Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

kajal says panditji one minute before marriage dates are announced i would like to talk to raunak sir, raunak says what is it kajal, kajal says sir, janki says kajal i understand akshay is ur husband and u want raunak to allow him in wedding functions, plz understand kajal dont bring the past back here, we are going to go for a new beginning come with me i will explain u everything and takes kajal to her room and closes the door.
janki says kajal keep ur mouth shut, its my bad that neeti is pregnant and so i am quite and allowing this relation or else, kajal says aunty u have no regrets what kind of mother are u , u broke ur sons heart and just for ur happiness u broke his heart, how can u do it, janki says kajal today i will not get angry on u, u know raunak is my son and i have full

right over him, kajal says u have right to give him happiness but not pain, janki shouts yes i did because i didnt want a cheap beggar and greedy girl like u in my house and u instead of worrying abt marriage u are behind raunak, kajal says becuase akshay is a very good husband and i shd thanku for that, he is a very nice person and after todays truth my respect for him grew,janki smiles, kajal says u have no idea abt raunak sirs pain, how will u give him his happiness, janki says are u upset abt raunaks pain or the fact that u arent his wife and right over all my wealth and my son.
kajal walks to wadrobe and opens it and says aunty remember this u bought this for ur daughter in law right, but 5 yrs and still u have no one to wear it yet and will never get one because u have filled raunak sirs heart with hatred, janki says enough, kajal says right enough and now its time to turn negativity to positivity and now u will convince raunak sir to allow akhay in all functions, janki says how dareu order me and why will i listen to u, kajal says here u go and shows a video to janki confessing abt kajal and akshay, kajal says aunty 5 yrs back u made a video and akshay had to pay for it, this time its me and u will have to pay for it and yes if akshay isnt allowed there wouldnt be any wedding and i am sending rauna sir here, kajal opens door and kamini falls in, kajal helps her get up and says u shd ask god for forgiveness and not me and leaves.
kamini says janki this girl has a video now i will go jail what will i do i cant stay there do something janki,kajal goes down and says raunak sir aunty is calling u upstairs, raunak leaves, radhika asks kajal all ok, kajal says yes ma all is ok, i am calling akshay and wedding date will be announced in his presence, kajal goes out and sees akshay emotional in car, she calls him out, akshay says i was kajal, i am sorry i was forced, kajal says dont akshay u arent at fault infact i am sorry, because of me u are going through pain and facing raunak sirs anger and kept ur family safe, u shd have shared ur pain, dont u trust me, akshay says kajal dont cry plz, kajal sees picture in his hand n says this, kajal sits in car put it back to its place, akshay sits beside her,kajal smiles.and says our relation is very strong and it will never break because u always take care of it and secure it, u fought alon these years akshay and not anymore no one will speak a word to u now, akshay says kajal raunak will not listen, kajal shows him the video.
akshay says kajal i dont know what to do, kajal says relax akshay,janki aunty will do as i say now. raunak goes to jankis room, kajal says akshay this video will not be shown to raunak sir he will be broken but the truth has to come out and i need ur help.
raunak says ma what is it, kamini comes janki,janki says dont u understand i want to talk to him in private leave, kamini says sorry and leaves, raunak says ma u look so tensed what is it, janki thinks how will i tell him the akshay he hates the most in life i have to let him in back into this house.
kamini and munmun dash into eachother,munmun says ma whats wrong where are u lost, kamini says nothing i am going to burst in tension, if raunak gets to know that i and janki threw kajal out of his life, he will forgive his mom but not us, munmun says ma relax, janki aunty will manage she will never let anyone win over her.
akshay says kajal u are right raunak will break and i can bear his anger but not see him in pain, kajal says i am so proud of u and now come with me, its ur right to be a part of vinays wedding decisions and no one can snatch it come lets go and holds akshays hand and takes him in.

precap: janki says i am sorry kajal my son didnt listen to me and joins hand in front of kajal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. So Boring

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Janki cruel mother…in actuality she did kajal m askshay a favour lol….eggs on jankus false face lol

  3. What Janaki eats? She so big. I am so curious. Why she want to control her son so much.

  4. Janki tum raonak k 7 zindagi bhar nai reh sakti tumari adhi se zeyada zindagi cut gayi hai ab apne bete ko b jeene do….kajal n akshay ur jodi is best.,i luv akshay’s background music

  5. I just loved the fact that Kajal did not get angry with Akshay unlike other drama they both look so cute together, and though I hate Ranauk I feel he deserves a better girl someone who along with Kajal can teach that Janki a lesson

  6. Hehehehe janki can’t control her weight so she controls her son. Kajal n akkshat will bring another girl into rsunaks life.. N kajal doesn’t love rsunak, she loves her husband .. So forget her rsunak n move on in life. This happens in real life too

  7. Superb…. akshay and Kajal are the best.grt track keep going

  8. Who and who r d main lead..?

  9. Watched yesterday for the first time,Akshay -Kajal pair is good..actually is Raunak and Kajal the main lead?

  10. akshay – kajal pair is awesome….

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