Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak stops kajal n says I sent akshay actually I , u know, kajal says u are quite n even akshay, raunak says here is a letter plz read it carefully n tell me whats ur answer, kajal takes it n says its for me, raunak says our relations will change after u read it, kajal reads the letter. Raunak looks at kajal with a hope, kajal reads akshays name on the letter, raunak says kajal I know u are confused I mean akshay is ur friend but he never told u because I asked him not to do so, kajal tears the letter looks at raunak.
Janki says ashokji whats ur answer, ashok says ur n our status is so, janki says yes I know but kids have chosen each other n munshiji give me the loan papers n says ur daughter has taken a good step n if u accept our proposal these loan papers I will tear them right away,

munshi says ashok what are u thinking kajal will never have a problem, janki devi will love her, ashok says I agree but I have to ask kajal, janki says I read her eyes it looks like she likes raunak too n ur loan will be cancelled too n tell me will u like tomorrow my people will come n start troubling u for loan repay n then people will start saying I did this because u rejected raunak n I will not like this, munshi says ashok say yes.
Kajal throws papers n walks away in tears, raunak is in tears too, raunak turns to akshay n walks away, akshay runs to kajal. Janki says ashokji whats wrong in my son why are u taking so time n says ashokji here are ur mortgaged papers now u have to decide, I will not like to keep it with me n munshiji I cant so u plz submit in court, ashok says don’t go court my family will come on roads, janki says u left me no option I have to leave for court, its business after all, ashok thinks if kajal is ok with it why back off n says I agree to ur proposal.
Janki smiles n says is this by heart, I hope u wont turn by ur decision this is all for my son, ashok says I promise u kajal will marry ur son, janki tears loan papers n hands it ashok n says now we are relatives, now since we are into relation why not get sweets, ashok says let me get it n leaves.
Ashok gets sweet, janki says give munshiji sweets first, ashok says I never dreamt abt raunak n kajal, janki says I guess ur mistaken, its not raunak but akshay,ashok n munshi are shocked, janki says munshiji don’t u like kajal, munshi says no infact akshay would be lucky to have kajal, janki says see n ashokji akshay is a good boy, raunak will have someone more deserving n now u too hug n seal the deal.
Akshay rushes to kajal n stops her n says plz listen , kajal says akshay I didn’t expect this from u,akshay says no kajal theres a big misunderstanding, a group of politicians come n seeing akshay n kajal holding hands says todays kids are shame to society make their videos n teach them lesson.akshay says how dare u do this n think before u talk abt this girl, she belongs to a good family, girls like u are good for nothing, n take akshay n kajal forcefully along with them to police station.
Munshi says if I knew akshay likes kajal, I would have not take u this big trouble, janki says akshay I like my son too n now u see whole Bhopal will see akshay n kajals grand wedding, vinay comes, janki says congratulations ur sisters engagement will be announced soon.
Ashok gets a call n he panics.

Precap: kamini says what a move janki, first hooked kajal n akshay n then jailed them n sent raunak away wow.
Ashok tells kajal that munshi n janki devi n tells her whole incident n asks to think abt this proposal.
Janki shows a suicide news to akshay n says so would u like to get engaged to living kajal or a dead one.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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