Silsila Pyaar Ka 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak in the garden, thinking abt old college days n Kajal n how destined brought them again together but Kajal leaving,Kajal walks to Raunak n says its so late what are u doing here,Raunak says Kajal I can’t anymore n this is right time,I don’t want to run away and adjust anymore n so want to express myself,Kajal steps on a sensor n whole garden lights up,Raunak says ur presence bring such light to my life I love u Kajal,Kajal says sir n abt to leave,Raunak stops her n says I’m done yet,Kajal I want to be part of ur life,I want u me n Sakshi to live a happy life here after,plz Kajal don’t leave me alone n go,we are married plz,Kajal says sir plz I have to go,Raunak says Kajal if I hadn’t expressed my feelings u wouldn’t have left me,Kajal says sir this isn’t

possible ,Raunak says im standing all alone still at the park waiting for u I want u back Kajal.

Kajal says sir plz,Raunak says Kajal tell me do I really not matter to u,u have no feelings for me,kajal says no sir,Raunak says then why did u save me,why u care for me,why didn’t u let me die,kajal says plz sir I,Raunak says don’t u love me,Kamini n munmun keeping an eye on them,Kamini says munmun what are they saying,munmun says ma plz,Vidhi says I can make out Kajal isn’t agreeing to stay n so wait watch my move n leaves.

Radhika asks Munshi what’s wrong,Munshi says I have to tell u all something,Akshays killer has been found,n its Pradeep,everyone shocked ,Neeti says what Chachaji why,Radhika says I knew that house people were behind my son what did my son do that they killed him,that Janki Devi we served her a lot but look what she did,Munshi says Janki Devi isn’t involved in it,Kajal told me abt it.

Kajal says sir I promised Janki aunty I will leave when Akshays murderer is found,Raunak says ok then tell me,don’t I matter to u,Kajal tries to ignore his question,raunaks ays ur silence answered me,u may go Kajal,Kajal leaves.

Radhika says that family I don’t wish to be a part but Neeti is in our family God,Munshi says Radhika u can’t blame Neeti,Radhika says her uncle killed my son, n Kajal is behind all this,Neeti says aunty plz,Vinay says Neeti don’t,Neeti says no Vinay how can aunty blame my mother,Radhika says ur ma,herself had accepted that she was behind all planning n we had video too but ur ma deleted it,n so ur ma is a thrive grade women,Neeti says plz aunty my ma can never do this,Radhika says right Neeti ur ma is goddess right, Vinay take ur wife away,her mother already has made mess of our life,n now with ur help she will plan what next God knows,Neeti gets angry n leaves,Munshi says Radhika it’s useless speaking to u,all leave Radhika alone,Radhika says Akshay now u see how I take revenge from that Tiwari family.

Kajal thinking abt raunaks propose, Vidhi walks to her,Kajal says yes Chachiji are u fine u here so late,Vidhi says just trying to be OK saw ur lights on so walked in,today Sakshi n u I know ,why are u crying Kajal,Kajal says no I’m fine,Vidhi says I can see Kajal raunaks love is what I see in ur eyes.

Raunak goes to jankis room,Janki says Raunak what’s wrong are u fine,Raunak says ma I’m fine,I want something,janki says yes tell me,Raunak says ma u never said no to me,I love Kajal n I want her in my life plz ma,jankis says Raunak does Kajal love u too. Vidhi says Kajal why dint u accept Raunak,think abt Sakshi, it’s not easy living a single mother life,n Sakshi has a father ready to accept her so why not accept Raunak,Kamini n munmun trying figure out what’s going on.

Kajal says I can’t Chachi,Vidhi says Raunak is a good guy n is it that u don’t like Raunak,Raunak says yes ma Kajal loves me too, Janki says did Kajal tell u this,Raunak says no ma but o felt the connection,I hospital Kajals eyes spoke everything,I saw love for me in her eyes,Kamini says munmun what’s going on,munmun says ma u be quite plz,Vidhi says Kajal we know Didi doesn’t like u but Raunak loves u a lot n for u he is ready to go against his ma,Raunak says ma plz ,Janki says Raunak Kajal was here for Akshay n so she has to go,Raunak says ma why don’t u accept her,Janki says I have no problem with her,I don’t like her attitude n so plz end this discussion,Raunak says ma even I have my own opinions but doesn’t that mean I disrespect u,ma plz give me my biggest happiness,accept Kajal.

Precap: Raunak to Kajal for first time in my life I’m going against my mom n want to walk with u thought out my life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. woowww..luvb yew raunak nd of my favrte nd best cuplszz evr let dem reunite plszzz….

  2. Oh God this saas-bahu crap…..Radhika-neeti n Janki-kajal……

  3. Ohhh so swt of raunak…., pls god let they get united nw. Ltr on kajal nly culd save tiwari family frm tat devil ladies(vidhi, munmum, nd kamini).

  4. Good to see feeling of Kajal for Raunak. But it should not be due to compulsion.

  5. nice episodes but only of raunak and kajal

  6. Gud episode. Feeling of raunak to kajal is nicely shown.

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