Silsila Pyaar Ka 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal thinking abt Janki asking her to go away from raunaks life,Raunak enters room,Kajal says u didn’t sleep yet,Raunak feels giddy,Kajal holds him n says careful, are u fine,Raunak says yes I’m good,Kajal,Kajal says Raunak sir plz rest n helps him lie down near Sakshi,kajals dupatta get stuck in raunaks shirt,Kajal removes it,Raunak holds her hand,Vidhi sees them together from the door n walks away, door bell rings.

Kajal Raunak go to check who it is,Janki opens door n finds Kamini n munmun at the door,Kamini falls in jankis feet n says plz forgive me I made a huge mistake plz,Janki steps back,Kamini says plz listen to me,I am bankrupt I have nothing left with me,u are my only help now plz help me Janki,Janki say show did u even think that I may forgive u,Kamini says plz Janki

ur my friend I beg of u,Janki says I can never forgive u leave my house,Kamini says I swear U on Raunak,Kajal says Janki aunty give her whatever help they need but don’t allow them in this house.

Janki says Kamini u were always by my side n so u n ur daughter ,I allow u both in my house till u find ur earnings,Kamini say Janki thanku ,I will do whatever u says even munmun,munmun says yes aunty as u say,Raunak says ma why did u do this,Janki says even u forgives ur friend so why can’t I,Raunak says there’s lot difference between them n Akshay,Janki says this is my caiman decision,hairsh show them the way to guest house.

Sakshi asks Kajal,ma is dadu back to hurt me,Kajal says no sakshi go to bed,Raunak walks in,Kajal see papa is here too now go to sleep,Sakshi says ok gn, Raunak says Kajal I don’t understand why did ma allow them,Kajal says sir I’m leaving tomorrow,Akshays murderer is found so I shd leave,u helped me a lot n thanku for it,I know that’s not enough but still thanku. Raunak says Kajal are u really going,Kajal says sir there’s no reason to stay here anymore,Kajal sleeps on sofa n Raunak beside Sakshi.

Raunak walks out of the room,Kajal sees him leaving n wakes up, Raunak in garden, Vidhi walks to him n says Raunak u here alone n where’s Kajal,Raunak says Chachi Kajal is leaving tomorrow, Vidhi says after such long time Kajal si with u n how can u let her go away again, u can’t let this happen, once she is gone she will never return n so I can help u stop Kajal but plz Didi shdnt know anything abt it , u know why.

Munshi gets a call from Kajal, Munshi says Neeti n Vinay are fine n u know Neeti is so nice,Radhika had a sprain in her leg n Neeti cooked food for all of us,Munshi says papa I called to tell u abt Akshays killer it’s not Janki aunty but Chachaji,Munshi says what Pradeep,Kajal tells whole scene to Munshi.

Janki calls Radhika, n says tomorrow raunak will come for Neeti for pagfera n even Kajal will join him n now both ur daughter in law n grand daughter will be now stay with u,Radhika says I think u forgot Raunak married Kajal n so she is ur responsibility now n tomorrow I shall speak in detail with u bye.

Munshi says Kajal now Akshay will never be back but we have to move on,u go to sleep now tomorrow is neetis pagfera,Kajal says papa tomorrow me n Sakshi will come back to Indore,Munshi says do as u wish I’m with u.

Kajal gets a call from Raunak,he says Kajal plz come down to lawn,I need to talk to u,Kajal says ok. Vidhi gets food for munmun n Kamini n closes door,n says good u came back,kamini says how can I stay away from my dear friends money,Vidhi says thanku for sankets bail,kamini says oh don’t thank,we are all under one mission , mission destroy Janki Devi,munmun says Chachi I will never forgive them for my insult so just tell me what to do,Vidhi says just make sure Kajal doesn’t leave this house,Kajal is our plan win win.

Precap : Raunak says Kajal I love u. s

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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