Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal’s efforts to urge Nandini start her career

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajdeep gets into the car to flee but Kunal runs to grab his collar. Rajdeep questions if Kunal is a police inspector or some security personnel? He blames Kunal to intervene in his public property as Nandini is his wife. He will create more such shameful videos of Nandini to disgrace her even more. He smirks asking if Kunal wanted a maid in Nandini or was he looking for something else? He tries to show Kunal some more videos in his cell phone. Kunal beats Rajdeep. Both wrestle with each other, Rajdeep taking the lead initially but soon Kunal clutches his neck and punches Rajdeep hard. Rajdeep blames Nandini for being a non-protective wife. The residents of society gathered around. Rajdeep wasn’t ready to apologize Nandini and make her lick on his shoes when he gets her. Kunal drags

Rajdeep towards Nandini and the society men. Rajdeep complains to the society men that this man Kunal is interfering in their personal life, it’s a spouse fight only. The society men confirms if Rajdeep is her husband? He was ready to show the marriage certificate. The men advance to help Kunal, Kunal warns Rajdeep to apologize Nandini. Rajdeep sense the danger, he apologizes Nandini and promises to delete all the photos and videos. Kunal already broke his phone. Kunal holds Nandini’s hand and takes her inside.
At home, Mauli wipes Kunal’s injuries. Mauli was thankful that Kunal was home and saved Nandini. Dida was emotional and appreciates Mamma for bringing Kunal up in the best of manner. She never forbid him to play with dolls in childhood so that he never considers girls as dolls. She calls Kunal a gem and says she would have saluted Kunal today if her feet worked. They all clap for Dida.
At night, Nandini was in the washroom and thinks no one ever bear such pain for her. Whatever Kunal said in front of people today worked as a balm on her burning heart. He fought from Rajdeep only for her respect. She owes a lot to Kunal and has a faith that at least someone is there to stand behind her.
The next morning, Mauli and Mamma come inside after yoga in the balcony. Nandini gives them lime water and asks for breakfast. Mauli asks if someone enrolled in her cooking classes. Nandini says she removed the notice, she doesn’t have the courage nor the will to run any classes in the society. She goes for Dida’s tea. Mamma says she soaked lentils at night already and will soon join Nandini to help prepare breakfast. Mamma tells Mauli to give Nandini sometime. Kunal comes with Dida and insists Nandini must defeat Rajdeep. Mamma insists that it will take some time for people and Nandini both to adjust after yesterday’s incident. Kunal insists that if Nandini stays at home her confidence will continue to shatter. She must get out and try to engage with people. We need to open the windows of our mind if we wish to change the direction of wind. Rajdeep will win if Nandini stays silent. They must take some risk, may be some people sign up and others don’t. Dida agrees with Kunal. Mauli says Nandini will be heartbroken if people don’t enroll in Nandini’s call. Kunal says Nandini must step forward, make effotrts and even face the defeat as well; their efforts shouldn’t stop. He is going downstairs to post the advertisement. Nandini wonders how she can break their confidence in her.
The family prepares for guests at home. Nandini was cheerfully ready as the chef. Everyone was hopeful that people might get late but will surely come for registration. Kunal threw the pamphlets in each house by himself. Nandini asks Mauli why she looks so stressful, its fine even if people don’t come. Dida says they will open wine bottle, they will have one glass if someone comes but two if doesn’t. Mamma suggests to wait for ten more minutes. Kunal was restlessly looking at the door. Mamma comes to him saying she already warned him that it’s not easy to break people’s mindset and will take time.
Mauli asks Nandini to prepare her favorite chocolate cake while they will order dinner from outside. Nandini turns to go and bring a good chocolate cake. A lady comes inside asking about cooking class registrations. They were a bunch of girls. Nandini was active at once. Mauli comes to Kunal happy that so many people have come. Mauli reads the ad and asks what time was mentioned in it? Kunal says it was 6pm, but the pamphlets read 7-9pm. Kunal smiles watching Nandini happy and thinks he is ready to do anything to keep her this way.

PRECAP: Kunal wish Nandini best for her first attempt, she must keep her confidence which is the first step to success. Nandini replies the first step to her success is the faith he and everyone else has shown in her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Though show has wrong extra martial affair influence as this lead that no friend should help other, otherwise ur partner (either husband or wife) both might have extra martial affair with your friend (either female or male)…. But its little different from saas bahu and daily drama soaps…. And lastly… Today in last scene with purple, black, white and golden saree nandini was looking beautiful and charming….

  2. This show is different but not good .we can’t digest the story.and then want to highlight nandini so her dressing and makeup is good otherwise mauli is also beautiful. Bec of makeup etc they look special. Here beauty is not important but main thing is kunal is feeling for nandini despite of mauli.he doesn’t deserve her.i think nandini should not given so much importance. Mauli is helping nandini to boost confidence but mauli has all the qualities better than nandini is not better than mauli.why all are praising nandini beauty I dn understand.see the person and judge.and kunal is also cheap.he fights for nandini but what he will do with mauli in future we can imagine now.

    1. Totally agree. This might be a different show but it’s disgusting to the core. just because the second woman is played by Drashti that doesn’t mean that Kunal falling for her is justifiable.

      I can imagine what all abuses would have been said about Kunal falling for another woman in spite of being married if at all Nandini and Mauli actors were reversed. Because that’s the truth. Drashti Dhami fans are just blinded and that’s why blindly supporting the immoral feelings of Kunal. I hate that guy already.. if Nandini falls for him that won’t be a problem because she has suffered a lot in her marriage, and her husband was an a***le. But Kunal falling for Nandini is never right.

      Jazbaat toh jazbaat hote hain is bullshit. Then murderers and Rapists can justify their acts with the same juzbaat line. Feelings and emotions can be wrong, but they should be controlled.. If Kunal can’t do that it’s his fault

      I pity for Mauli. Poor thing she doesn’t know what her hypocrite pati is feeling and hiding from everyone.

  3. Exactly emotions should be controlled.if he can’t control that means he is not a good person he can fall for anyone anytime. Moral of the story is every men can fall for anyone despite of good wife .if they come closer they will fall for each other?Here nandini and kunal both are free at home otherwise no one has time to think about wife’s friend.

    1. Exactly. He’s not a good person and he can fall for anyone in future as well. And some biased fans say that they’re falling for Kunal more everyday. It’s like WTF?? The guy is literally falling for another woman when he has a happy content marriage and his wife is loyal to him. What qualities they see in this guy to fall for him more? Just the fact that he’s falling in love with a character Drashti is playing?

      Can’t they think about that wife character one moment ? How can they love a guy who’s so fickle minded? God.

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