Silsila Pyaar Ka 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay says call raunak I want to talk to him, call him in here, raunak steps in, janki starts panicking n sas akshay stop talking, u can talk to him anytime, now relax take rest, akshay says I don’t have time I want to raunak right now, akshay says raunak come here raunak, raunak in tears walks to akshay, akshay says janki aunty u were right we shd leave past in past or it spoils our future n present, and raunak 5 yrs back when u told u love kajal, it all started, kamini thinks kamini run away or else u will be trapped n then thinks oh no wait n see the scene how janki gets insulted.
Akshay says I didn’t want to know what kajal thinks abt raunak n I had no time, not for raunak but for myself, bcoz even I loved kajal, raunak didn’t knew abt this, raunak trusted me n asked to gve

his love letter to kajal but I cheated n wrote my name over it, I am sorry raunak, I couldn’t see kajal going away from me, raunak says akshay its past forget it, akshay says no raunak today I had to tell everyone, anyways I am dying, and wont lie right janki aunty, kajal says akshay nothing will happen, akshay says kajal loved me without any condition, I am so lucky to have her, if 5 yrs back what happened to raunak I am responsible for it, raunak plz forgive me so that I can die in peace, kajal says enough akshay, akshay says don’t stop me kajal, and I am goona miss u a lot kajal but before leaving I wanted to put things back in its place, kajal says akshay plz, akshay says raunak plz forgive me, raunak sits beside akshay n holds his hand, akshay smiles n says thanku bro, raunak smiles akshay says now I can go away in peace, raunak says I am responsible for this state of urs n now shutup, akshay says stupid if we keep complaining how will things get better, and one more thing, last wish is always fulfilled right n my wish is raunak u will marry kajal when I die, all are shocked n surprised.
Raunak n kajal getup, akshay says janki aunty u always fulfill raunas wish n if u knew raunak loved kajal, u wouldn’t say no to him, right janki aunty, and u believe what happens is gods fate n we cant challenge it right aunty, kajal says akshay I love u, I don’t want to past and all, see u are going no where n if u do this I will never talk to u, akshay says see u always keep scolding in front of everyone, and I know u will handle everything very well after I go but u shd move on n so I want u to be happy forever, this is my last wish, and u all have to promise me u all will fulfill my wish.
Janki gets angry hearing akshay force on raunak n kajals wedding, kamini is surprised over akshay doing this, akshay says raunak I front of me take kajals responsibility, radhika n mushi say shutup akshay all will be fine dint do this, akshay says raunak I am waiting, kajal says akshay u will be fine, nothing will happen, akshay says kajal plz agree to what I say, akshay holds kajals hand n asks raunak to give his, akshay holds raunak n kajals hand together, kajal says no akshay don’t, akshay says raunak kajal is my life n she is ur responsibility now.
Akshay tajes his last breathe n leaves kajal n raunaks hand, kajal leaves raunaks hand, evryone breakdown, kajal say sakshay u cant leave me n go see u have to live for me , look at sakshi wake up akshay, janki walks out, kamini follows her n says ur 5 yr hard work has all gone vain, what will u do now, janki in tears look at kamini in anger, kamini says sorry but what If raunak agrees to fulfill akshays last wish.
Doctor walks to akshay n checks him, kajal says do something save him, doctor says we are sorry he is no more, everyone morn in pain.

Precap: raunak says to janki, ma I need to talk to u, janki says I am very tired we will talk later, raunak says sorry ma this is very urgent n I don’t want to delay.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nonsense,
    I like aksay and it will be start of saas-bahu ki drama.

  2. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    bull shit runaway……….. i want kashay no rajal…………… ppppppppllllllllllssssssssss……….

  3. Done with the show …RIP akshay….

  4. The end. Not watching it anymore. Raunak acts like he owns kajal oh i hate him so much

  5. Although kajal and akshay were best but the story was all about ronak,janki and it had to come to its original track.5 yrs back janki did mms scandle and forcibly marry akshajy and what will she do.with whome she will make kajals she does she will definitely fail n fall in her own any means rounak will know truth..and its like a hard slap on janki’s face that the akshay united both kajal and rounak..all conspiracies and lies of janki went in vein.and now she cant run away

    1. agree .. that was the main track of the story. Like it or not this is what the serial was meant to be . One thing I am happy , from story point of view , they will not have the track of dead people coming alive …

  6. Very bad.its end of spk for me

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    I used to love this show but now I will not watch this show as i liked Akshay and Kajal pair but now they will show non-sense of janki and show will go wrost…

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Marte marte bhi akshay janki ko bacha gya, i just hate writers kam se kam akshay ko marte tym to sach btane diya hota…
      So no more watching of this show…

  8. Bye bye silsila Pyaar ka won’t watch this show anymore, will miss Sehban Azim’s(Akshay)acting he is much better than Abhay Vakil(Ranuak) in terms of acting

  9. This episode was a crap…. Good bie akshay….. Good bie spk….

  10. Truly disgusting…akshay n kajal made a great pair…raunak toh overacting karta hai…pata nahin writers ko aapne serial trp kyun kum karna hai…anyways for me rip spk

  11. Last episode for me,bye

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Raunak cnt act.y kill Shabaan? Eish dumb.

  13. This is now the main story!!!!! I even pray kajal and raunak will marry!!! Wow I want to janki’s face!!!!!!!

  14. It will be interesting to watch Kajal and Raunak’s romance.

  15. Sad akshay died, but eventually it has to happen coz it’s about Raunak,kajal and dirty janki.

    Atleast they are on track with story line, not like Tashan e ishq, where promo was about twinkle and yuvi as lovers besides their family differences and plot totally changed.

    Waiting to see kajal enter janki home. Wishing kajal to give tight slap to that kamini first and then make janki life dreadful fearing every moment if kajal will show video to raunak. Janki sud live a fearful, restless Life.

  16. I will never watch this drama again as they parted away Akshay and Kajal.

  17. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. bye bye silsila pyaar ka… no point of watching this..

  18. akshay gave tight slap to janaki devi for her bad doings to rounak and kajal… and moreover to their friendship..

  19. I don’t think that Ranuak is a bad person… he was exposed to negative stuff, he will be good for Kajal… she probably wont accept him right away but when she does they will have an epic love story.

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