Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajdeep spots Kunal and Nandini together

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal takes a leave from Nandini by kissing her forehead. Mauli was worried where Kunal had been.
Kunal returns home. Mauli asks where he had been. Kunal was speechless. Mauli says at least he could tell her if there was an emergency. She sits with Kunal and says Mayank’s wedding went well. During all the wedding rituals, she recalls her wedding with Kunal. She place her head over his shoulder complementing him to be a good husband, he has fulfilled each of his promise. Kunal only gives her a smile while he thinks about being with Nandini. Mauli leaves the room asking him to get ready for reception. Kunal gets a call from Nandini but doesn’t accept it.
While leaving the house for reception Kunal was lost in the thoughts of Nandini. Mauli asks Kunal where Nandini had

gone at the time of wedding. Nandini still tried his number. He texts sorry, he can’t take the call, will meet her in jogger’s park in the morning. Nandini smiles at his reply.
The next morning, Nandini awaited Kunal in the park when he arrives. She wonders why he looks so upset. As he walks to Nandini, she asks if he is now regretting. He is justified and she can understand this. Kunal holds her hand to stop her. He says whatever it is, it’s theirs and they are together in this matter. They will face everything together, good or bad. Nandini hugs Kunal.
Rajdeep had been spying on them and watch this from behind a bush. He wonders if this is all what’s going on. He wonders if they call him as characterless. He won’t spare the three of them now. Mauli would now realize what he already warned her about, she was feeding a snake.
Mauli calls Nandini and asks where she had gone from the wedding. Before Nandini could think of an answer, she invites her for Ganpati at her place.
Mauli and Mamma prepare a Rangoli together. Mamma says Mauli is always timely on Ganpati. Mauli says when she came to Mumbai, she liked it how there is festivity all across the city during Ganpati Utsav. It seems everyone is connected to each other. Mamma says its her eagerness that turns Mauli’s Rangoli is the most beautiful. Mauli says no one can compare Nandini in Rangoli.
Nandini speaks to Kunal on phone while she was painting something. He wished to see but Nandini asks him to keep patience. Nandini wish to see the Ganpati Utsav, as it’s her first one. Kunal promises to fulfil each of her wish now and take her there by himself.
During the celebrations, Mauli convince Maa to wait for a while until Nandini arrives. Maa was curt over Mauli for giving much importance to Nandini. Nandini comes there, she had prepared an idol with her own hands. Mauli was ready to place in it the Pooja, but Maa forbids as it’s a bad omen. Only a single idol can be placed at one place. And Mauli as the daughter in law must do the Pooja here. She questions Nandini if she has lost her mind, or did she bring the idol deliberately to create interference. Sweety agrees with Jyoti. Dida scolds them both. Nandini apologizes as she thought she prepared an idol, and its best place is here among all of them. Kunal says no matter how many idols but Bappa is the same. She brought another face of Bappa to them, and more than two Bappa are here now. Mauli agrees to Kunal. Nandini looks towards him thankfully.
Rajdeep thinks about Nandini and Kunal’s hugs. He decides to break their truth in front of Mauli.

PRECAP: Mauli and Nandini whisper their wishes in ears of God. Mauli prays for having a child. Nandini was thankful to God for sending Kunal as her love of life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kitni besharm hai ye nandini itna kuch krk bhi ek guilt nhi hai ise, rajdeep ne sahi kaha aj mouli ashtin k sap ko dud pila rhi hai usko pta nhi, in dhokobazo ki sachyi samne lane k rajdeep jo plan kr rha hai uske lye thanks usko pehli bar aj mujhe wo psnd aya mouli ki ankhe kholega ki jis logo p wo. Itna trusr krti hai wo kya hai.

    1. U r right I hate nandini and kunal

    2. Is nandini ko serial se hatao yrr apne dost ki life kharab kr rhi h I hate nandini… Bechari mouli Jise Nandini jaisi dost mili…

  2. Hi frnds i dont knw the show will end soon or not. Somany bad cmnts r getting day by day for this show. But l knw one thing Drashti dhami is a tv actress with a high staus in tv industry,so i am sure she will not do any bad charecter that will make her image badly all over the industry. So i am hope it will go smooth (that is wt i wish).its happening in our society ,shakhti also has the status so they will not their image vulgerly. Viewers knw that its the prblm is going through our society but our mind is not agreeing. I am sure its a vry different drama.

