Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Six years leap

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dida was upset that Kunal wasn’t here for celebrate Diwali the way he did each year. Mauli comes home with aarti thaal filled with the candles. She insists on Mamma and Dida to get ready, Diwali is the function of winning over darkness. Mamma insists on Mauli not to pose tough, she surely hasn’t recovered. Mauli breaks into cry but compels the ladies to celebrate first Diwali of her baby to be.

There, Kunal watch Nandini decorate the roof and blow the crackers.

Mauli, Dida and Mamma do the Pooja together and lit crackers.

6 years later,
Mauli’s house was still decorated. Dida appreciates Radika for the decorations and asks her to call Mauli, where has she been. Mauli comes from behind announcing she is here. She walks to Dida, touch her feet and tells

Dida she is about to break her six years record and prepare a halwa. Mamma goes to soak the nuts. Mauli sends Pramilla to bring the decoration items. Dida was worried for her child and asks Mauli to call him. Mauli makes a call, the other person calls her a sweet-heart and asks her to open the door. Mauli was left holding a heap of gift boxes and asks him to stop right here. Dida asks Mauli to hold some boxes and help her child. She complains that he bought the whole market at the last moment. The flower petals basket over the pile turns over, Mauli was showered with the petals. She and the young man look into each other’s eyes. Mauli feels nervous and complains of throwing all the petals. The young man says he has been arranging this all since morning, can’t she smile. Mauli doesn’t smile. The young man claims that he is Ishaan Khanna, and always has a backup plan. Mamma and Dida discuss this is God gifted love, that returned to Mauli’s life.
Ishaan picks another box filled with petals. Mauli complains she just wiped the floor. Ishaan was happy he filled her path with flowers and not with thorns. Dida defends Ishaan and says Mauli had first dragged the flower basket. Mauli was annoyed and goes for arrangement with Pramilla. Ishaan murmurs to Mamma about bringing Gulab Jaman and requests Dida for a smile. Mauli tells Pramilla to complete the arrangements while she has to pick Mishti up. She gets a call about Mishti then, was tensed and hurries outside. Ishaan follows Mauli.

The kids were playing in the garden. The weather goes bad. The teacher comes to hurry the children inside and watch a girl help her fellows who cried. The same girl indulge the children in collective games. The teacher enjoys watching them. The girl then walks out of the tent and finds Mauli standing on the entrance. Both run to each other, Mauli holds her into her arms and swirls around playfully, then kiss her daughter. Mishti offers Mauli a hug after sensing she was upset. Ishaan reach behind and tells Mishti even he was fearful. Mishti waves towards Ishaani calling him Popsy! Ishaan holds Mishti in his arms.

PRECAP: Mauli and Ishaan leave with Mishti. Mishti wasn’t ready to go without her friend.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. First things first : I’m so glad mauli has moved on as much as possible.

    She has a content if not happy life so far and clearly, mishti( cutie) is her whole life!

    Points I didn’t like : ishaan and mauli’s banter. Maybe it’s because of the fact that she was sad one moment and suddenly 6 years have passed but I felt it was very forced. It didn’t come naturally yet.
    Mauli’s make up too. She looked very artificial. I hope this doesn’t continue.

    Probably people won’t agree with me but I did not like mauli hiding the truth about the baby to Kunal. Ofc she did it for the valid reasons and since ishaan’s entry, mishti has a father figure. But it still doesn’t strike right with me.

    I would have preferred if mauli had told him the truth but refused to spend any more time with a cheater like him.

    Ik co-parenting, especially when he’s married to her best friend is messed up but any parent deserves to Kno about the existence of the kid. It’s just my opinion though

    1. Farhiyo Matan

      I definitely agree with u..seriously its masses up but at least M could have been the better person then them amd decided to forgive them and build better relationships for her kids.. agian it is just my opinion

    2. well i agree that Mauli should have stuck to the truth but at the same time what is the use of telling a man who was so blinded by love that he suspected his wife of lying and then got happy when she lied that isn’t pregnant so that he could marry Nandini. Kunal doesn’t deserve that love so its justified for her to hide. I also want that the day Kunal finds out, Mauli should deny that the little girl is his…Sorry if you felt bad but i got so angry just thinking of how a person can do this.

      1. Fan of YUDKBH

        Kunal should know about the baby? He has the right? He was so happy when he came to know that maulI is not pregnant.

