Silsila Chahath Ka (RagSan OS)

Continuation of do saheliyon ki kahani?
Let’s begin….

Sanlak got warm welcome… From the families..
(The tradition is groom ans bride can’t meet eachother until marriage)

Sanskar was so so so desperate that if he could he would now itself marry Ragini bt wat to do family traditions couldn’t be broke

Maheshwari’s met Swaragini..

Sw:wat bua ma…u all hv sent their photo and for us u gave a cartoon pic
Koki laughs:beta this is the tradition
Sw:tradition ki aisi ki taisi….
Rag laughs:wat swara..i guess u r more desperate…
Sw:and u bua..u joked on our enotion feelings
Koki herself: I didn’t play till now beta! i m going…

Koki goes

Sw:wat if my would be husband is…
Rag:fat..ugly etc etc…
Sw:wahi tho…i hv maintained my figure..wat if he isnt..omg i cant imagine
Rag:hmm…ek kaam karo..wear a servant uniform and sneak there..
Sw:not a bad idea!
Rag wides her eyes:i joked… don’t take it serious
Sw:jo bhi ho..i m going..and u too r coming…
Rag:m not…
Sw:plzz…plzz na Ragoo…(she makes puppy face)
Rag:no means no..m not gonna come..waise bhi 5 din mein shaadi hai
Sw:ok..then i m going…
Rag sees she is standing there:goo
Rag standing and takes her gunguroo:m going to practice my art..u go to see your cartoon

Rag goes..out..
Koki and gulabi smirks

Knock knock…

San:come in…

Koki enters
San:aunty aap..!
He goes to her takes her blessings…
Koki:i hv to talk to you abt something
San smiles:yes…
Koki: let’s talk walking…in talking you can also see the palacr
San smiles
Gulabi fake:arey..but would be jija sa is tired na…
San:no..i m all fine.. actually m bored of sitting and laksh hv went out in the garden as he is hvng an important call..

Koki:ok then lets go talking..

Koki was talking with sanskar abt the palace and interiors of it etc etc…

Suddenly koki: Sanskar beta…i vl come now you stay here… Actually ma had called me…
San:ya aunty…i will be waiting here

Koki smiles:you r so good beta
San smiles..

Koki turns and signs hiding gulabi something…
She nods…

Koki goes…

Here Rag wears gunguroo…

San could listen it…bcs rag was near room..which is big hall

Gulabi:why isnt he going?
Koki:u go…
Gulabi:if he said everyone..then…
Koki: don’t worry abt it…

Gulabi goes:jija sa
San turns and smiles…

Gulabi:u r so nice..u even talk with servants
San: why servants aren’t a humans?
Gulabi:waisi baat nai hai….oh Ragini didi ki practice
She moves
She turns and sees him standing there

Gulabi: you will not come? You would be wife is alone
San smiles:no…he looks other side…

Gulabi:i won’t help for you i can do this…arey chaliye na
Gulabi:no buts and if’s…

Silsila yeh chaahat ka na maine bujhne diya…

Sanskar was hesitant bt goes with gulabi…
Now ragini’s voice is dragging him..

Oh piya yeh diya naa bujha hai naa bujhega
Mere chaahat ka diya mere piya ab aaja re mere piya
San stops at the door….
Gulabi waits for him to enter…

Oh mere piya ab aaja re mere piya…

San enters the hall…he could see Ragini’s shadow…
Here gulabi does her work…she slowly locks the door
San was soo lost that he couldn’t get the door lock…

Is diye sang jal raha mera rom rom rom aur jiya

San sees Ragini…his lips turned into wide smile
Ab aaja re mere piya oh mere piya ab aaja re mere piya
Rag was dancing beautifully with a diya

Faasla tha doori….she sees someone standing she stops….. She couldn’t see his face..

San gets wat he was doing!

He immediately goes to the door which is locked?

Koki:gulabi..till an hour this door shouldn’t opened
Gulabi:if someone came then?
Koki:none will come this side of the palace..and you r going to stay here..if someone comes too..u should be careful and of the door opens before an hour then u will face my worst

Gulabi gulps:it will not…!

Koki goes…

Gulabi sits out…

Here Rag:kaun hai wahan?
San closes his eyes…he turns
Rag sees him..(she dont know him)
Rag:who are you?

San scratches his head:i..i..
Rag:arey dariye mat..r u from groom side

San himself:not from groom side …i m only your groom

Rag:you here.. Actually this side of mahal no one comes..
San:woh…(bechaara was nervous…)
Rag smiles:why r u feared of me..i vl not eat you?
San:i m sorry.. Actually i heard your voice!so
Rag smiles and raises her eyebrows and keeps her hands on her hips:so hows my voice?