    1. Yes they won’t spoil their image by making them negative where as they will turn good one negative

    2. Seriously. … image aapke real life nature se bante hain na ki reel life characters se…. according to u all the villains are villains in real lyf …. oh God wat kind of thinking is dis…. status n image are two difft thing …

  3. Geeti

    God.. Not a bit of guilt in nandini’s face. Wth are they showing?

    1. Nina

      I agree with you. It is the kind of cynical behavior of Nandini was being impressed me. After the large supporting and helping from Mauli and whole her family Nandini made such cynical betrayal.

  4. I don’t see why people are bashing nandini so much. Yahan Tak ki what she wears. That’s so illogical. Why shouldn’t she wear these type of clothes?

    In ishqbaaz, they wear somewhat similar sarees, however, since they are the protagonist there, they are not cheap?

    I understand you hate the character but srsly.. this is plain stupid.

    And what about Kunal?
    The onky thing I’ve heard is mauli should leave such a weak man.

    Why is nandini the brunt of the hate?

    I can’t tell you how much I hate rajdeep.. irritating character 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Loved nandini’s earrings today and her saree 💙

  5. Between Kunal and Nandini it is not love but lust Coz Kunal got attracted towards Nandini only after seeing her in wet transparent white sari in rains. The presentation that Bhagwan yehi Chata hai and god is with them in this kukarma is wrong. Lust satisfied , interest gone and Nandini will be left alone.

    1. Yes, however hard they try to justify, this is not love, true love is being loyal to your partner for life, if love is true, no space for a third person,ever, just because Drashti and Shakti are doing many are commenting in youtube and fb that it is juzbaat , if a debutant had played Nandini and Kunal,show wouldn’t have survived much saying it is wrong message to society, Extramarital affairs is happening but why to show it indirectly as God’s plan and all that.

  6. When rajdeep doing dis to nandini then it is wrong according to kunal n nandini. Now is dis 2 basdters wt they doing is right they cheating mauli now wt they doing for mauli is it breaking her trust.Rajdeep did openly now is dis kunal n nandini doing secret is it right thing. Just both of dis idiots chameleons betraying mailing. This serial giving msg their is no value for marriage n friendship just spoling ruining.

  7. I fell in love with kunal’s character. … the dialogues in joggers park were fab.. so all those who earlier thought that it was not love but lust…I think ur doubts are cleared nw… bcoz it’s pure love…agar lust hota toh after dat night woh nandini ko avoid krta…
    N shakti’s acting was too good…
    Loving, caring and guilty at the same tym.. he shows every emotions wid perfection…

  8. Kunal has lost his brain, nandhini no shame at all, there is no single drop of guilt shown in both snakes face agree with rajdeep words nandhini is poisonous snake pls show the video to mauli soon, I think mauli won’t get the truth by next week only after nandhini being pregnant they will get exposed I think so

  9. Wow wt a serial best serial of decade giving gud msg for dis generation. Wt a story creation 👏👏👏clap them.. 😠😠😠👿👿

  10. So Mauli means nothing to Kunal and Nandini? No shame? No guilt? No minimum respect for Mauli to at least accept the truth in front of her? Wow… selfish, selfish human beings. So now Kunal and Nandini are the love of the life for each other. Great. Simply great. How can Kunal go back to their bedroom after sleeping with Nandini? Does he want to divorce Mauli or continue like this forever? I cant believe that these two havent even once talked about how this will affect that one person who literally praises both of them every chance she gets, who thinks about them day and night, doing things for Kunal, calling Nandini to make sure she is all right. And these two, specially Nandini, doesnt feel bad at all? She is so happy that she has finally found love. Wow. I dont think i have felt this strongly about any two characters in a serial over recent times. I just wish Nandini would at least wipe off that innocent shy smile off her face because she anything but innocent and shy!
    selfish, shameless characters! i want Mauli to scream at them and then throw them out of her life. These two can just rot in the hell of their own making. Mauli’s mother wont leave Nandini. But i hope Kunal’s family never forgive these two either

    1. Omg you spoke my mind.. Now I hope the show makers see this too. I think they just ruined the image of marriage. Kunal and mauli were the cutest perfect couple and then he gets attracted to someone and strays off? Perfect husband gone to shit

