Silsila Pyaar Ka 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal on phone says I will see u tomorrow, Kajal gets tea for everyone,n says papa I need to talk to u, I have applied for job,Munshi says Kajal but, Kajal says office is near by but interview is in Jhansi n then when I get job all will be fine, plz allow me. Vinay shares his whole situation with Nisha, nisha says this is so sad n Neeti she shd have supported u, n trust u, shd I talk to Neeti, Vinay says no plz, Nisha says ok now u must be feeling good, Vinay says yes thanku, Nisha says n today evening is my bday party n u have to come home, I will be waiting for u, n don’t forget my gift n get Neeti too, Vinay says sure we both will join u.

Vidhi goes to Janki n says didi I know u are not happy but if u go against Raunak I worry we will lose him,Janki says Vidhi I know that, Vidhi

says but didi this situation is very tricky, u can’t allow Kajal nor we can hurt Raunak,we both now how hard U have struggled for Raunak, I know this decision is so hard for u,Janki say su are right Vidhi, Raunak was always my first preference n u have seen my hardship in those days, n now Vidhi I know what I have to do.

Raunak still waiting outside in his car, Ashok walks to him n says have food take it, Raunak says uncle I will manage, Ashok says no son have food,Raunak says thanku n why do u look so worried, Ashok says Kajal has applied for job n in new city n she will take Sakshi along with her,how will she manage all alone,Raunak says uncle u are right on ur side n so is Kajal on her part, Ashok says why is she going through so hardship, Raunak says I understand ur pain but trust me I will always take care of her n Sakshi come what may.

Kajal sees Ashok with plate n Raunak walking in with him, Kajal says sir plz why haven’t u left my decision is final,Raunak says I need to talk to u Kajal,uncle told me ur doing Job in new city, don’t I care abt Sakshi n this family needs u, by going away things won’t change,Kajal says I’m going out to make things right, this isn’t easy for me, Raunak says Kajal I really care abt u n everyone here, Kajal says why but, Raunak says we are friends remember, Kajal says in that case u didn’t have insulted me on Holi n wouldn’t have cheated me,everyone shocked to see Janki walk in, Raunak says ma u here how come.

Vinay reaches nishas home alone n abt to knock gets call from Neeti, Neeti says I’m missing u, vinay says then why did u say no, Neeti says I’m tired so, Vinay says then u rest now n will see u later, Vinay feels someone following him.

Janki walks to Kajal n says Raunaks behaviour must have been very insulting but he wasn’t meaning it, Kajal I have made a decision n it is u n Raunak shd now get married,Vinay goes to nishas house, Nisha hugs him n asks where’s Neeti, Vinay says she is resting she sent u wishes, Nisha says thanku, Nisha goes make drink for Vinay, Vinay says sorry I don’t drink, Nisha says cmon it’s my birthday, Nisha leaves to attend guests, Vinay sees her picture with her husband, Nisha comes from behind in tears n says ur right that’s my husband, come lets cut the cake.

Janki says Raunak happiness is mine n if his happiness is Kajal I accept Kajal but not with out everyone’s permission, Raunak u have gone through a lot n even Akshays last wish was this n u n Kajal have done all rituals of marriage n u can’t deny them calling it a act n even God wants u to be together, u will marry Kajal n I will support u son,ashokji will u plz act Raunak, Ashok says I leave this decision to Kajal.Radhika gets upset n walks in, Kajal says Janki aunty can we talk in private.

Kajal says Janki aunty this must be ur new act right, Janki says u some times have to step back for a big jump n this is my way to stop u, Kajal says u leave no way to destroy Raunak sirs happiness, is he really ur son, bcoz no mother we do that her son, Janki says kids Kajal, are so stubborn n so is my son, Kajal says what do u want me to do,bcoz I know ur plan will keep Raunak sir away from me, Janki says wow Kajal I’m impressed, I want u to tell Raunak that u are ready for marriage n that is u don’t want to stay with me,Raunak will never agree to this n when u say this he will hate u the most in his life n u will be gone away for ever n then u don’t have to worry at all.

Kajal says ok aunty I will do as u say but even I have a condition, when I do this u n ur son will never return to our lives, Janki says promised n if u change plans even I will have to n then will destroy every single piece of u.

Precap:Raunak n Kajal see video of accident where a women asks the driver to Dash raunaks car, she sits in car, Raunak says oh god this car is mine, Kajal says this means the lady belongs to ur family.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Interesting but kajal seriously just be with raunak already…

  2. now whts this new twist

  3. To tell the true this drama is one of a kind.. Its interesting to find out how the rich compares the standard. Hats off to the Director.

  4. I think the lady is janki Devi I mean m for sure that she is none other than janki Devi or else kaamini but the question is wat dey will get by killing akshay n one more thing wat I think is did incident will bring kajal close to raunak coz even when raunak comes to know dat it is someone from his own family behind all this then too he supports kajal that’s what will bring kajal close to raunak

  5. Pl do not show the antagonist winning always. It puts off the mindset of those who watch the serial. The wicked smiling of janki devi winning always is not encouraging. Pl show the protaganist also winning now and then.

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