Silsila Pyaar Ka 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki says ok Kajal if u really care abt Raunak, before he wakes leave right away, Kajal says u don’t have to tell me, I’m leaving already, Janki says then get lost Kajal,Vinay gets a call from Nisha, Nisha crying n says Vinay plz help me, one of my friend is trying to harass me I’ve locked myself in bathroom, Vinay plz help,Vinay says I will come right away, he leaves for nishas house, n tries calling Neeti to inform but neetis phone doesn’t get connected. Nishas find breaks door n gets into bathroom.

Kajal walks to her room, Sakshi playing with her toys, Kajal thinking abt all that happened, Sakshi says ma why are u in tears did dadi scold u, Kajal says no beta, just tell me one thing u don’t like ma right u just like ur papa, Sakshi says no ma I love u n

papa both, Kajal says then will u plz agree to what I say, Sakshi says ok ma I will listen to u, Kajal says Sakshi we have to go Indore now, I know this will upset u but plz try n understand we have to go, Sakshi says ok ma, I love u, Kajal says love u too thanku.

Kamini says munmun now Kajal n her brat will go away,I’m so excited n now since all is fine, munmun says no mom not yet, this Janki aunty is a trouble n now what I will do is, Raunak will go Indore but not get Kajal but to arrest her, Kamini says why will he arrest her, munmun says when raunaks dearest moms life will be in danger bcoz of this Kajal, Raunak will never forgive Kajal, Kamini says oh my genius girl, Kajal passing by hears all this conversation, Kamini says how abt jankis big accident, munmun says ma slowly, we have to think something big n when Raunak n Kajal will be busy in jail matter n Janki aunty in hospital this whole house will be in our hand come lets go plan.

Vinay area he’s nishas house,Nisha shouts for help, Vinay gets to bathroom n pushes the guy trying to harass Nisha n hits him,nishas head hits by the wall n she faints, Vinay gets the guy out n throws him out of the house, Vinay gets to Nisha n gets her out n rests her on bed,Nisha gets back to conscious n hugs Vinay, Vinay gets uncomfortable,scared Nisha thanks Vinay, Vinay says all is fine calm down, Nisha says oh sorry, ur cloths all wet, Vinay says no problem u get ready n I will get u coffee n leaves her room, Nisha gives wicked smile as Vinay leaves.

Janki says to Chachu that there will be no competition this time n ask everyone to leave,Kamini thinks I can’t let my plan ruin, Kamini says Janki why are u doing this, this will prove that what Raunak said is all true n my munmun has no importance in his life, Janki says Kamini don’t u worry, Raunak was drunk n so all this, Kajal is going back, Kamini says n Raunak will go get her back n both daughter n ma will be back, Janki says but what Holi party has to do with this, Kamini says Janki everyone now knows what’s relation between Kajal n Raunak n my poor daughters life has become hell now n Raunak will never be back to her, Janki says Kamini calm down,Kamini says sorry Janki but now I don’t trust u anymore, this Kajal never leaves Raunak for a second n who knows tomorrow u will accept Kajal as ur daughter in law what will my munmun do then,Janki says Kamini wait, this party won’t be cancelled, everyone plz enjoy the competition n this time the winner will be awarded by my would be daughter in law munmun n the price amt is 1 lakh. Munmun n Kamini get very happy.

Kajal thinking abt how to tackle with munmun n kaminis plans,Kajal says I have to tell Raunak sir. Sanjana says do why are u cooking, Neeti says Sanjana this makes me happy n so I’m doing it for my family, Sanjana says after wedding u have to do all this everyday, n where is jiju,Neeti says must be stuck in traffic, Sanjana says do u hire a maid so that u don’t have to work,Radhika hears this n gets upset.

Neeti says aunty let me help u,Radhika says Neeti don’t invite Sanjana next time, she will make a mess of ur relations, Neeti says aunty sorry but she was just kidding, Radhika says so was I, this was to tell u, that some jokes hurt others n leaves, Sanaka says why did she say this to me, Neeti says Sanjana she is missing Akshay bhai a lot n so may be we have hurt her, Sanjana says ur right, I’m sorry.

Kajal goes to raunaks room, Raunak sleeping , Kajal tries to wake him up but he doesn’t, Kajal says Raunak sir has done a lot for me n Sakshi n I will it anyone do anything to him n his family.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Can kajal stop saying sir
    It’s so lame and silly

  2. y the hell are they still airing this crap serial…
    that too prime slot 8.30 …. better they can put Dehleez in this slot…

  3. OMG Is Kajal insane to talk against Janki’s friend Kamini? Err hello! Ur already in trouble and the man who loves you doesn’t believe a word u say. The least u could do is mind ur business and leave the goddamn house..

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