    2. I think… Rajdeep is better than Kunal , because atleast he is doing it openly than in secret, n when Kunal gets angry on seeing Rajdeep, he must also know that he is doing worse than Rajdeep, because any girl could bare beating than betrayal…n this is just my opinion

      1. Really….. I jst hate ur comment….. not a single girl on dis planet would agree wid u mam…. domestic violence was, is and will never be accepted n appreciated in any way…. even my grandparents dnt support it… kis zamane aur kisi khudayi se nikle ho aap… I m a guy n I think those men who r involved in domestic violence are just spineless…. love, respect and trust are the foundation of marriage…. and self respect is the foundation of being a human….. so neither ema nor violence is accepted in a relationship. …..
        Nd those who like d serial dey are also nt supporter of ema and domestic violence. … bt I feel haters are out of their mind day by day…

      2. Yes true

      3. You are right…I hate nandini and kunal

    3. @Soumya, i have to disagree…. Rajdeep is violent, physically and mentally abusive, stalker, revengeful and caused Nandini’s miscarriage, sent her to other men and even now harassing her and trying to force himself on her. In comparison, Kunal is a cheater, selfish, hypocrite. What makes Kunal more repulsive is his pretense and self justification while Rajdeep never pretends to be any better than who he really is. But seriously, if a woman has to choose between Rajdeep and Kunal, no one is going to pick Rajdeep! I mean, atleast i wont. what is plus point of a husband who will remain loyal to you and beat you and torture you throughout your life? …just my opinion, of course.
      @N all these people saying Kunal betrayal is justified, i would have liked to see if the roles were reversed. If Kunal helped his friend and then Mauli fell in love with the friend and slept with him cheating Kunal. Husband makes mistake and people still justifying. But if the perfect wife cheats, people would have been branding her characterless everywhere (especially if it was shown that Kunal was working day and night to make Mauli’s dream come true)

      1. A b*t*h like nandani deserves a husband even worse compare to her former husband

      2. @Sandhya, Rajdeep kicked Nandini into miscarriage. No woman deserves a husband like that. What Nandini deserves is never able to make a good friend ever in her life again. So that when she is lonely and sad again, there will be no one to support her. Without Mauli’s support, Nandini would have spent her life crying and suffering. Ungrateful Woman.

      3. You’re so right. If role is reversed then people will start calling Mauli Characterless and so on. So those who are saying that Its only jazbaat etc. Then Shagun did the same to Raman she fell in love with his boss while Raman had been working hard for her dreams and lavish life.
        Shagun was regarded as sl*t and so on in yhm by fans. But whatever kunal does is awesome justfied because why? Coz mauli is so loyal and so nice?
        So hypocrite people.
        And fans who are saying this is just a serial and comparing with other serials and ema.
        There’s a whole difference between these.

        In other serial ema is shown obviously but in a negative light. But here it is shown as true and pure love, even music starts when the two chameleons do romance,shown as innocent love with God’s signs and destiny. Even these two hypocrite Kunal-Nandini are protagonists.
        WHAT’S WRONG IS WRONG YOU JUST CAN’T SHOW It in positive way

  11. I had to comment on this bakwas serial. Emas do happen IRL. But not as shown in this serial. It happens when the couple rarely spend their time together or one of the spouse is clingy/ dominant, when the attention is focused entirely on children and very little towards spouse. Here it makes no sense whatsover. I mean the couple has been in love for such a long time and suddenly a third person breaks their relationship within 3 days? How? Plus Kunal and nandini don’t feel slightest of guilt for throwing sand in the eyes of their loved ones. I mean for effs sake a person who has gone through abuse wouldn’t trust another man so soon as to sleep with him. Even if she needs attention, where’s the guilt? If makers justify lust and ema as pure love why not show guilt conscience of the perpetrators? Now this story will become the same as shit called dsdt. Surrogacy drama. Why are wife characters in colors always cheated on and are always made to lose baby or be infertile? The only point to be inferred is keep a side piece if you want a baby and cheat your wife and be forgiven. People wait for mauli to be turned into a villain and nandini abla naari bechari type to buy audience pity. I for one neither pity nandini nor like her justification of cheating her bf. Kunal is an @sshole who acts like an @ss towards mauli and gets lovey dovey towards her bf. The same man who had lectured his friend on ema now finds it exciting. His wife wants a baby but he’s planning a baby with his side piece. And people who want to fight with me on calling nandini a side piece are free to do so. She is one and you can’t deny even if she’s decked up in designer sarees. I don’t support a character just cuz she’s pretty nicely decked up. Bottom line is mauli should keep dida and kunals mum with her and boot out Kunal and nandini from her life. Remarry a nice decent guy if she’s willing.

