Silsila Pyaar Ka 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidhi sees Neeti lost n says Neeti thinking abt Vinay right n tomorrow u gonna get married to him,Neeti says Chachi i was worried abt bhabhi,Vidhi says ur right even I’m worried for Kajal,Neeti says Chachi I have an idea see tomorrow I’m gonna get married so ma won’t get angry on me so u take care here n look after ma n I will go help bhabhi.

Neeti goes to kitchen n sees Kajal isn’t there n says God lunch time is near n nothing is cooked yet,I have to tell Chachi, Neeti walks to Vidhi n says Chachi Kajal bhabhi isn’t in kitchen nothing is cooked yet,Chachi n Neeti hear guests talking abt lunch n mama praising abt kajals hand cooked food.

Raunak says why mamaji will kill me,Kajal says don’t get to conclusion so soon,Arti tell us what u saw,Arti says

I was helpless, I was on my way to a show with my troop and our car broke down,n so I got down n driver said engine needs water so i went to get some, n saw the car deciding the hills n then heard a man beside me in car n says it’s done Raunak won’t get alive out of Thai accidents the burkha person saw me n caught me but I hit him n saw his face in the whole mess n ran away.

Raunak says good Arti saw the person, Arti says yes n the same person was in ur house,Raunak says its mamaji,I don’t believe this n mamaji won’t do this alone n says what is ma helping him,Kajal says enough sir,the guy wanted to kill u,Janki aunty will never hurt u in fact she would kill someone who hurts u but mamaji may be and may be someone from party and I’m sorry for doubting on u for killing Akshay I had no idea u doing all this to save Janki aunty, I’m really sorry ,Raunak says Kajal how will I face ma now, but how did I doubt her,she loves me the most in my life and I doubted on her,my ma always has been there for me my baba was alcoholic he use to haras ma but ma never uttered a word and never let anyone hurt me,my baba tried killing me but my ma saved me n how dare I doubt on her,I turned out to be like my baba.

Kajal says Raunak sir u realised ur mistake that’s more than enough this isn’t time to break down,Raunak gets emotional n hugs Kajal n starts crying,Kajal says sir calm down, Kajal gets a call from Neeti n she says ma is finding u where are u n food,Kajal thinks god I forgot abt it n says Neeti plz manage there I will come home n tell u everything,Neeti says ok with Chachi I will manage here, Raunak says Arti come with us home n plz tell who that person is, Arti says sorry I can’t help u.

Vidhi says Neeti let’s order food bcoz it’s not possible to cook food now,Neeti says but ma, Vidhi says no option, Neeti says ok we will manage later u tell me what’s to order, Janki comes there n says u two panicked n surprised seeing me what are ur upto, Neeti says ma we were thinking what must be for lunch , jankis ays yes we shd go check what has Kajal cooked, Vidhi says didi before we check Kajal lets talk to photographer ,Janki says sure we will first Kajal,Neeti says ma someone’s calling u there u go I will check Kajal bhabhi.

Janki looks at Neeti n says no one dare call me n one who wishes will come n see me,Neeti says ma plz don’t go to kitchen Kajal bah hi has requested that no one disturbs her,Janki says I’m not no one I’m the owner,Neeti says ma I’m getting married n I know I made a lot of mistake n want u to be as happy as I am ,Janki says if u weren’t pregnant i would never let this wedding take place n so the whole responsibility is urs n i can just act to be happy.

Kajal says Arti plz it’s very imp, Arti says I can’t get involved I can’t risk my life,Raunak says I promise ur safety will be our responsibility, Kajal says yes trust us,Arti says ok,all leave in car, burkha person keeping eye on them calls someone n says they are heading home.

Janki sees guest talking abt food,Janki says Harish I have to go check Kajal,door bell rings, Neeti opens door n sees food delivery n ask them to come in from door Behind,Neeti tells Janki it was salesman on wrong address, Vidhi goes to kitchen with Neeti n start putting food in serving bowl.

Janki later sees Neeti n Vidhi n says what are u two hiding, n where’s Kajal, Raunak says ma, he is in tears n with Kajal,Janki walks to Raunak n wipes his tears n says what’s wrong son are u fine,Kajal says ma we have to share something, Akshays accident wasn’t meant to it was a plot to kill raunak sir.

Pre cap: Arti enters with police,Kajal says ma this is Arti she has seen killers face n she says its from our house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice epi i think. Sanket is the suspect

  2. Nice episode.

  3. Raunak breaks down and Kajal will console him by showing some love.

  4. sanket father is the real planner to kill rounaky

  5. May b raunak’s dad is trying to kill him.

  6. wow it really intresting day by day

  7. akshay is burkhha men

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