Silsila Pyaar Ka 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki wakes up n starts thinking abt raunak asking for Kajal n then says I know Raunak won’t break this rule of mine n walks to his room with closed eyes,Kamini comes in between,janki says u stupid u very well know what I do every morning, Kamini says sorry Janki,Janki says move n walks to raunaks room,Vidhi n munmun walks to Kamini,Kamini says she always insults me,munmun says don’t worry we are here now Janki aunty will repay for everything.

Vinay n Neeti not doing well due to last night fight,Radhika walks to them n says we need to go to pagfera,Vinay says I can’t I’m busy n leaves,Radhika says sorry Neeti ,Neeti says ok n leaves,Radhika says this is how I will keep spoiling ur day daily.

Kajal in raunaks room,Janki enters n says Raunak, n opens eyes n sees

Kajal n says why are u breaking my rules u very well know I wish to see Raunak every morning, kajal says aunty Sakshi n Raunak aren’t in room so I was packing n was abt to leave,Janki says don’t worry he won’t stop u ,he thinks ur his happiness but ur bad for him so u have to go.

Munshi Neeti n everyone arrive at Tiwari house,Vidhi hugs Neeti n says I missed u so much,Neeti says me too,Vidhi asks where’s Vinay, Neeti says he is busy,janki joins them,n says Vidhi go make necessary arrangements,the pagfera rituals take place,Janki says Vindu make snacks arrangement,Radhika asks Kajal where’s Sakshi,Janki says she is with Raunak will join us soon n don’t worry sakshi n Kajal will come with u today,Sakshi comes n rushes to Munshi.

Sakshi says dadu I missed u so much,Munshi says I missed u too,Radhika says since Sakshi is here let’s leave,Kajal have to packed go get ur bags,Sakshi rushes to Raunak,Kajal says Sakshi we have to go Indore ok,Sakshi says ok ma,Kajal says thanku beta,Raunak says I will get ur bags,Kajal says I will help him.

Raunak sees Kajal following him,Kajal says thanku, Raunak says u don’t look happy,did u think Sakshi will insist staying n u will stay back,Kajal says no nothing,Raunak says this is my bag,Kajal says u going out too,Raunak says yes with u to Indore,Kajal I will not let u leave this easily n I know I love me too but u aren’t agreeing,Raunak recites his love letter to her,Raunak says these lines I wrote to u five years back n this is the truth I love u,I don’t care if loving u is wrong I would love to do this mistake,n I will not let this second chance go,n Kajal I will be ur shadow,where ever u go,I will come,come Kajal everyone is waiting,Kajal says sir plz I told u last night,Raunak says why don’t u agree that u love me to,I will keep waiting till u accept it,come lets go, for first time I’m going against my mother for u,for my love n holds kajals hand n says I want to walk hand in hand with u all my life.

Sakshi says Neeti mami see my new toys,Raunak n Kajal walk hand in hand,everyone shocked, Kamini says munmun look,munmun says yes mom it’s raunaks bag,Neeti says Sakshi Come I will show u new flowers is garden,Janki asks Raunak u going somewhere,Raunak says yes ma,if Kajal can’t stay here I will go with her,Janki says Raunak ur ma doesn’t matter anymore,Raunak says ma ur my world but I love Kajal,n she is back in my life n I can’t let her go away,Janki says u didn’t think abt ur ma before taking this decision,Vidhi says Didi plz come with me,Kamini says yes listen to what Vidhi saying.

Janki says Vidhi what nonsense is this,Vidhi says sorry Didi but did u see what Raunak was doing, Kamini says Janki I know u hate me but listen,Vidhi says Didi u forgiven Kamini then why not kajal u can’t control Raunak or else he will go away if u stop him anymore plz accept his decision,plz agree Didi,or else u will loose Raunak.

Munshi says Kajal I support raunaks decision,I came here to take u with me but I’m happy to see that Raunak is ready to accept u, I always considered u my daughter so listen to me n accept Raunak.

Pre cap: Janki says Kajal ur my sons happiness n so I accept this relation,Vidhi Kamini very happy,Radhika surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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