Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal gives Janki her medicines n sits beside her n takes care of her,Janki says Kajal this isn’t needed,Kajal says it is necessary, u rest I will get u food,Kajal gets Janki food,Janki says Kajal I’m not hungry I will eat later,Kajal says plz have it, u have to take medicines,Janki thinks Kajal I will never let u n Raunak come close to each other, Kajal says I will go get u some soup,Kajal leaves n Kamini walks in n says Janki see I got us ur fav samosas,Janki n Kamini enjoy food together,raunaks knocks door,Janki says one minutes Raunak,Kamini hides food n then opens door.

Kamini says Raunak look Janki is so restless,Raunak says ma why aren’t u eating food,Kamini says she is sick so no mood,Raunak says ma see Kajal specially made u this soup have it for me plz,Kamini says

I will go help Vidhi n leaves.

Kamini tells munmun that Janki is in great problem Kajal n Raunak are forcing her all the boiled food,this act is gonna be a big problem for her,Janki saysbraunak u go I will take rest, u have flight too,Raunak says ma I won’t leave u this way I will go later,Janki says Raunak I am fine,Kajal says sir ma is right u go I’m here for ma,Raunak says ok but do take care of ma,Janki says go n come back quick,Raunak says ma u take care bye.

Munshi n Vinay cooking food together,munshi checks recipe book,Sanjana comes n says so what’s cooking, munshi says I will come later,Sanjana says aunty n Neeti together so I left them n came here to help u,Sanjana n Vinay Dash,Neeti sees them n says what’s wrong,Sanjana says what to do jiju concentrated on me then food,Munshi says so mutter cancel from paneer,Neeti says uncle plan working, Sanjana says wow plan working hitler aunty melting slowly, Radhika hears them.

Kajal gives Raunak wallet n says u forgot it in room,Raunak says wow u care abt me so much,Sakshi comes n says bye papa, Raunak says Sakshi u aren’t sad right Sakshi says no papa I will wait here with dadi,u go do ur work,mom will look after dadi n me after her,Raunak says very good,good girl,Janki looking at them from window,Raunak says Kajal take care n leaves.

Kamini say Janki plan worked,Janki says I will never let Raunak n Kajal come together,Kamini says lets go in living u must be tired sitting here,Janki says yes lets go,Janki sees Kajal at door,Kajal walks in the room n says ma why are u looking at me like this,Janki says nothing Kajal,Kajal says he’s juice for u, Kajal says sir left n he will call u when he reaches Mumbai,Janki says ok n thanku for taking so good care of me, Kajal says u take rest I will get u food n leaves.

Janki says Kamini be careful next time,Kajal shd never learn abt our plan.rauank calls Kajal,kajal says u reached hotel,Raunak says no I’m in flight,kajal says very funny Did u have food,rauank says no I will now,Sakshi did she sleep,Kajal says yes u have food,Raunak says ok let’s talk tomorrow good night.

Kajal gets Janki juice,Janki asks did u talk to Raunak,Kajal says yes I did,Janki thinks he called her before me,Kajal leaves. Next morning,Harish walks to Janki n says Didi we shd go,Janki says yes before everyone wakes up lets leave. Raunak calls Kajal,Kajal says all is well,ma is feeling quite better, Raunak says so u missing me,Kajal says no not really I’m so busy in work,Raunak says im busy too n cuts the call.

Kajal gets a call from Raunak,Raunak says I called to talk abt Sakshi is she fine,Kajal says yes,rauank says ok bye,Kajal gets call from Neeti, Neeti says bhabhi Munshi kaka had Heart attack,Kajal says what how,Neeti says today morning,Sanjana by mistake dropped Apple on Kakis Pooja thali, she got upset n started shouting n she got to know abt our plan too,Munshi says Radhika what happened,Radhika says this Sanjana throw her out n tried to push her out of house, in all that argument kaka had an heart attack,Kajal says Neeti I will come right away.

Pre cap : Sanket says to Vidhi ma I will now come back ,Vidhi says I’m waiting for that time too.
Vidhi opens the door n sees Raunak,Sanket munmun n Kamini drinking in the hall.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. So tired of the typical indian mother OBSESSED with her son. …sickening….

  2. Why would a mother be so cruel to her own child, this is crap writing.All the lead actors and actress r dying in all the series so not watchable anymore

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