    1. Hats off to you!!!!True words.

  12. Nandini is not at fault from any point of view… I dnt wish even fr my enemy to have a partner like rajdeep. …. bt just think urself at her place fr few seconds. …. her married lyf was hell and there was no one with whom she can share share her sorrow….. kunal came into her lyf as rain in the desert… he gave her emotional and mental support…he gave her respect also … he was the first male in her lyf who cared fr her….so it was very obvious fr her to fall in love wid kunal….
    N may be Mauli is perfect fr evryone bt nt fr kunal…. (I dnt think luv happens fr a reason)

    1. Let’s hope in the future this actually happens to you and see if you are as understanding about nothing is above love bullshit, if a woman is gone through trauma then it is justified if she makes her bestfriend life a living hell for her own happiness!! Kunal is a shallow a*sh*le, who forgot about his wife, that’s loving,smart,caring, independent, a good human being because he fall in love with Nandi, who is beautiful!!!! In the begging of the show kunal said that it took kunal so long to impress mauil and how much he loved her. All of a sudden her friend shows up, who is prettier and he is in love with her. The only people who would justify this bullshit are the people, who are either a kunal or a Nandi in real life! I hope mauil dumb his stupid ass and kicks the b*t*h to the curb!!

      1. Thnk u fr ur prayer….. fr ur kind information I m that much understanding dat I can differentiate between reel n real.. dis kind of abuse, best friends n their husbands does nt exist in real.. I watch serial fr entertainment. I m nt foolish like u dat I watch nd den bash on serial, makers or characters….. think before u speak…. n last thing dnt be judgemental regarding anyone’s character’s nt related to u and it should nt affect u whether people are like nandini or kunal….. I dnt like to hear from fake people who live a virtual life…

    2. Ok the one who supported her was Mauli not Kunal. s*xual feelings does not substitute love. I inferred from your point that Kunal was the only person who ever respected her. Really? Then what was Mauli doing? Certainly not eating popcorn while her friend suffered abuse. She was the one who gave snake nandini a shelter in her home. What did madam do without feeling a pang of guilt keeps sleeping with her bf’s husband. It’s not love, it’s lust. There’s something called as conscience, even if nandini felt attracted towards a male who supported her she should’ve kept her self respect intact and moved on from those feelings (according to her personality and behavior). But the makers are showing her in angelic light with all that songs and music. It gets irritating. I stopped watching the shit.

      1. Conscience really….. aapka conscience kya Kehta h ki the serial which is disturbing u, making u angry or influencing the society in wrong way usko dekhte raho.. why just u Guyz dnt leave the serial…..other serials bhi aate hain us tym usko dekho…. trp kam hogi toh aap logo ki wish poori ho jayegi serial band hone ki…. bt no u Guyz will watch and analyze these characters…
        Kunal always respected, saved her life n fought fr her publicly. …. Mouli brought her home and neglected her husband fr her

      2. You must’ve missed my last sentence. I stopped watching this shit. Mauli neglected her husband because she was setting up a clinic for @ss of a husband. It’s not like she neglected him from 6 years that he jumped in bed with 🐍🐍🐍nandini . Seriously if he cannot keep it in his pants for a short time with nandini makes me wonder what kind of a character he is. I do agree on one thing Mauli made a serious mistake of trusting and sheltering a friend who turned out to be a 🐍.

    3. True

      1. irina, i think you should also consider that kunal was fighting his feeling after he first fell for nandin. that’s of course after spending some time with her, as she is literally every man’s ideal wife, plus mauli is always busy from him. he unconsciously fell in love with nandini and most men would probably do this. he couldn’t control his feelings so he gave up. and no nandini is not a snake, mauli gave her all the support in the world but she’s not a man, so she can’t fall in love with her (obviously not a lesbian) instead she fell for her husband which is also the ideal husband, nevertheless did she try to control her emotions and even went to the extreme to leaving the city but no, kunal stopped her and instead confessed his feelings. my point is anyone would forget about the world and just focus on his/herself’s happiness if they were in nandini’s situation, right now she doesn’t even care about anyone anymore as she knows kunal loves her so much.

