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Silsila Pyaar Ka 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal sees raunak, she passes by him, raunak feels something n stops n turns around n gets busy talking n leaves, kajal goes inside,kamini stops her n says so u came n walks to kajal n sys excuse me I am talking to my maid plz excuse n takes juice from her n gets a call n says go to janki n give her juice she is in neetis room n leaves, kamini walks out n calls munmun, munmun says mom this dress is so heavy, kamini says stupid girl I spent a lot in parlor for u, so that raunak falls for u, munmun says mom plz enough of it, kamini says shutup n don’t be so negative u look so beautiful, munmun says mom this raunak is still behind that kajal what to do, kamini says kajal will be never raunaks, its u who will be raunaks girl n now keep up with the traditional attitude n start calling me ma n

not mom now, raunak comes there, munmun says hello, raunak says come lets go in, kamini says munmun is a bit shy, raunak says feel like ur own house don’t be shy plz come n leaves, munmun says mom this dress, kamini says once u impress raunak n janki in this look then wear whatever u wish after marriage but now just concentrate on raunak.
Nidhi n sanjana with neeti helping her get ready, janki on call in corridor sees, kajal in burkha starring at neetis room n gets shocked n thinks why must se have been here, did she get to know the real story n I hope raunak n kajal don’t see eachother, janki sees raunak walking n abt to see kajal, stops him n asks him to go check the arrangements n walks to kajal n holds her hand n takes her into her room n closes the door n says I have seen ur face don’t hide ur face kajal, kajal removes naqab, janki says how dare u come in my house its my daughters wedding, are u here t create hurdles in the function.
Munmun starts impressing raunaks relatives, kamini says good going, munmun says ma we need to bring some action wait n watch n walks to raunak n falls so that raunak catches her but raunak is called by bua n he moves n munmun falls down n all start laughing on her.
Kamini walks to munmun n says are u mad, raunak offers her hand, munmun says actually I am fasting so a little giddy, raunak says what fast, kamini says so that all goes well today in wedding, so she is fasting, raunak says shd I get u something, sanket starts clicking their pictures, munmun poses with raunak, raunak says enough sanket n u shd take rest, munmun says no I am good n leaves, raunak says sanket go do some real work, sanket says I am we need pictures to cherish the memories.
Kajal says aunty I am here to save ur happiness n not ruin it, janki laughs n says so u will tell me what to do, kajal this is my house n I will not let any one ruin my happiness, kajal says mark my words unty today ur daughter wont arrive in mandap,she loves someone else n today at 9 she is gonna run away with her lover,she doesn’t want to get married to the guy u chose, neeti is keeping an eye on the watch n says to vidhi, chachi I am gonna go tomorrow n so I want to spend some time alone in this room, vidhi says ok no issue but remember u will never lose ur place in this house n leaves, neeti closes the door, janki says stop this rubbishness, kajal says no aunty she loves someone else n that person is no one other than vinay my brother.

Precap: janki says ur beggar like brother n my princes daughter theres no match, kajal says loves sees no status aunty, raunak comes n shocked to see kajal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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