Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki asks Vidhi did she check for Sakshi in all rooms, Vidhi says yes I did, Chachu says let me check with watchmen, Raunak says Kajal this is all bcoz of u, u are so selfish, Kajal says I was just thinking of ur pains, Raunak says what pains, Janki says Kajal this is my house n not a theatre , Raunak is helping u, bcoz u asked for n now u are talking abt hardships in it, bcoz of u Raunak n munmun are not together, Kajal says aunty, Janki says tell me r u here for sake of Sakshi or any past motto, Raunak says ma what past motto, she is Sakshis mother n so she is so worried, Janki says I meant same thing, for u Raunak I did every single thing as u wish but look at Kajal when she knew Sakshi will be hurt after talking abt Indore why she said so.

Chachu says Kajal u shdnt have said these

things to Sakshi,she is a kid after all, raunak says Kajal I will never forgive u if something happens to her, let me check every where again, Chachu says let me come with u, Vidhi says Kajal Raunak will get her don’t worry, Kamini comes, Janki takes her aside, Kamini says what is it,Janki says Sakshi is missing, Kamini says this is all kajals game to keep munmun n Raunak away n stay close to Raunak n so she is using Sakshi, Sakshi must be here some where, mark my words Kajal must have hidden her, janki says no Kajal won’t use Sakshi, Kamini thinks oh no Janki is taking kajals side I got to do something.

Raunak comes with Chachu n says we need to do police complaint I didn’t find here,Kajal says I think she must be home no one saw her leaving the house , Kamini says look, Kajal says any place where we never thought of checking her,Raunak says God store room n that won’t be safe for Sakshis health n rushes to store, Kamini says my munmun is so down to earth n good girl n this Kajal God such a big mess.

Raunak says Kajal door is locked from inside I hoop Sakshi isn’t in, Kamini says see new drama now, Kajal says Sakshi beta say something, Sakshi says ma papa I’m in here,Kajal says see I told u she must be home, Kamini says Janki I told u this was all kajals plan, she want Raunak back in her life so all this.

Sakshi with all her toys in store room n her drawing book, Kajal says Sakshi plz come out, Sakshi says I’m very upset with u, I am not going to talk to u, raunak says see this is all bcoz of u, Sakshi starts coughing, Kajal says Sakshi cmon open the door n stop ur drama, Raunak says Kajal enough stop scolding her, Sakshi says papa n ma stop fighting, u two have no time for me, n till u two promise that u won’t fight I’m not coming out, I lost Akshay papa n don’t wanna lose Raunak papa, Kajal says Sakshi good girl plz come out.

Janki says Sakshi I promise u these two won’t fight, Sakshi says no dadi you are very innocent , when I come out this two will start fighting away n I have to go Indore then we both can do nothing,I want my ma n papa to live together happily with me forever.

Vinay comes out of office with the lady, she asks where shd we have dinner, Vinay says lets have somewhere here, she says no u are gonna marry Raunak tiwaris sister how can anywhere Do n tell me u could get any job at their company why work with us, Vinay says I don’t want favour I wish to make my own plans, she says impressive come lets go.

Raunak says Sakshi ur ma will say sorry first then i will, Kajal says what why will I say sorry first, Vidhi says finish up u two don’t drag it,Kajal says Chachi he scolded me, janki says Kajal u scolded Sakshi n so she is here, Kajal says aunty I was just asking her to not throw tantrums, kaminis says this Kajal never listens, Raunak says Kajal enough n lets say sorry n finish it, both say sorry together , Sakshi says n where’s my promise, Raunak n Kajal says ok we promise,we will never fight, Sakshi n u will stay together forever, Kajal says yes we both, raunak says stay together.

Sakshi says papa will u tell me story every night before bed, Raunak says promise now come out , Sakshi says ok papa m comes out with her drawing book n hugs Kajal, Sakshi calls Raunak near her, Raunak bends down n hugs them both, Janki gets very angry n leaves in anger n Kamini follows her.

Kamini says Janki see I told u, Janki says Kamini I think ur shd leave its too late, Kamini leaves. Kajal says Janki aunty I know u thinking this is all my game plan but trust me I didn’t, I know u are very worried for Raunak sir n so I was for Sakshi, Raunak sir has done a lot for us n I will make sure have any problem to him n u from our side, Janki says wow such good game plan, to take revenge from me u have done all this,for every single thing u bother my son , bcoz of u Raunak n munmuns relation is at risk,Kajal says U will never believe me, I am here for Sakshi n that the truth.

Pre cap: Kajal says Sakshi papa needs to work now, let’s go to bed in our room, Sakshi says no way, papa will u not sleep with us here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. Just cannot stand Janki Devi. All the time blaming someone.

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  4. Janki’s fear 5 yrs ago is coming tru.

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