Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal says Akshay wasn’t the target , the killer plotted accident to kill Raunak sir,janki says I don’t believe no one can kill my son,Raunak says ma calm down,Janki says how will I who dare kill u,Janki calls commissioner and asks to find the person who tried killing Raunak as soon as possible. Janki gets emotional and remembers raunaks childhood and says Raunak why do u look so upset Raunak,Raunak falls in her feet n says sorry ma,Janki says Raunak what’s wrong with u,Raunak says sorry ma,I can never forgive myself,ma I doubted u for killing Akshay , I thought u and mamaji killed Akshay,n I was going to surrender on behalf of u,sorry ma plz forgive me.

Janki requests guests to live,Kajal says sorry but no one leaves now,ma this is Arti she has seen the murderer n she

says the person is here in the party,Arti comes in with police,Arti looks around,Chachu says Vidhi how from our house must have done this,Vidhi says yes how shameful, Chachu says let me go stand by Raunak n calm him down,n walks to Raunak,Arti says the person isn’t here now,police says no one left the house how can this happen,any ways get the guest list,mamaji gives guest list.

Kajal says Neeti take Arti to ur room,Arti freshen up u will feel good,Chachu leaves too,Kajal says Raunak sir u shdnt have said this in front of guests, u hurt ma in front of all guests, she must be so upset now,u ad go talk to her,she needs u the most now,Raunak walks to jankis room.

Janki crying in her room, Raunak walks to her n sits beside her n says ma I’m really sorry,Janki gets up n walks away,Raunak says ma plz forgive me,I can’t live with ur anger,janki says Raunak ur my life,if u want to do something for me,promise me u will never take any step that will take u away from me, I can’t live without u son,Kajal standing by door n seeing them both patch gets very happy,Raunak hugs Janki n says sorry ma I will never leave u alone,Janki looks at Kajal standing by door.

Kajal walks to Neeti,Neeti walks out n says bhabhi Arti is in washroom n hasn’t come out yet,Kajal says come lets check,Neeti n Kajal try calling but Arti doesn’t answer, Kajal informs police abt Arti,they rush to neetis room,police break door n see Arti isn’t in washroom,the window open,they rush outside to check where Arti went, Arti is tied in a truck taking away all arrangements,Kajal sneaks in but doesn’t see Arti,Arti sees Kajal and tries to tell her but Chachu comes from behind n says Kajal I will see here u go help Raunak,Kajal says ok n leaves.

Police says the culprit knew we are gonna be here so he has kidnapped Arti,Kajal says we need to find Arti or else Raunak sirs life will be in danger and Akshays murderer will never be found.

Arti tied up to a chair,burkha person walks to her n makes a call to artis mom, Arti says plz plz don’t do this,don’t involve my ma in this,I beg of u, I will tell nothing, burkha person says what will u tell that I tried killing Raunak,burkha person is none other than Chachu n says u can never tell even if u want to,no one will ever get to know that I tried killing Raunak.

Janki says to inspector how can Arti run away,inspector says we will try our best,Raunak n Kajal say Arti we need her she is the only person who help us,Chachu walks in,Janki says where were u pradip ,Chachu sits down n looks very tried,Janki says say something, Chachu says I went to search Arti I searched whole area but she is no where n I didn’t find burkha person too ,janki says truth finds its way out,tomorrow it’s neetis wedding n we don’t want any issue in there,inspector thanku we shall inform u if any details,police leave,Raunak says Kajal we tried our best , we will find Arti don’t worry.

Pre cap: Janki to Kajal says if u here for Akshays murderer I will help u find him but in return once the killer is found u n ur daughter will leave my son n my house .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. why doesn’t Janki understand that Ranuak loves Kajal dearly….. does she not understand that if Kajal and Sakshi leaves Ranuak will be unhappy…. honestly!!

  2. Where is 13th April 2016 written update?

  3. i wonder wat kind of parent janki z she z always about raunak happiness and t lies with kajal yet she wants to chase her

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