Silsila Pyaar Ka 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munshi asks Kajal to accept Raunak,n says even Akshay wanted this,Radhika says what are u saying this cannot happen,Munshi says Radhika Akshay is no more that doesn’t mean Kajal can’t move on. Kamini says Janki Kajal has done black magic on Raunak so agree to what Raunak says or else he will go away from u n I always knew Kajal is behind this n so u have to take a step back for a big jump. Janki Kamini Vidhi join everyone,jankis says Kajal u are my sons happiness,he thinks so n my son is what matters me most n so I agree to this relation,everyone happy to hear this accept Radhika,Janki says Raunak no more wait for u now,Kajal what’s ur decision,Kajal doesn’t answer n looks at Radhika,jankis says Kajal I got ur answer n holds raunaks n kajals hand n bring them close.


walks to raunaks room n closes the door,she is schooled at jankis decision,n thinking abt Raunak n his proposal , n abt Akshay n his last wish, Raunak knocks the door n says Kajal I know u are in great confusion,Kajal says sir I don’t know what to do,Raunak says Kajal u have full right to move on,we will give a new start the past no one could stop it,i love u n know u love me too,n that’s wrong,I have seen ur love towards me n trust me Akshay would be very happy n says smile cmon Kajal ,Sakshi rushes n says why are u talking to a door,Raunak says bcoz papa is very happy,Janki says Raunak u n Kajal can’t stay till u get married will u agree,Sakshi says ma come out, Kajal thinks thanku Sakshi bcoz of u I could give a new start.

Munshi in Indore tells Vinay abt Raunak n Kajal n Radhika upset abt it,Munshi gets a call n says yes we shall all come,Munshi say Janki Devi has organised sangeet for Raunak n Kajal,Neeti says how exciting we will leave tomorrow,radhika says no one will go,n Neeti ur ma has no manners,from my house no one is allowed to attend n if u go no one shall ever talk to me,Neeti says Kaki we won’t go if u dislike it but plz stop blaming my ma for everything n leaves,Vinay says Neeti stop n follows her.

Vinay says Neeti go get ready we are going for sangeet,Radhika aunty is still upset abt Akshay jiju so don’t take her words to heart,Neeti say sim not a kid,I’m not going anywhere u call bhabhi n tell them,Vinay says ok I stay I’m going.

Vidhi busy making arrangements,Vidhi says Didi plz check the guest list its our raunaks sangeet so excited,Janki says Vidhi I trust u plz look after the arrangements,Kamini says Janki u took good decision accepting raunaks decision ,what to do today’s kids I tell u never listen to us,Janki say Kajal will repay for all of this.

Raunak gets ready,Janki sees him looking at all arrangements,Kamini says look he is so happy,Janki gives Kamini a cold look, Raunak goes aside n calls Vinay n says where are u two sangeet is today,Vinay says sorry bhaiya we won’t be able to make it,doc asked Neeti to rest,Raunak says she can rest here too any issues,plz give phone to Neeti,Neeti says plz I can’t talk to him,Vinay says cmon talk,Raunak says Neeti why aren’t u here,is there any problem there,Neeti says bhaiya doc asked me to rest so,Raunak says ok take rest but I will miss u a lot,Neeti says me too but u enjoy on my behalf as well bye.

Raunak goes to Janki n says ma I WA searching for u all over,ma thanku, I know u aren’t happy but for me u said yes,Janki says ur my life,gosh walks to them n says Didi plz come n take a look at arrangements n sorry I heard u too, she is ur ma Raunak,she understands u the most,Raunak says Chachi u also are my ma n have always took care of me,Vidhi says n now Raunak go,it’s ladies sangeet u aren’t allowed,Raunak says what,Vidhi says kidding go get ready.

Mamaji walks to Raunak n says Raunak did u make arrangements to sneak in sangeet,Raunak says no Chachi said not to come,mamaji says I’m here don’t fear,we will dress in ghungat n sneak in come I will tell u,see this window,go inside from here but take care don’t get caught n leaves.

Sanjana helps Kajal get dressed,Kajal gets call from Vinay,Kajal says did u leave,Vinay says Didi we can’t come, Kajal says Sanjana plz excuse me,Sanjana n other girls leave,Vinay says Didi Radhika aunty isn’t allowing us to sangeet n Neeti is very upset,Kajal says don’t worry wait for my call I will tell u what to do.

Pre cap: Kajal calls Raunak n says I need to talk to u, Raunak says no one is allowing me in, we will talk later,Raunak thinks Kajal won’t call me without any reason,munmun n Kamini hear Raunak talk.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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