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Silsila Pyaar Ka 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vinay with Sanket in his room,transferring money,Raunak Kajal and Janki walk in,Sanket says Vinay is here helping me with business,Janki says shut up Sanket,Raunak slaps him,Kajal says this was sankets plan to use Vinay n transfer all of Janki finance to his account,Janki says take Sanket out,Raunak pushes Sanket in front of guests, Vidhi says Raunak what is this,Kajal says come in,Nisha and the two friends walk in, Vinay says God ur alive,Kajal says Janki aunty this is Nisha sankets girlfriend and these two are his friends who were helping Sanket n Sanket did this because he hates u.

Vidhi says this is not possible Sanket will never do this,these people are lying,they says aunty this is truth Sanket plotted this all,Janki says Vidhi Sanket will be punished for this,Vidhi says didi no police

plz,Janki says I have to,Chachu says bhabhi I beg of u plz forgive him,he is a kid ,jankis ays he isn’t a kid and I already had forgiven him for the robbery n not now n slaps Sanket.

Vidhi says Sanket what made u do take such cheap step, u are a shame to me, I disown u,leave this house right now,Chachu says bhabhi we leave Sanket to u, u may call police.

Neeti gets ready,Sanket is being arrested and takes away, Vidhi n Chachu leave, Sakshi comes to Raunak n says papa,Raunak says where we u I was missing my princess, Panditji asks to get bride,Neeti walks down,n asks where’s Sanket n why is everyone so tensed, Kajal says Neeti there was some issue, relax its ur day we will discuss it later, Raunak says Neeti Vidhi go sit in mandap,Neeti says where Chachu n Chachi.

Vidhi to Chachu,that janki snatched my son n now I will not spare Raunak I will kill him,he has to die,Chachu says we need to go down we will discuss this later come. Neeti and vinays wedding rituals take place,Vidhi n Chachu very dishearten.

Neeti and vinays take elders blessings, Sakshi says Neeti mami why are u crying,Kajal says she is gonna miss her mother so, Vidhi says didi it’s bidai time,bidai rituals take place,Neeti says ma I will miss u,Janki says me to n always be happy,Neeti says Raunak bhaiya u won’t forget me right Raunak says off course I will and smiles n says Vinay take care of my sister.

Vinay n Neeti are welcomed by Radhika in Indore with all rituals,Neeti does grahapravesh,Radhika purposely holds her hand n the Kalash falls the other side n guest there say oh god it’s bad sign.

Radhika says I stumbled why blame Neeti but Neeti u shd have been careful and now see u made a apshagun , Vinay says Neeti it’s ok,Radhika says Vinu u don’t understand all this,this sign means the happiness from this house is gone away, Munshi says Radhika,Neeti don’t believe in all this,ur most welcome to our family,come in.radhika thinks bcoz of ur ma and that Kajal my son is dead n now see how I make every day of ur life a hell.

Raunak in his room, Kajal walks in n sits beside him,Raunak is having neetis picture in his hand,Kajal look at it n Smiles and says me n Vinu use to fight a lot when kids,but once I was so scared for my exams n lights had gone n I started blaming Vinu for it n he felt so bad that he spent his whole pocket money n got me a torch n sat whole night beside me so I can study n u n Neeti are close like me n Vinu and trust me no one can replace ur place in her life,Raunak rests his head on kajals shoulder,Kajal smiles.

Chachu sees Raunak n Kajal lost in each other .

Pre cap :while having food Raunak starts coughing,n his mouth starts bleeding,Janki says Raunak what’s wrong with u,Kajal says God he has been given poison.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. can your own family try to kill you!! that is terrible

  2. Where is pyar in Silsila pyar ka serial. It is deviating.

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