Silsila Pyaar Ka 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki says Kajal, what will u do if Sakshi gets sick again n now since u are here play Holi n then go n I wouldn’t like it if u don’t play ur first Holi after marriage, Sakshi says ma look Vinay mama, Sanket forces Raunak to drink thandai, Raunak thinking abt kajals blame that Janki is behind all plotting n planning n his wedding with her to save Sakshis life,he drinks thandai in one go.

Kajal says Vinay what are u doing here, Vinay says i was here for meeting,n so thought of meeting u on my way, Kamini comes n says Janki u are here n my munmun is looking for whether her would be mother in law has eaten or not, Janki goes with her, Raunak drinks another glass of thandai from Chachu, mamaji says are it was bhang thandai, Vinay leaves for Indore.

Sakshi says ma I’m

thirsty, Sanket says Sakshi my princess come i will give u water n goes with her.Raunak, Chachu n mamaji drunk start dancing, munmun joins Raunak n both dance, Kajal abt to go in, Raunak pulls her n says Kajal come lets dance its Holi, Kajal tries to stop but he doesn’t listen, everybody gets upset seeing drunk Raunak forcing Kajal to dance, Janki gets very angry.

In Indore,Ashok n Munshi join society kids play Holi, kids ask where is Sakshi, Ashok says she is in Bhopal, kids say we are missing her, Munshi says Radhika get sweets for kids, Neeti gives sweets to them, kids ask Neeti to play with them,Munshi says Neeti go join them,Sanjana says we will join u later go play, Radhika very upset seeing Neeti n walks home, Munshi realises radhikas upset nature.

Raunak says Kajal I don’t understand why u always run away from me, I don’t understand why God did this to us, n now we have only two options, keep living whole life like this n other, Kajal says sir plz let me go, Raunak says no not today years back I did let u go but not today, after so many years u are with me but I can’t be with u, I know today u took Sakshi away from my room so that my ma doesn’t get hurt n when u care abt my ma why did u blame her, I can never forgive u for this, Kajal I love u n will love u till my last breathe but look the condition n u know what I can never forget u, n will never, Kajal says sir plz, Raunak says no wait n holds her hand n says can we not give it a new start n make this lie into a truth u just have to say sorry to my ma, n once she forgives u all will be good, I want us to be a family.

Raunak says Kajal trust me I want this marriage lie to be into a truth n live happily with u n Sakshi, Kajal says Raunak sir, Raunak says shhhh today only I will speak n gets color n applies it on kajals cheeks n says happy Holi Kajal, I love u n always will n hugs her, Chachu says lets take Raunak to his room, Kajal gets very angry n runs in.

Radhika crying, missing Akshay, Munshi says Radhika what is this, Radhika says this Neeti is here to play Holi, she didn’t come when Sakshi was ill, Munshi says Radhika, Radhika says I lost my Akshay n Sakshi isn’t here too, Munshi says this is all for Sakshis health n did u forget Holi was Akshays fav festival, Radhika says I don’t like all this, u all have forgotten my son, Munshi says Radhika ,Neeti n Sanjana are here just to share happiness, Radhika says Akshay looks like even Kajal forgot u.

Chachu n mamaji taking Raunak to his room, Janki walks behind Kajal n says stops Kajal, Raunak says yes Kajal stop, Sakshi says ma what happened to papa, Raunak says Sakshi, Janki says Sakshi go to ur room right now, Sakshi says but dadi, Janki says right now go, Kajal says Sakshi dear go in plz, Sakshi leaves, Raunak goes with Chachu n mama, Kajal says aunty Kajal is a kid, Janki says when will u start troubling my son, Kajal says aunty sir was drunk, Janki says I don’t know how u do all this u are a big grt player, Kajal says aunty plz I am helpless I am doing nothing, I did this to save my Sakshis life, Janki says my raunaks life has become a hell , bcoz of ur brother all the things came back to my sons life, u n ur family don’t u want to see my son happy, u n Raunak together this will happen never.

Kajal says aunty I wish nothing of this, janki says if this is so, u n ur daughter leave right now, Kajal says I am leaving aunty n if u remember I was leaving last night itself, Janki says then just pack ur things n leave my house, Kamini n munmun hiding n listening to all this get very happy.

Pre cap: munmun says ma my next plan is, Raunak will go Indore but not to get Kajal but to arrest her, n the reason will be Janki aunty, she has to face a big trouble, Kajal hears all this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Ranukh mum is terrible. She is following Kajal everywhere. She must get a daughter in law like mummun who will put her in her place.

  2. rounak dream achieved…. he proposed kajal in front of everyone specially his mother the great janaki devi…. congrats…

  3. What happened to Janki Devi’s husband? In flashback, it was shown that he was hit on the head and fell down with bleeding from his head. Where did he go? Can’t he brought back to the story and give a twist/competitor to Janki Devi? Always, it is shown that Janki Devi is winning in all her tactics. So how about a competitor who can probably be resentful about his past behaviour and perhaps help raunak too?

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