Silsila Pyaar Ka 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harish says didi calm down,Janki says how can I, my son is dying there n this is all bcoz of this Kajal,Kajal says I did what was right,sister comes out n says plz stop shouting ur in hospital,Harish asks how’s Raunak,sister says we are trying,Vidhi gets a call n she goes to a side,she says he is still alive didn’t die yet,Chachu says he will die n someone else will too,Vidhi says what don’t mean,Chachu says sakshi heard me talking to u,Vidhi says u are so useless now listen I want Sakshi dead n no one shd know its we behind all this stupide person,vidhis turns n sees Kajal,Kajal says Chachiji was its Chachu how is Sakshi,Vidhi says she is fine n I’m sorry I’m so worried so just lost control,kala says I understand.

Chachu to Sakshi,all u heard was a game me

n ur papa playing come out,Sakshi says ur bad u killed my papa,chachu says we will win if u come out n I will give lot of chocolates,Chachu breaks door,Sakshi hiding near cupboard,Chachu starts searching for her,he finds Sakshi.

Hairsh says why isn’t anyone coming out,Vidhi says have water didi,jankis ays I want my son, Vidhi says plz didi, Harish says Kajal don’t worry God is with us,Raunak will be fine,Kajal says yes,I will call Sakshi, Harish says Pradeep is with her don’t worry,Kajal says yes but just to check after all she saw Raunak sir in that state, Kajal calls on landline,Chachu sees Sakshi n says come here, Sakshi says plz leave me,Chachu says I can’t,why did u listen to what I said,Sakshi say si won’t tell anyone promise plz,Chachu says u lie, ur papa right so I’m sending u to him, Kajal says no one is picking call let me go check home,Vidhi thinks God she shdnt go home n says Kajal u can’t go see look at Didi,Kajal say su plz take care,Vidhi says may be she is sleeping, Janki says u brought raunaks here n tell he gets well u won’t leave this place,Kajal says my daughter is alone,jankis ays Vidhi call Pradeep right now.

Vidhi calls him,Kajal takes call,Sakshi hears her voice, Pradeep closes her mouth,Kajal says Sakshi what happened. Neeti n Vinay together,Neeti says what all happened today no one told me,what Sanket did, Vinay says I will tell u but u won’t take tension,Kajal says I want to talk to Sakshi plz give her call, Pradeep says how’s Raunak,Kajal says he is being treated ,Sakshi,Pradeep says she is playing n she is upset,I will try convince her to talk to u n call u back.

Neeti says what Sanket did this how can he do this,I’m so sorry Vinu,bcoz of my brother,u hate me now n here all are upset too, Vinay says Neeti stop relax we are married now trust me all will be good,n think abt chotu too,Neeti says what chotu such bad name,Vinay says its nickname,Radhika shouts.

Doctor says Janki Devi ur son is alright,Janki says thank god,thanku so much doc,Kajal says can we meet him,doctor says u saved him u brought him here at the right time,Kajal says thanku n goes to meet Raunak,Kajal holds raunaks hand n says u took life out if me,Raunak opens his eyes n smiles,n says Sakshi is she fine,Kajal says yes she is I’m going right away to meet her,u plz take care ,doc says just take care of medication,Vidhi says I want to see my son plz let us go in,doctor says sure,Janki n Vidhi walk in,Kajal goes to washroom,Janki very happy to see Raunak fine n is in tears.

Pradeep thinking how will he kill Sakshi,Sakshi crying,Pradeep removes all clothes out of cupboard ,Sakshi bites his hand n runs away n hides below staircase,Pradeep starts looking for her all around,n says ur ma n papa are coming come out ur a good girl right come out.

Vinay asks Radhika what’s wrong,Radhika says my leg got sprained,Vinay says u sit,Neeti gets water for her,Radhika has it,Neeti says kaki u rest ,I will cook food,u just tell me what to do,Radhika says no dear it’s ur first day n ur pregnant too,Neeti says Kaki don’t worry I will manage,Vinay says n I will help her,u just tell us,Neeti says good Vinay lets go n both leave.

Pradeep walks away,Sakshi comes out calls Kajal but Pradeep comes from behind snatches phone n says shut up ,such a trouble some girl n pulls her,Kajal comes there n shouts chachaji.

Pre cap : Pradeep says Kajal I wanted to kill Raunak but that stupid Akshay saved him n then later u always saved Raunak some how n u n ur daughter now know this secrete that I’m behind Raunak n so will kill u too, n holds Kajals neck,janki shouts Pradeep stop.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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