Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal saves Nandini from suicide

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini reaches the corner of an under construction building. She was haunted by the words of Makhija. She decides she wouldn’t return to anyone, neither Rajdeep nor Makhija. Kunal had reached the building. Nandini was about to jump when he stops her. Nandini says Rajdeep calls her as ominous who only brings troubles to others. She was about to jump. Kunal convinces Nandini that its Rajdeep’s trap only, she is beautiful and she has made Mauli more cheerful than she ever was. She has to fight the situations in life, not to accept defeat without fighting. He insists on Nandini to look behind at him and give her hand to him. Nandini turns to see Kunal, then down towards the cliff and finally forwards her hand towards Kunal. Her foot slips but Kunal successfully holds her hand. Nandini looks

down fearful. Kunal pulls her up into his arms, Nandini hugged him tightly. Kunal holds his terrified breathe.
Rajdeep laughs on the call and was hopeful that Nandini will surely come to him now. Makhija had returned home and shares with Rajdeep about his own disgrace and Mauli’s slap. Rajdeep says he must take his revenge from Nandini when the parcel is delivered. Rajdeep says Nandini must be working there like a maid. Makhija tells him Nandini didn’t seem to be stressed, Infact Mauli introduced her with much love and appreciated her efforts to organize the party. After the call, Rajdeep throws everyone around the house and irked over Nandini for being at ease. He was determined to make her suffer when she returns.
Kunal tells Nandini not to look down. He complains if she didn’t even think about Mauli. Nandini says they shouldn’t tell Mauli about it, she was emotional and couldn’t think well. Kunal assures Nandini they are good friends and he is with her. Nandini shakes his hand after nodding. Mauli reach there tensed and hugs Nandini. Kunal says her friend was going far away but then changed her mind. Mauli tells Nandini she found her after much wait, she slapped Makhija hard on face and he wouldn’t ever dare to return. Nandini assures them that she would neither leave, nor will she lose her courage. She nods at Kunal while leaving, he smiles.
At home, Mauli’s mother says they must take a decision about Nandini. Mauli is stupid but Nandini’s character was a doubted one since childhood. She didn’t like studying, she even proved to be a curse for her parents and then her husband. Sweety says even her husband was badly drunk when he came to take her, this would badly effect their society. Mauli returns home with Nandini and Kunal. She clarifies to her mother that this isn’t her house and Nandini will stay her. Mamma says she stands on her daughter’s side, Mauli. Kunal also seconds Mauli. Mauli’s mother asks Dida to decide fairly. Dida says Nandini is trouble stricken. Mauli’s mother, Jyoti says Nandini is a trouble herself. Dida argues they can’t assess a female’s character by a man’s words and that too Makhija. She tells Nandini to go to her room and take rest there. Jyoti takes a leave, warning Mauli of the consequences.
At night, Nandini sat on a couch beside the window. Mauli comes to the room and shuts the door, she had brought turmeric milk for Nandini. Nandini was lost, Mauli says she has worked a lot since morning and didn’t eat anything. Mauli says she agrees how it feels when a lady’s character is blamed, they must sue Makhija. Nandini tells Mauli she went to that room in the hotel.

PRECAP: Rajdeep forcefully takes Nandini and slaps her in the market to come home. He was driving Nandini when police vans stop his car. Mauli also appears from the car. The inspector questions Rajdeep if he beat his wife? Mauli requests Nandini to tell the inspector how Rajdeep behaves with her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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