Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal goes to raunaks room, Raunak asks is Sakshi fine, Kajal says yes she is,Janki hides behind the door, Raunak says Kajal I have no problem to go Kamini aunties house, all I am worrying is abt ma, she is very upset, Kajal says sir this is unfair, we can’t put u in trouble any more, I will go with Sakshi, how long will we pull this lie, Raunak says no that’s dangerous, Kajal says sir u already have done a lot for us n thanku but can’t put u in pain anymore, so I am leaving with Sakshi n leaves the room.

Raunak goes behind Kajal. Ashok n Munshi missing Sakshi, Radhika gets them breakfast, Radhika upset too, Munshi says we all are missing Sakshi a lot, n see u got fav breakfast of hers, Ashok says I have to say something, I think this is all for good, plz don’t take

me wrong, Munshi says we understand ur point, Kajal cant spend her whole life alone, Radhika says Kajal is my daughter n her happiness is mine n to see her settle will all make us happy.

Raunak says Kajal stop, Kajal says sir it’s just one day n u have to leave house n if I stay another month, Raunak says what it’s dangerous, Kajal says I will make some reasons, like u are out of town, sir I will handle it, Janki keeps following them n hearing Their conversations, Raunak holds kajals hand n stops her from going to Sakshi,what do u think of urself Kajal, when will start thinking abt others n not just urself, Kajal says sir I am doing this for everyone’s good, Raunak says all this is joke to u, enough Kajal, don’t forget why we married , Sakshi is what matters most now, Akshay slotted a lot to save Sakshi n u can’t play with her health, Kajal says sir this act is very difficult for me, Raunak says what for u, think how others are dealing with all this too n leaves.

Kajal goes to Sakshi, Sakshi says look my new family drawing, did u like it, Kajal says yes , Sakshi says shall I go shoe papa, Kajal says later he is busy now, Sakshi says no papa, kajal gets her teddys n plays with Sakshi, Sakshi says ma , papa he can’t go away, Kajal says enough Sakshi if u don’t listen we are going back Indore tomorrow.

Janki on call to Kamini says this Kajal is a mess in raunaks family, Kamini says just trust Raunak n keep him away from that Kajal, Janki says I am so tensed, Raunak will be at ur place make sure he has no issues, Kamini says oh don’t u worry abt it,bye.

Munmun goes to Kamini, Kamini says Raunak will be here make good use of this opportunity, munmun says just watch what I do today.

Vinay paying taxi driver, Neeti surprises him, Neeti says u came Bhopal n didn’t tell me, Vinay says stop behaving like kid, Neeti abt to pay for him, Vinay stops her n says u n ur bhai what do u think that u are the only rich, I am getting late plz leave, Neeti says I am sorry n by mistake drops ice cream on him, Vinay gets upset n scolds her, Neeti smiles I very well know how to cheer u up.

Vinay goes in, kids come to him n give him rose one by one, Vinay keeps asking them but none replies, a lady comes n takes all roses from him, n smells them, n says not bad n I am impressed thanks for flowers, Vinay says thanku but these aren’t for u, some kids handed them to me, let me return it to them, she says cool come quickly.

Kajal comes out from washroom n sees Sakshi isn’t in room, n sees her drawing book pages torn n says I guess she isn’t with Raunak sir. Vinay sees Neeti with those kids, kids say bye to her n leave, Neeti looks at Vinay n smiles, Vinay says Neeti I told u I am here for work, why don’t u understand n I will beer forget the way u treated me in my hard times, my jiju never let any problem come over us but now I know money is everything n I am here to make money n so plz let me do my work n stop bothering me, bcoz u no longer matter n throw flowers in dustbin, Neeti in tears.

Raunak working, Janki says Raunak are u fine, not going office, Raunak says ma, I am working from home for Sakshis good, janki says that’s so goo of u, I am very proud but I worries me n remember u have to go Kamini aunties place n u will even get some time with munmun n leaves, Kajal comes there n says sir Sakshi, Raunak says I have seen my friend dying in front of my eyes n I can’t loose Sakshi, Kajal says sir I was here to say not to fulfill all her wishes, Raunak says I didn’t meet her long time, Kajal says what she isn’t here then where is she she isn’t in her room.

Precap: Janki says Kajal tell the truth are u here for Sakshis good or u have some hidden ,past revenge reasons for being here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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