Silsila Pyaar Ka 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

akshay sees janki and kamini at the park and gets surprised, kamini says janki i am having a smuggler like feeling, janki sees akshay and gets surprised too, she walks to him along with kamini, janki asks what are u doing here, akshay says what are u doing here, janki says akshay tell me, akshay says i am here because of this message,kamini says oh its the same message as u got janki, kajal hiding and looking at them,janki gets a call from raunak, kamini says dont talk remeber maun vrat i will speak to him, and takes call and says raunak son we will comesoon dont u worry buy.
kamini says janki look there are sandal prints here and this means someone else is here to other than us, janki akshay and kamini follow sandal prints, kajal hides seeing them approaching her, kamini janki and akshay

find no one,kamini says this girl with sandal looks very cunning,janki says no kamini i dont think anyone else is here, akshay says why not may be theres the person who called us, janki says akshay no one else knows the truth and that person shd call raunak and akshay and us and its all ur plans, akshay says what why will i do all this, janki says u did this for money, akshay says how can u think of such cheap things,akshay says u are a cheap and so why not will u do so, looks like u want money beacsue u dont have raunak to give money now,akshay says i work hard and live happily with my family and dont need ur money,janki says ur sins ur daughter is paying for all this, poor child.
akshay says dare u take my daughters name, janki aunty u are the culprit, u did all the planinning, 5 yrs back all what happened u did it, raunak loved kajal but didnt want kajal in his life and so u forced me to write my name on his love letter,kajal gets shocked, akshay says u threatened me by trapping papa and so i had to fall prey to ur plans and it was u who made that jail scene and then forced us to get married, beacuse of u raunak hates me, i lost my best friend all because of u and for 5 lakhs i will come to u know way, i hate u aunty.
kajals bracelete slips off and she is in tears hurt and confused. raunak worried for jaki, vidhi says dont worry she janki didi will be here soon, sakshi comes and says wheres my ma, raunak sir will u help me find her, radhika says kajal had to leave due to urgent work she will be here soon, raunak says sakshi i will help u find ur ma but u have to be my friend, sakshi says ok, raunak says now smile and plys with sakshi, sanjana says look bhaiya is so happy after such long time.
radhika says sakshi gets sick soon and so kajal didnt take her, raunak says no worries i will take care of sakshi, sakshi says come lets go find my ma, raunak says yes come lets go. akshay says raunak is suffering because of u aunty, look at him he is so alone and think abt ur plots and palning and then point at me, janki smiles and walks away, she stops and says this is all my fault akshay u are so correct, janki finds bracelete and says i didnt know u will do this, someone was here and head all our talks look at this bracelet, akshay takes a look at the bracelete and says this belongs to, janki says kajal right,kamini say soh no kajal messaged u, this kajal is so cunning, kamini gets a call from raunak, janki takes it and says raunak i will leave soon, sakshi says friend come lets go find ma, janki asks what is why is sakshi upset, raunak says ma kajal isnt home and sakshi is missing her, janki says ok.
janki says i was right it was kajal who called us here, she isnt home. kaja hurt and has akshay and jankis conversation going all over her mind, she has all the jal and wedding scenes going all her mind too, kajal sees a temple on her way and goes there, kajal says why did i had face such big fraud, i thought akshay really loved me but today i know he was forced to marry me, my whole life sounds like a lie to me, it was on a foundation oof fakeness and fraud how do i live with such bitter truth.

precap: panditji says kundlis match well and there are dates available too,kajal says wait panditji, before finalising dates, i would like to talk to raunak sir.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. Atlast kajal came to knw the truth kdkms

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