Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini and Mauli in the same hotel for conference

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini happily turns to look at Mauli but finds Raaj there. He asks what she has been doing here, she had gone to washroom. Nandini lies that she was looking for him and watches Mauli and Kunal going the other way. Raaj notices her eyes following someone else. Nandini turns to go to the room. Raaj stops her saying he didn’t bring her here to rest in the room, she must socialize and speak to people around so that her husband get some business. He unwind her braided hair as well.
The waiter brings Kunal and Mauli to pool side as it will take them 15 minutes to prepare their room. Mauli was tired and had pain in her foot, she wanted to take rest before conference. Nandini and Raaj had come at the pool side and were speaking to a doctor. Nandini watches Mauli and takes a leave from

Raaj to go to washroom. She recalls their times together and walks towards her but a lady stops her appreciating her decorations of fruits. Mauli had left the table by the time Nandini reach there. The waiter brings the flower to Nandini as her husband sent it. Raaj comes to her and asks who gave her the flower? Nandini replies he did. Raaj asks if he ever gave her a flower before. Did she bring him a contact that he should give her a flower? And if some doctor is lending her a lift, she must bring his contact to him.
Mauli comes to the room to find it decorated with roses and candles. Kunal throws rose petals at her from behind. Mauli was cheerful watching the surprise and asks if this is why they got a delay in getting the room. Kunal says she was tired and had pain in her feet, he thought about giving a foot massage. They share a few romantic moments.
There, Nandini takes Dr. Mauli- the conference guest speaker’s number from operator to speak to her.
Kunal gives foot and then head massage to Mauli in bed. They were about to leave for conference. The phone bell rings. Mauli takes the call, Nandini doesn’t speak from the other side. Mauli was serious and wonders who could it be. Kunal places the phone back and takes Mauli into bed.
Nandini thinks whatever happened in their last meeting was her mistake.
Mauli and Kunal come downstairs for the conference. Kunal comes down with Mauli, he was angry over the medical science turning into a business. A doctor meets them and invites them for job.
In the room, Raaj was looking for his conference pass. He calls Nandini furiously who was in bath. She was clueless about the pass. Raaj deters to behave really badly if she doesn’t find the pass in a few minutes. He then finds the pass in his pocket and goes downstairs ordering her not to come downstairs until he asks her to.
In the conference, Mauli was called on stage. Raaj recognizes Mauli had once slapped him. Mauli comes to the stage and says she dreamt with open eyes but there is an equal share of someone else’s dreams in her success. The one who told her that it’s better the tears flow your eyes after failure than they dry up inside your eyes without you giving a try. Nandini heard this speech from outside the conference room and cries. Nandini recalls once when Mauli was crying and ready to give up studying medical science. Nandini said she has been her patient since the age of three and gave her these words. She had also brought cake and then gone to bring tea for Mauli. Mauli was presented with an award. Nandini clapped for her from outside the conference hall. Raaj looks behind to see Nandini and was irked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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