      2. @Istabraq Guilt is a common accompanied feeling while you have an affair. Where is the guilt? Justifying affairs, giving reason like he fell in love with her suddenly. Who would accept the fact that he fell in love with her suddenly in a day? Wasn’t he loving his wife before? Wasn’t she sacrificing for his happiness and his family? Only a snake would think about it’s well being and bite you even if you’ve taken care of it. It’s in it’s nature. If nandini was so mahaan couldn’t she have reprimanded Kunal for cheating on her bf? Was there dearth of men around that she had to sleep with the man who supported her along with his wife? I know people make mistakes IRL too. But they would feel pangs of guilt when they cheat on their spouse(at least initially) But here @ss Kunal neither feels guilty nor has any pity towards his caring wife. Man up and at least break the truth to her and give your wife a divorce so that she can move on from her heartbreak of having a @sshole as her husband and a 🐍 as her friend. And what kind of argument is mauli is a woman so the 🐍 cannot fall in love with her? I mean is it compulsory that a victim who receives support from a man has to fall in love with him? Why not respect the fact that he’s married? Have a teeny bit of self respect and inform the bf of the deeds. But no. This serial plays out music to glorify ema. Why not show it as a human tendency and behaviors that come along with it? At least it shouldn’t turn out like other shitty stories where the wife is barren and asks her friend to hear a child with her husband and she forgives their ema. Or she turns villain and the 🐍 an abla bechari naari. Makes no sense. It would definitely stand out if it shows Mauli move on from this cheat from her husband and her 🐍 friend and have a life greater than she had before.

      3. @istabraq Are you defending and justifying Kunal and nandini’s behavior? What is this argument that most men would fall in love with a woman like nandini? Just cuz a woman always drapes designer sarees and cooks special dishes everyday and makes crafts doesn’t make her an ideal woman for everyone. If your argument is taken then most men will fall in love with their maids too. She cooks for the family, drapes sarees (not designer though) and does small craft works. Ideal woman right? (Not offending maids. They just do their jobs ). Sadly Indian society thinks if a woman stays at home, cooks and cleans up after her husband everyday, satisfies his every wish without going to work, wears his fav color everyday she’s ideal. If a woman like Mauli who works and takes care of family too just gets busy with work for a few days she’s an idiot who ignored her husband so her husband’s ema is justifiable. (Not to mention she was busy setting up the @sshole’s clinic) And lastly there are woman who undergo domestic abuse. Some come out strong on their own and some with the help of their loved ones or people who help such victims. A victim who has suffered abuse(mental or physical) knows how hard it affects his/ her life. They wouldn’t intentionally go break homes of people who have helped them cuz they know what it’s like to ruin somebody’s life since somebody they trusted ruined theirs. 🐍 Nandini who has suffered physical and mental (her husband kept affairs) abuse must know how affair ruins a marriage, but madam keeps one with the husband of her bf who supported her through thick and thin. Doesn’t it say a lot about her? Both nandini and Kunal are selfish to the T. Justifying ema as love just to give their lusts a meaning.

  13. Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but you all don’t get tired bashing the show everyday??? The comment section here have become so redundant….guys this is what the shows about atleast since you all still watch/read WU even though you are against it just quietly see what’s the out come…@shruti thats how i see it….yes its wrong but for nandini this is a breath of fresh air from her abusive relationship any normal human would feel some attraction to kunal after living in hell…..

    1. *redundant- “repetitive” i should say

      1. No shit Sherlock.

      2. @Irina “no shit Sherlock” cute thank you….guess i offended you in some way

      3. You are mighty confused my friend. It was a neutral comment. I was not offended by you if that’s what you inferred from my comment.