Oh no … She is making him to fall for her more by her cuteness.. Till now he is in love with her photo and now…??

Rag:arey..aap phir kho gaye..
San smiles: actually..very nice voice…
Rag: thankyou and pleasure is also always mine..and ha plz plz plz plz don’t tell anyone.. That i m here actually if someone from my family will got to know na then i m gone..or if my groom got to know then it will not a good impression na…she makes cute face..
Which sanskar cant stop himself to adore!

Rag:hmm..tell me abt you..who are you?after marriage we should bond first hai na?
San looks other side and smiles

Rag:you hv a million dollar smile..u don’t need to hide!
San looks at her and smile…
Rag:oh..ab bata bhi dho.. Don’t keep this much of secrets…i can’t handle ha!
San moves to her
Rag folds her hands and crosses her eyes with a smile And looks at him
But seeing him coming to her… She got nervous

Now he is standing infront of her with lil gap..
He smiles…

San:you asked me who am i?
She was in the same position bt her smile was forced one.. Actually her heart beat was raising ….

San bends to her ears:after 5 days on this time…i will be called as your husband!

Rag wides her eyes and opens her mouth
San gets back to his position..he smiles seeing her reaction…

She immediately runs to the door..
She pulls and again pulls..and tries hard bt the door isn’t opening…
Rag reaction????

San:door is jammed.. Don’t know wat hpnd?

Rag closes her eyes..
San rememers her dialogue
San:why r u feared of me..i will not eat you!
Rag slowly turns:woh..hum..aap… I didn’t knew it was you…
San:so now u know tell me how i am?
Rag herself:yeh tho hamare hi line mujhpar hi maar rahe hai..bhaagna no chance…if i would hv gone with swara???

San:ab bata bhi dho.. I can’t handle secrets ha!
He laughs..

Rag starts to bite her nails….

She starts to knock the door…

San:arey..u only said na nobody comes this side of palace…

She turns embarrassed:i..i am not like that!

San:i m not like that means?
Rag:means…..i just did it for fun…i do.. don’t talk much…i was just….just making comfortable! that’s all..

He laughs:wh…y…… stamme…ring?

He laughs…
Rag:mujhe jaana hai..!???
San:ok wait..he tries to open the door..

Here outside gulabi was fast a sleep..

San was trying to open the door
Rag:i m not like that…
San smiles and stops trying
Rag: i was… hv a million dollar smile…why don’t you use it now..

Rag couldn’t have him… Bcs now something called blush has started its work…

She turns and walks…

San:waise don’t you think we should bond before marriage

(He is only hitting her lines on her ?)

Rag goes and sits… She makes a place for him to sit
San smiles.. And sits…

Rag:how did the door got lock
San: don’t know…gulabi was talking with me and…i entered here….then..
Rag: its ok… you rag everyone like me…

Rag looks other side and bites her lips.. She till now didn’t talk to anyone like she did to him…

Rag faces him: i m sorry…
San: don’t be sorry.. Actually i really felt comfortable…..(after a pause)WITH YOU
They hv an eyelock…

Rag breaks it and bends her head to hide her cheeks from him wch is burning pink

San:so is dance your hobby?
Rag looks at him and smiles: not hobby.. Its a passion for me..from the age of 5 i started to learn from jiji sa
San:jiji sa..i guess i didnt met her!
Rag: Actually she is not in the state of talking..she is in coma for years…

San:oh sorry…!

Rag:no that’s fine…!

Like they starts to talk like a childhood friends and now Ragini has started liking and somewhere its a love at first sight for her wch she didnt realise..and they even didn’t realise the time wch is running


Here swara has dressed like a servant and was following laksh in the garden who is talking on a phn with an important client…
She couldnt see him…

Lak disconnects the call…
Sw hides
Lak:if you hv finished following may i know why u r fallowing from an hr?
Sw bites her toungue…
Sw comes out.. She sees lak
Lak smiles; who r you?
Sw:i m a servant
Lak:bt i dont think so…

Sw smiles sheepishly…
Lak:hmm..u r bride hai na…he raises his eyes..

Sw:yes… Actually…

Their conversation starts like this…


Koki comes to other side of the palace in the morning and she sees gulabi sleeping
And she sees the door still locked…
She kicks gulabi
Gulabi wakes with a jerk

Gulabi:ek ganta ho gayi
Koki:ek ganta?dusht deksh zara subah hogai was better if i had done it myself
She opens the door slowly and peeps in…

And her eyes falls on Ragsan…soon her lips turns into smirk..

