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Silsila Pyaar Ka 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal gets a call from akshay, akshay says kajal I need to see u urgently, kajal says come home, akshay says no lets meet in park near ur house, janki says good akshay now give me the letter, akshay gives it, janki reads it n says wow my son is so poetic n reads the letter, raunak writes kajal is u like rain I like to see u in it, u are my inspiration n u make me restless n bring smile on my face, I like being around u, u are my life n I love u kajal, it took me 2yrs to speak my heart but I am still scared if u reject me n loving u is crime I would like to be a criminal,janki laughs n says akshay son come here sit, u know akshay raunak wrote letter but didn’t write his name n so how will kajal know its raunak n she will never because now this letter will have ur name on it, kajal loves my son

n u are like my son too so now write ur name, kajal is waiting on park n its not good to keep a lady waiting, akshay writes his name n is feeling helpless,janki says akshay don’t cry n before u leave go well dressed n wear the shirt I gifted u kajal will love u in it, go now ur would be girlfriend is waiting for u.
Akshay leaves, janki says kajal u will have to repay for ur steps towards raunak n I can accept raunaks heart break but not u. raunak in front of mirror, says kajal I am still worried n now I am coming to see the cutest smile on ur face. Akshay goes to see kajal n raunak leaves to to see kajals expression after reading the letter, as akshay walks he is thinking abt janki n relation between him n raunak n how can he betray his brother n says I cant do this to my brother n turns around but then remembers jankis warning to ruin his family members life n akshay is in great trouble , kajal is waiting for akshay, akshay walking away from kajal, she sees him n thinks why is he leaving without seeing me n calls him, raunak stops him n says did u give letter to kajal, akshay says no I didn’t, raunak says good actually I didn’t write my name n so will u tell her its me n now go give her she is waiting. Akshay says lets not do it now, raunak says no no this is right time go see she is waiting, kajal sees akshay but akshay hides, she calls him.
Ashok at home, he sees janki at door n gets surprised, janki says wont u call me in, after all half of this house is because of me, ashok says sure sure plz come in have a sit, janki says why do u look so tensed, looks like kajal told abt the party, ashok says yes she did, janki says kajal took me wrong n here is munshiji he will tell u the whole story.
Raunak hides behind tree, kajal says akshay are u gonna say something or shd I leave, akshay keeps mum, kajal says ok I am leaving I have lot of work. Munshi says ashok last night janki devi was testing kajal n for her betterment, ashok says but why was she been testing, janki says right question last night I called whole clg last night so that I find bride for my son, janki says n kajal is that girl my son has fallen in love with n I didn’t know a person who takes laons from me, I have to ask his daughter for my son n when I met kajal my search ended n so I came here for kajal n I hope u will not reject my proposal.
Akshay thinks I wrote my name but I can stop kajal from reading letter, raunak takes letter, akshay says not today plz let it go, raunak says no akshay whatever may be the answer today I will give kajal letter n rushes to kajal n stops her n says kajal hi, actually I sent akshay to u because i…….

Precap: kajal says raunak sir u aren’t saying anything nor akshay, raunak says we both wont be able to but this letter will do all the talking.
Janki says so ashokji if u say yes I will tear these loan papers right away,ashok says I never even dreamt that son raunak would like my kajal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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