  14. Wat ever mauli mom said to nandhini she proved it and she is very happy atleast kunal had some guilt but nandhini she is over the clouds

  15. Aaisi stories q dekhate ho colors wale… logun ko glt msg dete hain y sb dekha k…mana k nandani k sath glt hua usska husband bohut gnda insan tha or usse kunal ki achai dekh k uss s pyar ho giya…pr kunal k sath tou aisa kch ni tha na usski kitni achi khayal rkhne wali biwi thi phir b wo usse dhokha d raha h…or sb s ajeeb baat dekhai ja rhi h k God kud aisa chata h k kunal mouli ko chor k nandani ko apna l wah..tou phir mouli ka kya phir tou God ko mouli k liye b koi dsra dhontna chiye na jo mouli s real love kre kunal ki trha ni uski ki khobsoorti s ni uss s pyar kre…kunal jaise husbands ko tou nandani s b khobsorat koi mil gai tou wo mouli ki trha nandani ko b dhokha d skte hain or phir b dekhana k y God ki marzi thi…jo skhks ek aurat ka na ho ske wo kisi or ka b ni ho skta

  16. This is copy Kabhi Alveda nahi Khana. In a twisted way.
    Why spoil the image of the movie. At least that movie showed why there was extra maritla affair.
    This serial showing garbage of a story. In real life this will not happen.
    Stop the story going any further it is very deceitful. Friendship means nothing ? No matter how much abuse a person goes through . No friend will betray the other . Shame on the writer.

  17. I don’t understand why everyone saying ” what message this serial giving us”so are we leading our lives based on messages from serials? Don’t we have brains? Or just by seeing this serial you think your husband will fall for another lady? How funny!!so what message are we getting from naagin 123 ? It is just for entertainment so as this serial.just rela x and enjoy their chemistry else leave it . At least they are trying to showcase different emotions rather than simple revenge drama of killing each other. The cast is doing a fabulous job and just trying to show us that these scenarios do happen in life that doesn’t mean it should happen in our lives. Looks like everyone is watching it and still passing messages as if you don’t want to watch … If you are so concerned for messages from serials and if you think you or your husband would get influenced from watching this better do not see!!! Why to watch every day without miss and come and pass comments… In a way you are increasing the trp

    1. People are nt only interested bt it seems dey are obsessed with the serial….I too think the same n had said dis many time…. n those who like d show shouldn’t comment here else haters will curse u to get a life partner like them or they will point fingers on ur character… 😂

      1. Sure right and sadly one of them carries my same name 🤨 it’s a pity when a person can’t differentiate real life from fiction

  18. love u both nandini and kunal all the way from south Africa

  19. I feel the day on which this serial will go off air haters will distribute sweets and congratulatory msgs to each other bt those who lik d serial dey will nt be affected bcoz dey knw it’s jst a serial…. dey will start watching something else…..😊 ( well I m one of dem)

  20. If drasti dhami and shakti have status or image then Aditi also has and drasti shakti both have already spoiled their image.shakti was excellent in Meri ashiqui but he lost image in this serial. And drasti thinks herself sridevi that’s why she is performing this role. She thinks people will love her but not everyone is fan of drasti and she is not very famous personality.
    People love actors by their character in serial. Waiting for mauli’s realization and eager to watch her journey without kunal nandini. She must leave them soon.

  21. Hate u nandini..rajdeep was right ..such a b*t*h that nandini is

  22. Guys whether it is confirmed that mauli will get to know abt their affairs on Ganesh mahotsav pls someone tell me,

    1. Wow i agreed o ur commend…i wishes nandini to get a tight slap from mauli…… waitingbfor tht

  23. So people saying k

  24. I hate this serial specialy nandini and kunal Chi Kitna bakwas serial hai… Aise toh koi apne dost pr bharosa hi nhi krega…..I love mouli

  25. I tells u ppl what’s really gonna happen in d end. like all melodramas, Nandini ll get pregnant and ll leave her child for Mauli and Kunal.. Drashti Dhami, being such a popular actress, ll always end her role on a positive note to retain her image 😉😉

    1. Or else they will kill Mauli after her giving birth to a baby to unite Kunal and Nandini.But how she will get a baby only writers know,now that they are showing no affection from Kunal to Mauli.

  26. kunal-nandu both r such big a*holes that they deserve each other. lol. assa hi hua ke in do shytan ek ho gai. let them hav some fun few days. I wish, later both of them will die. Then mauli will start her happy, new life with a real good, loyal man.

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