Silsila Pyaar Ka 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chachu says Raunak Kajal come down dinner is ready, Raunak says sure. All having dinner together,Sakshi says ma I need water,Kajal goes to get water,Vidhi says Raunak have this I made ur fav chole, raunaks says thanku Chachi . Kajal on kitchen sees some powder on the floor n smells it n sees a drawer open and Finns the powder to be poison,and Kajal remembers Arti saying Raunak is the target,Vidhi insists Raunak to eat chole.

Kajal says God I hope this poison isn’t fir sir n runs to dinner table, Raunak starts getting sick,his mouth starts bleeding,Vidhi n Chachu give wicked smile,Kajal rushes to Raunak and says mamaji go call doctor,he is been given poison,janki says poison what ,Raunak is laid down on sofa,Kajal says sir don’t close ur eyes,janki asks Chachu to call doctor n

says Raunak don’t close ur eyes,Kajal says yes sir don’t close ur eyes, Chachu calls doctor n then smiles,he acts as if he has called doctor n says bhabhi doctor will be here soon.

Janki says Raunak nothing will happen to u,mamaji says where the hell is doctor,janki says ask him to be quick,Vidhi says Kajal u take care of Raunak I will look after Sakshi, kajal says I can’t wait anymore,we shd go to doctor,Chachu says that is risky, Kajal says we have no option,mamaji u go get the poison bottle from kitchen, vidhi whispers to Chachu why didn’t u throw the bottle how useless of u, mamaji gets the poison bottle,Janki panics ,Kajal says mamaji u wait here with Janki aunty, I’m taking Raunak sir to hospital, Chachu says bhabhi stop her,Kajal says no way I will not let him die,mamaji help me, Kajal takes Raunak to hospital.

Mamaji stays with Janki for support, Vidhi says didi lets go n asks Chachu to wait n says u are useless ,Chachu says he won’t come alive of this I added 3 spoons of poison,Vidhi says good stay here n make funeral arrangements I will go check with that bastard.

Kajal with Raunak starts talking to me,to keep him awake n says remember when u n Akshay where kids n no one allowed u to go campaign n u n Akshay setup one in house itself,chahu in house having drink celebrating victory n says Raunak u are so dead cheers to u n calls Vidhi n says any news is he dead, u must be with that stupid Janki so I will talk n u just say yes n no,so how abt this house to be named as Pradeep niwas,Vidhi says shut up n keep calm,Chachu says Raunak will die for sure,last time Akshay saved him but not now,Janki says was it Kajal,Vidhi says no she isn’t receiving call n u shdnt have allowed Kajal take him hospital it’s so risky.

Chachu drinking n says now Raunak will die n the whole property will be mine, Sakshi hears Chachu saying all this,Chachu looks at Sakshi n walks to her,Sakshi gets scared n says papa,Vidhi says didi I hope our Raunak is safe, mamaji says nothing will happen to Raunak keep calm , God is with us,Sakshi says Chachu why did u do this to my papa, Chachu says Sakshi u shdnt have heard me, this was nothing to do with u but now tell me will u tell this to ur ma, n now I have one option that is to send u to ur both dads n I promise it won’t be painful come to me,Sakshi runs away,Chachu follows her,but Sakshi locks herself in the room,Chachu bangs the door,Sakshi says ma papa plz come soon this Chachu is very bad.

Raunak is taken to operation theatre, Kajal says Raunak sir u have to fight this n nothing will happen.vidhi says bcoz of Kajal now see Raunak what pain he must be in,Kajal says Chachi we had no option,janki says I won’t spare u Kajal if something happens to my son.

Pre cap: Sakshi hides near cupboard,Chachu breaks door n comes inside the room.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Am I the only one here who finds Sakshi a tad bit annoying, every single member in the house dramatic + evil×10?

  2. Good. At last Kajal said Raunak is her husband. Intersting part unfolding unless the writers doa Ekta trick.

  3. Raunak will die
    Naturally janaki will go dumb with shock
    Then Raunak and Akshay’s will be reborn and meet again … Join Forces with grown up
    Saakshi will avenge and janki will become normal
    By then Kajal wud have become old so both the friends will find love elsewhere ??
    Sorry!! Just kidding with ekta karan Arjun combo

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