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Silsila Pyaar Ka 17th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal reaches home n sees Pradeep dragging Sakshi, Sakshi seeing Kajal rushes to her,Kajal asks her are u fine,Sakshi says yes ma but this dadu is bad,Kajal says don’t worry he can never harm u now,Kajal walks to Pradeep n says why are u doing all this,first Akshay then Raunak sir n now my little daughter,why u want to kill them,Pradeep says I have nothing to do with u n ur family,Akshay n Sakshi came at wrong time my only motto is to finish this Janki Devi , she snatched everything from me,I worked hard to setup this whole business but she gave everything to Raunak n made me n my family a beggar, n so my Sanket also went on wrong path,Janki Devi is behind all wrong things,she took my Sanket away from me n she has to now understand the pain n so Raunak.

Kajal says why Akshay,Pradeep

says he died by mistake,n now this Sakshi heard me n so she has to die n oh no u know the secret too so u shd also die,n holds her neck n attacks Kajal, Janki shouts Pradeep stop,Vidhi along with Janki,Pradeep seeing Janki leaves Kajal,Pradeep says it’s a mistake,I did nothing, I did this in anger i love Raunak a lot,Harish says stop ur nonsense,u cheater ,Vidhi stands aside n cries.

Kajal had seen Pradeep behind Sakshi when she was hiding n called mamaji Janki n Vidhi right away n they heard all Pradeep said abt killing Akshay n Raunak n recorded everything what he said.

Janki says Pradeep why u did this,I looked after ur whole family n u tried killing my son n now enough , u cheap,tried killing a little kid,Pradeep says u want to know why I did this,bcoz I’m tried of begging to u n ur son,yes I tired killing Raunak,but Akshay died n then this Sakshi, that Arti also saw me so I kidnapped her,Raunak comes from behind n says Chachu just once u had told ma abt this she would give everything,today bcoz of ur greed my brother Akshay is no more,Janki says Vidhi stop crying,he doesn’t deserve ur tears,u aren’t responsible for Pradeeps deeds, u are my family Vidhi n so only Pradeep will bear the consequences,police arrive n arrest Pradeep.

Vidhi from window sees Pradeep going n says this Janki Devi n Kajal I will or spare them now. Janki says Raunak why did u come from hospital u need to take rest son,Raunak says no ma I shd be here now,n I’m fine,n thank god now Akshays sole will rest in peace,Raunak says Sakshi sorry u had to go through all this n hugs her,sakshi says papa are u fine now,Raunak says fit n fine,sakshi say su go take rest,Kajal says sir she is right u need rest, Sakshi come u rest too.

Sanket shares drink with Kamini n munmun n says thanku for the bail,Kamini says Sanket u are here but that Janki n Kajal sent ur papa to jail,Sanket says what, Kamini says yes Kajal made Pradeep agree to killing Akshay n Pradeep was not wrong he did all this for his family,Sanket says Janki Devi now u just wait n watch n Kamini aunty u n munmun shd go back to Tiwari house,Kamini says she doesn’t want to see our faces how’s that possible,Sanket says aunty don’t worry I gave a full proof plan.

Janki to Raunak,u where in the bed n I couldn’t see u lying there helpless,Raunak says ma I will always be with u,Janki says I will ever let u go away from me,Raunak says ma u are my world,Janki says now go take rest.

Janki in her room,Harish walks in n says Didi, Pradeep is sent behind jails n I never thought he would ever do this,Vidhi listening to their conversation behind the doors,Janki says hairsh let’s forget it as a bad past,Raunak is fine now, n also Kajal will leave tomorrow,hairsh says so true n lets celebrate this,Vidhi sneezes,hairsh n Janki check out n see Vidhi,Janki says what happened,Vidhi says Didi I’m sorry I’m very ashamed,and bcoz of Pradeep now we sisters will have no transparency in our relation again,but plz forgive me.

Janki says Vidhi I know how bad ur feeling after Sanket n Pradeep but u are not at fault so don’t be ashamed,Vidhi says thanku Didi,but I shd leave this house,Janki says Vidhi this is ur house too n will always be,Vidhi says thanku Didi n if u want I will give confirmation in court too,Janki says go sleep isn’t too late,Vidhi leaves.

Kajal with Sakshi, Sakshi goes off to sleep,Janki walks in n says come here Kajal, n says u have found Akshays murderer n I hope u remember ur promise n will act accordingly n leave my house,I don’t want Raunak to get used to u n want him to have a new start n so go away from my sons life,so start packing n leave right away in the morning,n hope to never see u n ur daughter again,Kajal says sure aunty,Janki says hope u keep upto ur words n leaves.

Pre cap : Kamini n munmun at door,Kajal says Janki aunty help them with money or whatever they need but plz don’t allow them in this house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I don’t know what is in Janaki’s mind that she is after Kajal even if she saved her son. What Kajal will do now. Will Raunak lallow that?

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