Silsila Pyaar Ka 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamaji announces that Matki phod competition is on and one who breaks the pot first will get a lakh rupees price money n our first contestant is Sanket, Kajal thinking abt how will she tell Raunak sir abt munmun n kaminis plan n decides to keep an eye on them n not let them hurt Janki aunty, Sanket blind folded gets ready for competition, munmun says mom whole plan is set n when our plan will be successful n everyone will think that Kajal has done this to get rid of Janki aunty n claim whole property.

Kamini n says now Janki will stand below the pot n the flower showering will be one her, munmun says yes ma plz come,Janki says ok n stand, Sanket abt to break the pot, Kamini n munmun filled the pot with acid so that it falls on Janki n hide the acid bottle in kajals room, Sanket by mistake

breaks other pot, Kamini says oh no, when will this Sanket break the acid pot, Sanket gets ready to break it, Janki tries calling Kamini, Kamini n munmun busy getting excited, Kajal finds their excitement suspicious n pushes Janki, Sanket breaks the pot n the acid falls on floor, everyone gets shocked seeing acid.

Kamini says how did she get to know, Sanket asks ma are u fine, Kajal says aunty are u fine, n I know u will as usual won’t believe me but this acid attack is done by no one then ur trust worthy people, it’s by ur friend, I have no idea why they are so threatened by me,Kamini says Janki this is all Kajals plan, kajal ur so shameless Janki n Raunak help u so much n u did this to Janki, kajal says aunty u know this plan is urs don’t blame me, Kamini says Kajal what are u saying how dare u point at us, enough Janki u have to make a decision today this Kajal or munmun, me n my daughter never went a word against u n everyone here knows this too, people around start gossiping abt raunaks scene n the current situations.

Kajal says aunty u don’t have to answer anyone here Janki aunty, I did this to save ur life, before things worsen any more I’m leaving with Sakshi, Raunak sir has helped me n my Sakshi a lot n so let’s finish this with a good note n not extend it, take care n plz be careful too n leaves.

Janki requests all guests to plz leave, Kamini says Janki the best thing is ur safe, Kajal comes with luggage n Sakshi, Sakshi says bye to everyone n says dadi I will come to see u soon n u come to meet me too, Kajal says Sakshi come lets go, Sakshi says ma I want to see papa, kajal says he is tried n resting he will come Indore to see us n both leave.

Kajal in tears thinking abt how Raunak proposed her while drunk, Sakshi says ma why are u crying, Kajal says no just a little dust in eyes, Sakshi says ma why are we going home, did u fight with papa, Kajal says no dear we are going to meet dadu n nani n now rest come on close ur eyes.

Kamini says Janki how dare Janki do this to u.munmun says bcoz of that Raunak n me are not together, Janki gets off her chair n slaps Kamini, n says Kamini u betrayer I trusted u so much but u, u how dare u, Kamini says Janki I did nothing, janki says my eyes are every where, I can do anything u know that , munmun says aunty actually, janki says shut up u,enough both , this whole property I built on my strength, I had learnt abt ur plan before but I didn’t believe n when u forced me to stand below the pot , I had to believe, I’m always 10 steps ahead u, and abt Kajal I hate her, but she’s far more better than u two, I kept quite at that time bcoz I wanted her to leave n now munmun n Raunak will never be together.

Pre cap: Raunak to munmun n Kamini says u show ur face never here again n abt to close door , munmun says before I leave I have to tell u something Raunak.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. at last something good happend

    1. True. Janki Devi woke up.

  2. I think munmun will reveal janki ‘s truth

  3. This show should shifted to 10.30 slot and dahleez should be move further on its timing

    1. No that shouldn’t happen

  4. i think munmun will tell raunak to search kajal’s room so that he can find the acid bottle there.

    1. i dont think so kajal is so innocent and she left the house already

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