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Silsila Pyaar Ka 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak waiting outside,mamaji sees him n says u didn’t go in,Raunak says ma will get very upset I can’t take risk,mamaji says u are so coward,Raunak says no mamaji forget it,mamaji says ok n leaves,Raunak gets a call from Kajal n she says its imp can u plz meet me,Raunak says its ladies Sangeet how can I bye we will talk later,Raunak then says Kajal will not call me without reason I shd go see her it must be really imp,munmun n kamini hear him say so.

Raunak goes to his room through window, Kajal says what are u doing here,Raunak says u called me so u look tensed,Kajal says how did u make it I’m tensed,Raunak says at least this much I know u, seeing Janki, Kamini says munmun Raunak is so romantic,for her he left all rituals n didn’t even think abt Janki went to see

Kajal,munmun says if Janki aunty knows abt it she will be so hurt,Kamini says I know she hates me but Janki is good at heart,janki says what rubbish are u talking,munmun says I heard Raunak talking.

Raunak says so Kajal tell me,Kajal tells me Vinay n Neeti can’t come n Neeti is very upset so can’t we do anything that we can cheer her,Raunak says ask Vinay to give flowers chocolates,she will be impressed it works on every girl,Kajal says no not really,Raunak says what u like,kajal says colors,Raunak says nice n this room needs makeover to soon I will call n make arrangements.

Kamini says Janki if u don’t believe us go see kajals room,Janki says u will be proved wrong I have told Raunak not to stay with Kajal in one room n Raunak won’t go against what I say n leaves,Vidhi comes n Kamini says work done,Vidhi says when she will learn that Raunak has replaced her she will know the pain.

Kajal says sir,Raunak says how abt live telecast for Neeti,Kajal says superb idea but how,Raunak says I will Handel it u just call Vinay,Kajal says ok n calls Vinay n tells him the plan n says keep this surprise for Neeti,Vinay says thanku di ur great,Janki walks to the room with jewellery n knocks door,Raunak says oh ma,Kajal says sir hide,Raunak says ok I shall hide in cupboard u open the door,Kajal opens the door,Janki says what took u so long,Kajal says I was adjusting my lehnga,Janki walks in n says all are waiting for u,here are jewellery for u wear it,Kajal says what’s the need,Janki says do as I say,Janki walks to the cupboard.

Kamini n munmun keeping a watch say now Raunak will be caught, Vinay making video call arrangements,Radhika sees him happy n says how is he so happy I shd keep an eye on him,Janki opens the cupboard n sees no one in it,Kajal sees Raunak hiding near window n goes away from there,Janki says Kajal why u look so nervous,Kajal says nothing,Janki says ok come soon all are waiting down there,Kajal says ok,Janki leaves,Kajal closes the door, n checks at window n see Raunak still hiding n helps him in n says u said cupboard,Raunak says it was obvious so,Kajal says if ma would see,Raunak says Kajal shhh,u looking so beautiful today.

Vinay walks to Neeti with laptop n says upset for not attending sangeet,neetis ays no I’m fine,Vinay says we are going,Neeti says no i don’t wanna upset kaki,Vinay says ok so let’s get sangeet here,Munshi gets speakers n says lets place it here n enjoy the function,Neeti gets very happy n hugs Vinay,Munshi coughs,n say I was saying good idea but what abt ur aunty, Neeti says uncle u wanted to see too then,Munshi says I will take her out don’t worry,Vinay says I will record it for u,munshi says no issue,I will watch repeat telecast.

Kamini says munmun no noise yet,where is Raunak,janki walks down,munmun says ma see,Janki walks to them n say sdare u say anything abt my son again,Raunak isn’t in the room n leaves,Kamini says we saw him go through window,munmun says Kajal is very intelligent we need a solid plan next time,Kamini says ur fault,Vidhi says u two are useless,Kamini says Vidhi,Vidhi says shut up u two spoiled every thing,munmun says aunty don’t worry,Kamini says yes we will before marriage make sure Janki learns that Raunak is out of control n this she can never bare.

Pre cap : Kajal says sir u really love Neeti,Raunak say so may even give life for Neeti,Kajal says sir plz.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice and v good episode

  2. Serial has become boring with sas bahu fighting which most of the serials
    are showing these days. Nothing new. Producers should do some thing and change the track. Bring some thing new.

  3. Suddenly in one day Kajal and Raunak started to flirting each other. The writers/ director should remember that she is widow of somebody and even if she loves Raunak, it should come out slowly. Looks very odd really. Does the director know the basics of drama. One more defect in today’s episode was that suddenly Janki forgot everything her friend had done to kill her and started trusting them more than Kajal who saved her son. This is not logical.
    This Sas bahu fighting is however different than other serials and practical also as it is happening without the knowledge of the son. Hence it is Ok till now.
    The baseline of story is about a mother who is very mush possesive of her son. To show that all this tracks are being written, but not upto the mark. Till now the character of Janki is very strong: matured, decisive and loving. Her only flaw is her over possesiveness. Hence the writer should equally do justice to the character of Kajal (the heroine of story) so that she can win the heart of Janki and one day she should accept her misdeeds to stop Kajal marrying Raunak. Happy ending. Can’t you think in that line.

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