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Silsila Pyaar Ka 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay applies sindoor n raunak reaches there, janki panics, raunak shocked to know he couldn’t stop the wedding n is in tears, janki rushes to raunak, raunak thinking abt akshays words on his birthday calling him brother then his marriage with kajal n is very hurt, raunak sees janki n starts crying, janki says sorry son I couldn’t fulfill ur wish I asked akshay not to do so n told him u love kajal too but he didn’t listen I am so sorry son I am a bad mother, raunak says no ma n hugs her, janki says lets go from here we have no our people here from today on wards akshay isn’t ur friend n kajal isn’t ur love, raunak is very angry n hurt, janki asks raunak come lets go home, raunak says no ma I will talk to akshay once, janki says its of no use son, raunak says no ma, but I want my answers

for a last time I need to talk to him, janki says ok u wait behind the temple I will bring akshay there n keep in mind do get into argument after all two families are also associated with this marriage.
Everyone smiling after akshay n kajals wedding, kajal looks at akshay n smiles, both take elders blessings, munshi says first go take janki devis blessings, janki says akshay raunak is here, he wishes to talk to u alone, munshi says call him in, janki says these friends let them sort out, come akshay n kajal u stay here akshay will join u soon, akshay leaves with janki.
Janki says akhsay see there raunak, raunak is standing by mountain cliff, janki says let him remove all his anger n dare u speak a word n if u do ur whole family will have to bare the consequences go talk to raunak go, akshay walks to raunak, akshay doesn’t look at raunak, raunak says congratualtions akshay n why aren’t u looking at me , I am ur bro, n see u got ur kajal, u told ma u love kajal past 2 yrs right n also told u knew nothing abt me liking kajal n u didn’t even knew kajal is my life n u didn’t know how ur name came on letter, speak something akshay tell me why did u do this, do u rely love kajal answer me.
Ashok says kajal this is Prasad go give to janki devi n thank her. Raunak said akshay u where my pal, I did every single thing for u, I studied with u, bunked college with u, saved u from ma but u back stabbed me, ma was right u shdnt give so much importance, tell me akshay why did u snatch my kajal from me, janki leaves n kajal comes to her place n sees raunak n akshay arguing, akshay says didn’t aunty, raunak says dare u take her name, tell me akshay why did u do this, why did u ask me to go close to kajal when u liked her, I don’t wosh to see ur face go away, akshay falls off the cliff in water, kajal sees this n rushes to akshay,
5 years later:
Kajal walks as widow to temple, she has her engagement n wedding on her mind while walking, n akshays fall , she walks to the idol n says 5 years , that incident changed my whole life but its not the end m I still have those visuals in my head n today once again this incident will take place n I want u to give me strength n fight against the injustice.

Precap: kajal in burkha passes by raunak, raunak feels something n stops n turns around.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    What akshay is dead…. ???
    But i read in sbs post that akshay and kajal have a baby and akshay didn’t died!!!
    Than which is the truth- the one they are showing kajal as widow or the one written on sbs post????

  2. so soon leap??

  3. I don’t think Akshay died…… might be dream…….if Akshay dies then janki will go to jail……because she forcefully made Akshay marry kajal

    1. As if things happen that logically in these shows. There are so many instances Akshay could have used to show Raunak the true image of Janki but all he did is keep his mouth open and stare at her. That actor cannot act, lol. All he could do was drop his lower jaw and stare, lol.

    2. I mean if akshay is dead who’s daughter is that. I mean akshay died when the wedding was over so this is impossible.

  4. What nonsense!!! The show started some weeks ago and LEAP….hahaha???

  5. Jackie manipulated once again, saved herself,son from jail, now we have to wait to see how Janki truth comes out. Hate that woman. What kind of love is it ? She wants to control all the time.

  6. RAunak Ranuk

  7. I think its turn on revenge story like ek hasina thi, ridiculous mom

  8. Its just non sense they are showing
    And what an acting of the janki devi

  9. Chiii very bad
    Jst 14 episodes over
    n it got 5 years leap

  10. This is olso nw going to be like crap serial

  11. I don’t understand. In SBS post its clearly mentioned that akshay and kajal will live a happy married life and they’ll have a daughter too. Then why the latter shown a widow? SBS post is showing something else and the serial is showing something else. Whatever it is, now both raunak and his mother janki will pay for it.

  12. This must be the first serial with 5 year leap and not even a month passed.. Hope this is interesting and not another mother in law\daughter in law story. I am so tired of these stories

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