Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janki telling kajal that her decision was right of keeping Raunak away from her as girls like her always need money and even she is behind money after Akshay has died and being so shameless. She says don’t dare 2 point finger on my friend Kamini and Munmun. My decision is always right and this time also it’s right. Stay away from Raunak. Don’t keep ur bad eyes on him. Kajal says I knew that you wouldn’t trust me but it was my responsibility to tell you. I am saying the truth that Munmun is behind Raunak’s money. Janki says no need to speak a word and if your acting is done of fainting so go and rest on bed as I will be opening the door now point Janki comes out and Raunak asks what happened is Kajal alright. Janki says yeah she’s alright

she is resting let’s go and complete the engagement. Raunak says just let me go once and meet her please. Janki agrees and says come fast. She says to everyone that why are we creating a chaos here let’s go and stand out. Janki stand out in anger and Kamini asks her what happened. Did Kajol speak any nonsense to you. Janki looks at Kamini point Raunak asks Kajal what happen what did you say to ma she says I am not allowed to speak to you he says who said that she she Janki aunty told me not to speak to you as she thinks that I am creating problems in your life. He says what nonsense you tell me what happened. She says yes Sir if I won’t speak then I will be guilty all my life so I have to speak. She says that Munmun is not a right choice for you and she is marrying you just because you are very rich and Janki auntys decision is wrong. He says how can you speak against my mum. Do you know what is she for me everyone was there ahead in front of God but I bow my head only in front of my mum. I can’t hear anything against my mum. Sir maybe even janki aunty doesn’t know about kamini n mumun ‘s intentions. he says did you speak to mum about this she says yes but Janki aunty doesn’t believe me. He says the topic closes here itself then. He says my mother’s decision is right n goes. Raunak makes munmun wear the ring n kajal comes n sees it n gets tensed n janki looks at her victoriously. After the engagement wraps up kamini says to munmun what if janki believes kajal n gets tensed. Munmun says dont worry i wont let her believe n says that i ll play such a game that raunak will get against kajal n smirks. She goes to kajal n says that so how are you feeling after my engagement is done n u couldnt stop it right n u wont be able to stop it. She says lots of things to her which irks kajal. Kajal says that how can u stoop so low n says dont cheat raunak he wont be able to bear it again. She says u go away from him i wont cheat him. Kajal says whats the guarantee? Munmun says how dare u ask me for guarantee? she says u might be sad for the fact that after ur husband died raunak is bank bal fr u n he is gone away now n talks very ill about her character. Kajal disgusted with her slaps her hard n gives her a lecture on shamlessness. Munmun looks at her angrily n shouts how dare she slap her n raises her hand but doesnt slap n smirks n says see what i do now. Kajal looks confused. Outside janki greets everyone n tells akshay’s father to call them anytime if they need anything n asks other family members to go ahead. Munmun comes out crying n says that kajal slapped her. Raunak gets shocked n says why? Kamini reacts a lot. Kajal comes out n janki asks her. She says that yes she slapped n if its required again she’ll do it again. Kamini gets angry on her n says that is my daughter a temple’s bell to repeat it again n saya to akshay’s mother that tell kajal to be in her limits. She says that kajal never does anything wrong. Kamini reprimands her n says that she has learnt all this from akshay n he should be in hell n he is a betrayer so he got his sins punishment n died. Kajal says enough n says that u n janki aunty very well know who was wrong n says my husband was noy wrong. The episode ends on janki’s tensed face.

Precap: Kajal says today i ll say the truth n says that akshay was forced by janki to do all this. Raunak looks on.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode

  2. plz Kajal nd raunak ki shaadi kra do

  3. obviously diaper Raunak wont believe in Kajal…wat a crappy show…why cant they end this show??

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