Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak slaps Sanket,n says I was so proud of u in morning but u thief,n how dare u hide money in mamajis room tell why did u do so or else,Kajal says sir stop calm down u can’t hit him,Sanket why are u silent what made u steal money, Raunak says Kajal his silence speaks everything,Janki says Raunak enough finish this here n forget it, n Sanket u, u will be punished n it is ur all expenses are cancelled n u will work without salary in office n also work as raunaks driver,Raunak says ma it’s fine this is not needed,Janki says it is necessary, I don’t want a thief in my house n leaves.

Everyone leave, Kajal says Janki aunty how dare she involve innocent Sanket. Mamaji says didi how did Sanket land in this,Janki says Sanket may have not robbed but has done something really

big mistake n so he was so quite,mamaji says didi here take these keys, Janki takes keys n smiles.

Raunak walks to Kajal n asks her to be quite n takes her along with him. Sanket meets mamaji n says mama u very well know it’s not me n so in return u have pay me, for this huge favour, n so whenever I ask u for something u have to do it or else ur secrete will be out n leaves,mamaji says oh god I have to be careful now.

Raunak says Kajal what were u doing outside ma room why trying to save Sanket, do u doubt on my ma,Kajal says sir I was just keeping an watch on everyone, Raunak says kajal tell me what is going in ur mind, we both are here with same motto so tell me,Kajal says sir I can’t yell u the truth,it won’t be easy for u, Raunak says Kajal my brother was murdered so tell me,Kajal says I hope u want react in wrong sense,last night mamaji robbed money n kept in my room n then without his notice I kept it in mamajis room but how did Sanket get involved,raunaks ays forget Sanket why did mamaji steal,Kajal says bcoz ma asked him to do so, I doubt ma for Akshays death n she isn’t Alone,she is doing all this with help n this is all bcoz to keep u away from me, sir plz don’t take me wrong bcoz I didn’t want to hurt u, Raunak says I will prove u my ma is innocent n with proof, I will kill this wrong belief of urs.

Vidhi asks Sanket why did he steal, we would have given whatever u asked for but stealing what made u do this,I am so ashamed,Sanjana says Bhai speak something,Kajal comes n says Sanket ur silence is proving u wrong, what are u hiding,Janki enters n says Kajal Sanket is silent bcoz he knows he is wrong n this topic ends here no more discussion,Sanket Vidhi n Sanjana leave.

Kajal says Janki aunty u are trying to keep this topic closed so that u n mamaji don’t get trapped,Janki says dear I have no Interest in u n ur stories. Raunak thinking abt kajals doubt on Janki,Janki comes there n says Raunak u look so lonely even after marriage, I’m here to talk to u,Kajal is with different thought for now she was behind Sanket trying to prove him innocent why is she going against everyone,Raunak thinks why is Kajal behind ma n mamaji.

Mamaji to Chachu,Sanket is a kid let it be forgive him,Kajal says mamaji Sanket didn’t admit his mistake yet so stop calling him thief, Raunak says Kajal Sanket was caught red handed,Kajal says I believe that Sanket hasn’t done this and he is hiding something,Raunak says oh what is it,Kajal says calm down n think on it,Raunak says ok I will talk to Sanket,Sanjana go call him,Sanjana says he is t home, Raunak says ok let me call him.

Sanket at nishas house with his whole gang, he gets raunaks call n cuts it n switches off his phone.sankets friend says Sanket stop lying n don’t fool us, I don’t believe that u got Caught with money,Sanket says why will I lie to u guys,he says u cheated ur whole family then why not us,Sanket says dare u,if I had to do this why would I involve u guys,Nisha says stop fighting,door bell rings, Nisha says its Vinay what to do.

Kajal in her room alone,Neeti n Sakshi go to her n slowly closes her eyes,Kajal says oh who it is,Sakshi says ma it’s me Sakshi, Kajal says oh my Sakshi is here,Sakshi says ma why are u sitting alone,did u fight with papa, Kajal says Sakshi u fight with Riya sometimes right, same way papa n ma fight now go play,Sakshi leaves,Neeti says bhabhi after so long bhaiya is with u n so we hope all is good between u two,Kajal thinks I soon have to bring Janki aunties true face in front of everyone.

Pre cap:Kajal gets a call n she gets shocked. Kajal checks a cupboard n finds burkha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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