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Silsila Pyaar Ka 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

It’s Holi celebration, and everyone busy making arrangements, Sakshi looking at kids play Holi from window n says ma can I go play with them,Kajal says no dear u have to rest plz, I will play with u here, Sakshi says ma plz look there are so many colours, Kajal remembers jankis warnings n says Sakshi plz stay in here, ur my good girl n u have to rest to be strong girl n we will play later when Sakshi gets fit girl, Raunak comes from behind n smiles at Sakshi n says Kajal plz get me some water, Kajal says I will get u, Sakshi says ma plz get me juice too, Kajal says ok n leaves.

Raunak Walks to Sakshi, Sakshi hugs him,Munshi checks on door n happy to see Neeti n Sanjana, Neeti says sorry we came without informing, Sanjana says we are here to wish Holi, Munshi says Neeti don’t

be formal come in, Radhika Ashok look who’s here, Radhika welcomes them n asks Neeti how’s she, Neeti says she is fine n takes blessings from everyone,n wishes everyone happy Holi, Radhika upset with Neeti, neeti realises that n says aunty we were here to wish happy Holi, neeti walks To Akshays photo n says happy Holi bhaiya.

Sanjana says aunty where is Vinay jiju, Ashok says he is in Bhopal, didn’t he tell u, Neeti says oh yes I know, I’m here for u all, to celebrate Holi with u. Kajal comes back to room with juice n water n sees there’s no one, n finds a letter on mirror, Kajal drops juice on her dress, she reads the letter, Kajal Sakshi is fine, I’m taking her to okay Holi with me, u would say no, so didn’t ask u, this is to keep her happy n so taking her to play Holi-Raunak.

Munmun n Kamini wish Janki happy Holi, n then see Raunak playing with Sakshi, Janki says how good to see u munmun I’m very happy,Kamini says Janki look Raunak n Sakshi, Raunak says Sakshi we must not waste water so no using water in Holi, sakshi says yes papa i learnt this in school too, Kajal comes looking for Raunak n Sakshi, dressed in white saree, Kamini says Janki look this kajals husband died n she is here to play Holi, munmun says so smart of her first sent Sakshi now here herself,Kamini says now see what I do to her, Janki says even when I said not to come she is here.

Raunak n Sakshi checking pichkari, drop colour on Kajal by mistake, Janki sees this n gets upset. Vinay goes to nishas house n sees everyone drinking n celebrating Holi, Nisha sees him n hugs him n says hi Vinay, guys this is our new employee Vinay, Vinay says Nisha u said its important meeting here, Nisha says Holi is imp too, Vinay says sorry I’m not in mood, Nisha says why just wanna play with Neeti why not call her here, one of the drunk guy tries to get touchy with Nisha, Nisha says summit plz handle him, n Vinay i will love if u stay here, Vinay says happy Holi but sorry I have to leave n goes, Nisha says go for now but soon I will make sure u give me attention.

Raunak says sorry Kajal,Kajal says it’s ok, Sakshi come lets go, Raunak says Kajal I will take care of her, Kajal says I know that sir but u need to spend time with ur family too plz, Sakshi n do u want papa not to be with his family, Sakshi says ur right ma, let’s go in, bye papa, Raunak says Kajal plz let her stay, Sanket comes n says bhai cmon lets go n takes him away, Janki walks to Kajal.

Neeti calls Vinay n says why didn’t u tell em ur in Bhopal,Vinay says sorry It was urgent n don’t worry I will meet Sakshi n then see u soon in Indore, Sanjana hears this n says didi what is this, Neeti says he was busy n he is on his way he will join us soon, Vinay will never leave me alone n now lets go help aunty in kitchen.

Sanket n Raunak go to have thandai, mama n Chachu have thandai with bhang, Sanket comes there n says mama we want thandai, mama gets a call n leaves, Sanket takes the bhang thandai n leaves, Chachu n mama come back, chacu n mama search for thandai, Janki says Kajal I told u not to come out what will u do if Sakshi gets sick n anyways if ur here play Holi n leave n its ur first Holi after ur wedding I wouldn’t like it if u won’t play.

Pre cap: Raunak drinks bhang n walks to Kajal n says till when will ur run away from me, n applies colour n says I love u Kajal n hugs her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  4. disgusting seriel kajal is sutch a b*t*h

  5. disgusting seriel kajal is such a b*t*h. stop this

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  8. whatever is shown in the promos are not actually in the episodes. Then why show them? For eg., raunak n kajal do grihapravesh in a different manner in the promo. But in the episode, it is not there at all. It is done with an aarti. Then why show the promo?

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