Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal comes to Ishaan’s help

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the restaurant, Ishaan was curt that it’s because of Kunal only; Mauli is comparing him with Kunal and doesn’t want to marry at all now. He turns to see Kunal waiting for him in the restaurant, he turns his face away annoyed. Kunal comes to speak to Ishaan but he didn’t want to speak. Kunal says there might be a problem and he may have a “the end” to his issues. He apologizes Ishaan for coming there that day, he was unaware and only came over to pick Pari up. Ishaan goes to a table and says Mauli has already broken the engagement, and if she finds he is taking help from Kunal, the game would be over. Ishaan asks why he even wants to help him in the first place? Kunal innocently replies it’s because of Mishti, she is distressed and wants her Popsy. And no one knows Mauli

better than he does; only he can help him.
At home, Radhika asks Mauli why she spoke so rudely to Ishaan. She compared him to Kunal although Ishaan has helped them throughout. Mauli says she doesn’t want to marry Ishaan, or give him any high hopes. Radhika asks if Mauli thinks Ishaan would leave her so easily. She understands that Dida was right, Mauli will never open up about Sandhya’s condition.
Kunal suggests Ishaan to fill Mauli’s path with rose petals. Ishaan considers him really romantic, and mocks that he would have love Kunal if he was a girl. He tells Kunal he already sent her flowers and bouquets. Kunal says filling Mauli’s path with flowers is something big and special, unlike sending flowers. He assures Ishaan he never did any such thing for Mauli, but she deserves a lot better. Ishaan says his mother isn’t ready for this marriage and it’s the reason Mauli has broken the engagement. Kunal insists that still it’s important that Mauli fell in love with Ishaan once again. Ishaan agrees.
Mauli opens the door of her apartment. A rose bed awaited her throughout her passage to the car. Mauli was startled. A weak smile spreads Mauli’s face. Ishaan was waiting besides his car in the parking. Mauli walks to her car, then turns to see Ishaan waving towards her. He heads towards Mauli but she tries to avoid him and leaves instead. In the car, Ishaan curtly tells Kunal that Mauli didn’t acknowledged his attempts. Kunal says she is Mauli, she would surely take some time to respond. He asks Ishaan to be patient, he knows what he is upto. After the call, Kunal thinks what he is about to do now would rush Mauli towards him (Ishaan). He stood in the car parking while Mauli parks her car and goes into the hospital without noticing.
In the hospital, Mauli asks the receptionist if a new pediatrician is joining. The nurse says there was only Dr. Kunal Malhotra who always remained everyone’s favorite, no one else was consistent for long afterwards. In the clinic, Mauli refers a patient’s child to the new pediatrician. The patient complains that the new doctor referred a number of tests for their daughter’s cough, they won’t even be able to afford. Mauli comes to speak to the doctor. She finds Kunal on doctor’s seat and questions why he recommended such expensive tests to the child. Kunal sends the nurse outside, then curtly asks who is she to question him, he is a well-known child specialist and better aware of child’s situation. Mauli argues that in common cold and cough such tests are never recommended. Kunal asks how it matters to Mauli if he earns or the hospital does. Mauli recalls how Kunal quit a number of jobs only because of commission. Kunal replies this is his new face now, he then tells Mauli to leave as he has to complete his patient’s quota for today. Afterwards, Kunal sends the nurse to replace the prescription of the patient with only two medicines.

PRECAP: Mauli receives a parcel in which there was a globe filled with Mauli’s photos. Dida claims Ishaan to be crazy after Mauli and Mishti.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. This show could have been so great, if only we can see a strong Mauli, marrying Ishaan and living a happy life. instead we have this weak idiot moaning over a cheater, and a cheater trying to be great.

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