Silsila Pyaar Ka 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal lost thinking,vendor asks her for money n says are u fine madam, Kajal says yes yes, vendor leaves,Kajal says nothing is fine, I have to make things fine, a car comes n Raunak gets off the car, n walks to Kajal, Kajal picks vegetable basket n walks in n closes door on raunaks face, Radhika comes n ask who is out there, Kajal says ma, Radhika says move aside n opens the door, Raunak takes her blessings n says can I come in, Kajal walks away, Radhika leaves too n stops Kajal n says why are u going I shd leave, anyways no one is home n then u two can spend quality time,Raunak says aunty what’s wrong,what are u saying, Radhika says I’m saying what’s true,Raunak says aunty why are u so upset, u know I will never do anything that will upset u, Radhika says u have ur whole life

ahead but my Akshay is no more, no one understands my pain.

Janki alone thinking says this Kajal in my home I can’t bear her, she can’t marry Raunak, yesterday first time Raunak spoke to me in rude tone, he can’t do this to me, Neeti comes from behind n says ma who are u talking to what’s wrong, Janki says I’m fine, Neeti says ma I know u are upset n worried for bhaiya n ma can I ask u something, why do u hate Kajal didi so much, Janki says I don’t find it necessary to answer u, Neeti says ma u never hurt Raunak bhaiya, but today u giving him biggest pain,for his happiness ma plz accept her,all will be fine then,plz ma say yes, Janki thinks of yesterday’s conversation n Raunak asking her to accept Kajal n faints, Neeti calls everyone.

Vinay with Nisha,Nisha says Vinay why are u so upset, Vinay says I’m good thanku, Nisha says Vinay we know each other a lot well n even know our personal issues n I’m ur friend n u can be comfortable with me, I know u even aren’t comfortable with Neeti too, even I thought my husband was my good friend but things changed a lot and Vinay I want a friend like u, u really are nice yesterday u could have taken my advantage, Vinay says u don’t need to thank, Nisha says cmon Vinay lets be good friends n I hope u won’t reject this proposal, Vinay smiles n shakes hand with Nisha,Nisha says that’s better now share ur issues may be I help u.

Raunak says aunty actually, Radhika says what is it Raunak, let me tell u, u have changed,u n Akshay were never different for us but now I know we just were servants for u,tell me was Akshays death really accident or u killed him,Kajal says ma plz u know sir would never do this,Radhika says Kajal this shows ur changed colours look like u were cheating on my son,Raunak says aunty, Radhika says u two n ur drama is all out now n I beg u, pack ur things n get lost of my house n my Sakshi will stay with me, she is my Akshays daughter but u, u can leave this house.

Kajal says ma I’m going no where this is my Akshays house, if u lost ur son, I lost my love,Raunak says aunty,Kajal says sir plz leave , raunaks ays ok I will go but after I go will all change, will auntys thoughts abt u change, no Kajal this won’t happen, Kajal I won’t leave till aunty accepts u as her daughter, Radhika says this will happen never n leaves, Kajal says sir plz if u want to help me, plz leave me alone, I can’t live without my family n they are upset with me I can’t never bear this, sir plz leave, Raunak says ok n leaves.

Kajal to Radhika,ma u will never have no problem with me anymore n leaves. Kajal in her room sees from window , Raunak still waiting down, Kajal closes the curtains when Raunak looks at her, Ashok n Munshi see Raunak waiting out, Sakshi comes running n hugs her, Raunak says Sakshi why are u running n she were u, Sakshi says I went to get flowers for mom,Munshi says come lets have tea, Raunak says I’m good here, Sakshi says I will stay here too, Raunak tells Sakshi whole situation in form of game, Sakshi says wow I will help u in its goes in, Munshi says Raunak baba, Radhika is still upset n couldn’t come over Akshays death, I hope ur efforts come out well, I wish u all the best for it, plz forgive Radhika she is not in state of listening, I hope u help us get our peace back n even Akshay wanted the same thing,Raunak says I promise u ,I will bring back all the happiness.

Pre cap: Janki says Kajal go tell Raunak u are ready for marriage, Kajal says ok aunty but I have a condition.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I’m liking the story right now

  2. Story looks interesting now. Poor Raunak!!!! I feel so sad for him!!!

  3. Am sad tat akshay died ….. but still sorta feelin tat d plot is gettin interestin now only ……

  4. I luv dis show very much. Am a regular fan of SPK

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