Silsila Pyaar Ka 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki says its raunak here with Kajal n Sakshi, Kamini says where are U going Janki, Janki says to welcome my new daughter in law, Kamini says Janki plz don’t say such things, Janki says I have to welcome her to keep my rule over her n keep her in her limits, Kamini says Janki u are genius, Janki says I will on every step make sure that I remind Kajal how my son has favoured her n it’s just an act, n munmun keep these keys in cupboard dear.

Raunak n Kajal with Sakshi at door, kamini whispers looks how’s she smiling, Sakshi says papa plz put me down, Kajal asks Sakshi are u fine, Sakshi says yes, dadi, Janki smiles n says yes dear, Sakshi says dadi there won’t be grahapravesh for ma, Kamini says look at this Sakshi she needs her brain also to be operated, which child

speaks all such things, munmun says forget her mom, Kajal says Sakshi don’t dear, Sakshi says ma,dadi said its for a good start,papa am i wrong, n won’t we stay together, Kajal says Sakshi u are a good girl come lets see ur new room, Sakshi starts coughing, Kajal gives water, Sakshi says no, no one loves me, Raunak says ma plz, look at her she can’t be stressed plz ma,Kajal says Sakshi princess plz have water, Raunak says ma plz I beg u,Janki says Vidhi make arrangements for grahapravesh.

Kamini says see munmun, Janki also agreed to this little brat, munmun says mom enough I can see it, don’t always keep poking, I have to do something, Sakshi says dadi is always right, Janki comes with Aarti, n does the necessary ritual, Sakshi says come ma, Kajal enters the house, munmun starts crying n goes away, Kamini goes behind her, Sakshi says why is aunty crying, Neeti says aunty is unwell, come with me n everyone leave with Sakshi except Janki.

Kajal says Janki aunty, this is all just for Sakshis life, I have no motivation behind it, Janki says remember I will never let u succeed in ur black plans, Kajal says aunty plz trust me I have no bad motos, this is just for Sakshi, Janki says stay in ur limits, or else I will reveal Sakshi all the truth, this all act let it just be an act, this house works according to my wish n so not a single step without my wish, Kajal says ok aunty.

Kajal says Neeti is munmun fine, Neeti says actually munmun was to marry bhai the day u married n so she is upset, Kajal remembers munmun saying it’s just for raunaks bank balance, Kajal says didi come I will take u to ur room.

Janki says munmun enough u know I am on ur side, Kamini says my poor baby, Janki says u are my family members n Kajal just a guest, Raunak enters saying ma is right, ur my priority munmun, Neeti comes bhai Sakshi, Raunak rushes to her.

Kajal says Sakshi rest princess, Sakshi says but papa, Kajal says enough Sakshi, sakshi says papa look ma is scolding me, Raunak says Kajal, Kajal says sir look she isn’t listening, Raunak says she is a kid, n unwell how come u scold her, Janki n Kamini come there, Raunak says Kajal quite now, Sakshi u tell papa, what u want, Sakshi says to stay with u n ma in one room, Kamini says look I told this brat I hate her, munmun comes n starts crying again, Janki looks at them in anger.sakshi says aunty is unwell again ,again she is crying.

Munmun thinks Janki is behind her n says aunty no one understands me here n turns n sees its Kamini, Kamini says my drama queen, munmun says I don’t think Janki aunty will allow this wish of Sakshis.

Raunak says ma I will stay only till Sakshi is awake, n if u don’t like I will go to Kamini aunties house, Janki says no son, I can’t stay without u, Raunak says what to do ma, Janki says ok go kaminis place, munmun enters with bag n says aunty sorry I am going home with ma, Raunak I will wait for u at night so that we can spend time,Raunak says munmun but, munmun says plz don’t stop me.

Janki says Kamini wait, what nonsense is this, munmun says aunty this is just to build pressure on Raunak n increase my importance, Kamini says good idea right, Janki smiles n says she instead has made me think whether this munmun is right choice, unnecessary uses her brains, today Raunak is at ur place, he shd have a special room alone, Kamini says off course as u say,Janki says munmun Raunak is already tensed, so don’t pressurise him, he needs some time, munmun says ok aunty.

Pre cap: Kajal says sir I will talk to Sakshi ,will tell something like that may be ur out of town n go Indore, Raunak says enough Kajal n holds her hand, Janki sees them together.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hope kajal start loving raunak……this janki….so bad, idiot!!!!!!!

  2. This little girl sometimes talks like a big granny. 🙂

  3. Hope Janaki ka sach jald hi ranauk k saamne aa jaye nd Kajal nd Raunak ek ho jaye

  4. Sakhshi Rocks Really Making A Good Chemistry B/w raunak and kajal

  5. Akshay should not have died.. Kajal akshay and their daughter had a happy family.. Kajal is strong enough to take care of herself.. And coming to janki… She deserves a DIL like munmun…. Only then she will realize how wrong she is… She should crave to bring kajal home for her son and literally beg her to marry her son..

    1. I AGREE WITH U……..i wanted munmun to marry raunak …..janki would have got a slap on her face….and should know how it feels wen ppl play with ur lyf……..

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