Silsila Pyaar Ka 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki says Kamini I hope u n ur daughter will make hell out of my sons life, munmun says aunty plz listen to me, Raunak comes from behind we want to listen nothing munmun,Vinay gets coffee for Nisha, nisha says Vinay thanku n plz stay some more time, I will make u coffee, Vinay says sorry I have to leave Neeti is waiting for me, bye gn n leaves.

Kajal n Sakshi reach home, Sanjana says wow u here, Munshi says how’s my princess, Sakshi says dadu I missed u a lot n runs to Radhika n hugs her n says I missed u a lot, Radhika says I am very upset with u n ur ma,u forgot us, Kajal says ma never this is gonna happen, n hugs her, Radhika says Kajal I know everything, Sakshi come let me make kheer for u, Sakshi says yesss.

Munshi says Kajal u here without informing all ok, Kajal says

yes all good, Munshi says good u came we were missing u n Sakshi a lot right Ashok,Ashok says yes we missed u two a lot n is really all fine, Kajal says yes papa, Sanjana says when Vinay jiju comes we will leave together, Kajal says Sanjana me n Sakshi will stay here now.

Janki says Raunak u go rest, Raunak says no ma, today I won’t listen, Janki says beta,Raunak says ma plz, Kamini aunty ur my moms best friend,how dare u do this to ma,ur true faces are now out, n munmun u the pretender , u shd have asked for money my ma would give some more why did u play with her life, n I can never forgive this, now not anymore, give my ring back munmun right now.

Raunak snatches the ring from munmun n says u don’t deserve it, n today I will show u ur real place , Kamini says Raunak listen to me, Raunak calls maid n says throw them out of this house, n u two get out without any scene n never show ur face again n dare u think of doing anything to my mom, mamaji asks what’s the noise, Raunak says no one interrupts today, Janki gets the contract n crushes it, Raunak walks behind Kamini n munmun to throw them out of his house,Janki follows.

Raunak says I didn’t call police that’s ur good n from today u have no relation with us, n u can even keep that loan with u n never return back,n abt to close door, munmun says one minute I have to say something n Janki aunty no one can stop me today, Raunak says munmun mind ur tone, munmun says I won’t, this is what u n ur ma deserve, now Janki aunty may get any girl but poor girl has to face a lot n all bcoz of Kajal, n ur ma came to us with proposal n today u insulted me in front of whole society, Raunak says what did I do, munmun says oh grt u don’t even re,ever u cheater, Raunak says stop making excuses tell me what I said, Janki says munmun, munmun says no I won’t be quite, n tells whole scene to Raunak.

Janki says Kamini get away with ur daughter before I cross my limits, munmun says Raunak stop fulling with others n if u love that Kajal why don’t u Marty her bcoz now everyone knows abt it,n leaves.

Kamini says munmun u shd have told abt Akshays truth n not this, munmun says ma Raunak wouldn’t believe us but now this truth will burst this whole house in flames n we will just have fun, Raunak says ma is munmun saying the truth, did I really do that.

Kajal says yes papa I will stay here with Sakshi, I’m tried of leaving this fake life, here we live in true sense n don’t fool around, tomorrow I will go hunt for new job, Radhika says why do that go actually Marry Raunak, why leave this golden opportunity, go live with Raunak u will never have to do job or other stuff.

Raunak says ma why didn’t anyone stop me,Janki says Raunak its fine,raunak says no ma I have to talk to her, Vidhi says she is gone Indore with Sakshi, Janki says good she went bcoz of Kajal it was a bad phase for us ,also I wanted her to leave, Raunak says why ma, why don’t u like Kajal, Janki says Raunak I allowed her for Sakshi but now and anyways Kajal isn’t good for u, raunak says so was munmun, Janki says Raunak don’t u trust me anymore,Raunak says ma u know this will never happen but the other truth is I love Kajal n no one can ever replace her, Janki says what is this Raunak, Raunak says ma I don’t wanna hurt u, I brought Kajal here but now I broke her trust, Janki says Raunak this doesn’t matter, Raunak says ma I love her, but I don’t want this fact to affect anyone, not even Kajal.

Pre cap: Radhika says Kajal bcoz of u my Akshay isn’t alive.

Raunak says ma if Kajal can’t be mine, no one can be mine.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Awesome epi….loved it…

  2. Interesting.. Raunak and kajal should be together soon

  3. Raunak’s part in the precap looks awsome!!! Thank god Raunak got the guts to tell that to Janaki devi the great!!!!!!

  4. Why does radhika say that? Does she really think that?

  5. Love this ephoside it was fantastic, everything went perfect. Thank u guys

  6. Now what has happened to Radhika? Is she going to throw everybody from the house as it was akshay’s house only as she stated? Or is she putting on a pretense so that raunak n kajal come together? The story is going on well and there need not be unnecessary diversions like other shows.

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