Silsila Pyaar Ka 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal goes to a shop buys burkha n gets dressed into it n walks away with a bag, she sits in an auto n is thinking 5 yrs later I am again going to that house with a mission n will complete it for sure. Janki walks to raunaks room with closed eyes n opens the door n smiles n walks to his bed opens eyes but sees theres no raunak n says oh I forgot raunak isn’t home he is out of town n will come back today, she sees the torn love letter framed n says when will my son come out of this kajal thing n leaves.
At Sharma niwas, everyone is busy with graha pravesh pooja, raunak walks in breaks name plate n a vase in the house, Sharma asks what are u doing, mama comes in with police, raunak says u betrayed me n my company n I never forgive such people, this puri helped sharmaji into get fake papers

n cleared the loan from our company, Sharma says ur employ is at mistake why blame us, raunak says but u gave him money so u three will be arrested.
Raunak reaches home, janki stops him n says u know I don’t like to see sad, and raunak police will do their work why do u fall into it, raunak says ma I hate liars n trators, janki remembers how she planned whole kajal n akshay incident n raunak is unaware of it, rauna says I hate people who use people for their own happiness, janki says but son, raun says no ma I hate them n can never forgive them, janki says raunak get over it, its 5 yr old incident n may be it wasn’t for u n don’t let that incident affect u so much, raunak says what was my mistake ma, why was I given all the pain, how do I forget all that, I can never forget abt my first love n remembers kajal n also how I was separated from my love, I still cherish that note for kajal so that I can never forget how I was foold n never let that happen to me again, chachi n janki re in tears, vidhi says didi if raunak is so upset with someone elses fraud what will he go through when he will know what u did, janki says from last 5 yrs u people are living on my expenses n so u shd better shut ur mouth .
Neetis wedding, janki walks to her, vidhi says neeti will get married soon n go away, janki says I wish I could stop her, kamini comes n says janki u shd be happy n now tell me how am I looking, neeti says aunty u looking gorgeous, janki says why are u late, kamini says I was at parlor , janki says kamini enough of it, kamini says I know I am young please, raunak comes in, neeti hugs him n asks where were u I was waiting for u n now tell me how am I looking, raunak says as usual the prettiest n tell me are u happy with this wedding, janki says raunak do u think I will chose a wrong person for her, neeti says ma he is just concerned n bhaiya I am very happy n all thanks to u for always being there for me, sanjana comes n says bhai she was crying last night.
Vidhi says she must be crying because she is gonna leave this house, neeti says chachi Is right sanjana, chachi says my daughter is talkative n son always soo shy, go check ur sisters wedding arrangements, kajal reaches raunaks house, she is asked to show the card, kajal shows a card with shabnam banno n says plz keep this bag here I will take it later, kajal walks in she sees raunak talking on phone, she has flashes of how raunak killed akshay, kajal passes by raun, raunak stops n turns around n looks at her.

Precap: kajal removes the naqab of her burkha, janki walks to her n says this is my house n I will not let anyone ruin happiness here, kajal says but aunty today ur happiness will be ruined.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I thought I read somewhere that SPK will take a 5 years leap and Kajal n Akshay will have a baby girl but here nothing of that sort happened, instead Akshay is dead and Kajal is a widow, I am sure Akshay is alive and Ranauk will regret very badly when he will get to know his mom’s true color. I must admit Shilpa Shirokar is a superb actress from a super positive Kamla in Ek Mutthi Assman to super negative Janki in Silsila Pyaar Ka. Woah didn’t expect this show to take a leap so soon, m disappointed that Akshay died, but this is the only Star Plus show I m watching currently

    1. Akshay is dead???

  2. Uff so nw love story is turned to revenge

  3. I read in India forms Kajal living happily with Aisha’s and five year old daughter, why she dressed as widow? What was she doing all this while? Why she ddnt complain to police about Akshay being pushed?

  4. What’s going on this serial??I didn’t understand…….plz tell anyone for upcoming news

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