision, Kajal says ma I did this bcoz in room Janki aunty asked me to tell Raunak sir I will marry him but will not stay with Janki aunty,

n Raunak sir will hate me for this n in return Janki aunty will never trouble us,n I’m the bad one right, ma I have no problem with it bcoz at least we can have a new start after this Raunak sir issues end n walks away.

Vinay partying with Nisha,nishas friend whom Vinay had stopped from harassing her is keeping a watch on them n slowly enters nishas room, Nisha go so to get drinks n walks into her room seeing lights on n closes the door n gets back to dancing.seeing Nisha dance with Vinay the friend gets very angry,Vinay goes for a drink n gets sick,Nisha says rest for sometime,Vinay says no I shd go home,Nisha says no way u aren’t doing well rest for sometime come. Neeti trying calling Vinay but Vinay doesn’t received her calls,Sanjana sees her upset n says di cmon give jiju some space n stop getting jealous,Neeti says are u and I’m not jealous.

Kajal thinking abt jankis condition,she is sitting with Akshays photo n hugs it, Munshi knocks the door n walks to Kajal n says Kajal take right decision n trust me we all will support u even Radhika, give her sometime n she will realise her mistake,Kajal says papa I know that n all will be soon fine, I will take the right decision.

Nisha gets sick Vinay to her room, both slip n fall on her bed, Vinay says I’m sorry,Nisha says it’s ok ,Nisha sees her friend approaching with hockey stick but before she could stop he hits Vinay on his head,Vinay falls unconscious on bed. Nisha starts shouting for help.

Kajal on her way, her car breaks down near a dhaba,Kajal looks around n realises she is near Akshays accident spot, she gets down her car, she has the whole accident scene going around her mind, a man from dhaba asks driver to get away n says police has already troubled me a lot for that accident, Kajal says what accident, man says yes that truck n car accident it was so brutal,just like a film scene,a lady in Burkha signed the driver to dash the car, Kajal says plz tell me the whole scene the person who died was my husband plz help, he says sorry I know nothing, Kajal says plz.

Janki walks to raunaks Room, Raunak says good morning ma, Janki says what’s wrong why are u upset, Raunak says ma why did Kajal ask for time, Janki says she will take decision that will get happiness back in ur life n now get ready even I have to get my daughter in law back home n leaves,Kajal calls Raunak n says I need to see u right now meet me at the accident spot quickly.

Raunak reaches the venue,Kajal shows him the cctv footage of that dhaba which recorded the accident scene, they see a lady in Burkha sign the driver to dash the car n the sit in a car, dhaba owner says I didn’t show it by fear of police case,Raunak says God it was a clear cut murder n who is this lady n oh this car is mine,Kajal says what, this means the murderer is from ur family.

Pre cap : Kajal says sir this Burkha person has some connection with ur family,Raunak says Kajal I will leave no part unturned to find who killed by brother like friend.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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