Rag was sleeping on sans shoulder’s and his one hand was on her shoulder securely

Koki:i think my work is hpnd… With a song love of Ragini and Sanskar…

She goes…

Here Rag wakes up… And sees her position…
She moves to get up.. Her hair was stuck in his watch…
San wakes up..
Rag was trying to to free her hair..

She looks at him sanskar frees it…

Rag moves from there…

San himself: did she felt wrong…! Oh no… How i will know

Rag himself: wat he must be thinking abt me! Wat should do now!

San himself: if she turns then she would definitely not be feeling bad

Rag himself: of he gives his million dollar smile then he would hv not felt bad

San was sad that rag isn’t turning..
Rag spa and slowly turns…
With this sanskar smiles and the smile gets wider wch turns to Ragini’s million dollar smile…
She smiles blushing and runs from there…

While sanskar brushes his hair…

Sw: where wr you?
Rag:i..i was in the hall and slept there being tired…and you tell wat hpnd did you see him?
Sw remembers laksh and smiles
Rag: i think someone has spelled the magic on my swaru… Hai na (she asks teasing)
She chases Ragini

Days went with both Ragsan thinking abt eachother…

A person who had love at first sight hv said a great lines regarding this
“No one believes at love at first sight until that person comes along and steals your heart”

The same thing hpnd with both RAGSAN


Priest:kanya ko bulaiye..

Both San was waiting for Ragini…badly

Here janki sharmishta gets worried as swaragini were no where to be seen..

Everyone got to know that swaragini are missing

Here Swaragini were in a river side…

Both were crying

Sw:i m asking you something Ragini!
Rag who was crying hard:i..i.. don’t know Swara…i dont know

Swaragini after getting ready went to see Rajnandhini bt the scene infront of them shocked as koki was telling Rajnandhini abt everything she had done
Fb ends

Sw: you hv met sanskar! Hai na?
Rag; i hv…
Sw:do you love him?
Rag cries
Sw: tell me damn it…
Rag:i don’t know

There’s a silence

Rag: wat v vl do now?
Sw:both the grooms vl be waiting for you…

Rag:i didn’t expected….choti ma…
Sw:we can’t run…
Rag:it vl be the insult for our family..and our dad’s friendship
Sw:if they believe their daughters then nthng will hpn…


Swaragini reach the palace and sees none…

Shekar and dayal looks at them…

Rag:ma sa….
They tries to talk to them..nobody isn’t talking with them…

Sw:wat hpnd here..vl anyone tell us?
Rag:koi kuch bol kyun nai raha
Voice:i vl tell you both…

Swarag turns and shocked to see Rajnandhini..
Nandhini looks at her mom…

Koki bends her head being ashamed of her doings…

Rajnandhini: Swaragini..i m sorry on behalf of my mom… She thought i was been let down…bt to the fact its not the guy i loved hv cheated me and trued to kill me..i m still alive bcs of my 2 fathers..i wiuld hv died long back due to my one mistake…

Sw:and..and the Maheshwari’s?
She looks at Rag

Rag was heartbroken as she thought as she lost Sanskar…

Rajnandhini smiles
Sw looks at the direction and sees Maheshwari’s…

Lak: you will go to Ragini or not?offer isn’t valid everytime…
All laughs

Rag looks at Sanskar…
He smiles..
Rag looks at swara
Sw:if you say that i dont know…i will slap you…
Rajnandhini:i know as you hv already shared it with me

Sw:jaati ho ya nahi?
Rag:jaa rahi hoon chid kyun rai hai
Sw:tho jaa…
And soon Ragsan got married…

Sw goes to lak:i m…
Lak:its ok.. And why r u sorry?
Sw: watever hpnd!
Lak: there’s still a chance.. You can mend it by marrying me.
Sw looks at him shocked
Lak laughs:i was kidding..


San:waise..wr you both went?
Rag:river side..
Rag: Actually to choose whom i should marry
San:wat?so you would hv married laksh if swara has told you to marry him
Rag smiles:ha..
San:then..wat abt me?
Rag:i don’t know


Rag laughs:why r u thinking like that now?now we are married na…

San:so do you love Rajnandhini ji said something like that

Rag: something like that!
Rag:wat abt you..
San??:if i didnt na..i would not hv stayed here..
Rag??:if i also didn’t na..i would hv not married you in my wildest dream…

Both laughs:i love you..
They looks at eachother..

And they sleeps hugging eachother

And they lived happily ever after…


I know this is not nice.. Actually i thought one and written one..
If i would hv written wch i thought would be really boring for you..bcs it would be too lengthy….

I m really not satisfied with i will write one more os very soon..dont worry i will not end it with suspense ??and end it with stupidity ???

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