    3. Fan of YUDKBH

      Kunal should know about the baby? He has the right? He was so happy when he came to know that maulI is not pregnant.

    4. Mauli was very ryt not 2 share abt da baby..When a person is not interested even 2 spend a moment with da person who has sacrificed all her joys n tym for him n his fam ?2 lose ur self respect 4 such a person.N what abt da main culprit Nandini..Njoying lyf ..A person who has ditched a person who cared 4 her da most n dedicatedly served her C proved dat c has lost humanity..Mauli has self esteem so c never reacted aggressively n gracefully walked away..But dey should suffer in such a way dat dey shud understand der mistake n it carries a positive msg 2 da society..No oder friend tries even 2 think of cheating such a frnd..

    5. Hi… i felt both Ishaan and mishti didnt gel well with the rest of the characters. Maybe because it is their first day in the shoot… but Ishaan was trying to act too close to Mouli and dida, while the child actress too needs to improve a little… i liked Mouli’s dress, but her make up seemed too over the top and messy… But its a new track and am sure things will take time to settle…
      As for Mouli’s decision… we dont know if Kunal still doesn’t know about the baby. As far as I can tell from this episode, Kunal is most probably not involved in Mishti’s life, but that doesn’t mean he is not even aware of her existence. Maybe he took the decision to stay away, or maybe Mamma didn’t allow him to come near.
      But assuming Mouli never told him about the baby, i am still pretty torn up about that decision. Even i believe that a child should get both his parents’ love, and its not right to hide about a child from her own father… But in this situation, its not that black and white. Mouli initially lied because she was fed up of his suspicions and wanted to see his reaction. If Kunal had been heartbroken about not being a father, i am sure Mouli would have immediately told him. But Kunal just threw divorce papers at her and ran away. After that, how was Mouli supposed to tell him? I dont think Kunal would have believed her, his response being along the lines of ‘nice try, but you are still lying. I married Nandini so now you cant separate us for seven lives. Haha’. So now Mouli has to “prove” her pregnancy to the same man who cheated her, insulted her, blamed her and then left her. It will be too much for any woman.
      All in all, i think it will be unrealistic if Kunal still doesnt know about Mishti. It will mean he never visited his old mother and grandmother even once in six years. But even if he doesn’t, i dont mind the situation because a) Mishti still has her mother, grandmother and a semblance of family to grow up with and b) I can’t wish Mishti and Kunal to be separate as they are father daughter, but i definitely dont want Mishti to be anywhere near Nandini.

      1. I hope he knows about the kid. I don’t blame Mauli for not telling Kunal after his behaviour. But they could have reached some custody settlement later.

        Maybe he gets visitation but cannot bring nandini and he can only visit them here. But seeing mishti call ishaan as popsy, I don’t think this is true.

        Kunal has not reached out to his family in 6 years. Only now after finding mishti and his own kid as best friends, will they meet

  2. Another nandini is ready to destroy mouli life or may be viceversa to teach kunal a lesson..Kunan u should suffer I should c in my eyes

  3. Woww!!! Happy to see mouli’s smiling face and happy family…? Waise..yeh ishan kon hei..??

    Hav a dout dat mishti’ s friend related to kunal aut nandini… want to see destracted kunal anf nandini…

  4. Mishti ishani mauli nandni daughters hope story phir se revers na ho i am excited about kunal entry i want to see his reaction when he see that mauli is moved on but i am going to miss dhrashti 😔😔😔

  5. I have feeling that mishti’s friend will somehow be related to Kunal and Nandini. Ugh. I wish Kunal and Nandini will at least stay physically out of Mouli’s life, as the mental scar will always remain.
    Today is the beginning of a new track. I am still not sure if Nandini will be killed or a new actor will replace her. But i hope Nandini doesn’t die. It wont be fair that after everything that has happened, Nandini dies off screen and Kunal gets to act like a bechara lonely types. Also, i wonder if Kunal tries to come and meet Mishti. I mean, come on. Its not like Mouli shifted to a new city. She is still in the same house with Kunal’s family, and it is hard to believe Kunal never once visited them in these six years or didn’t find out about Mouli’s daughter. Someone, maybe jyoti or sweety, would have informed him that Mouli was really pregnant and gave birth to a girl.
    Anyways, i am happy to see Mouli has moved on and even her in-laws are supporting her and hoping for new love to enter her life. I hope Ishaan turns out to be a gem of a person. Generally speaking, this kind of track has been done in many shows. Where husband wife separate, wife gives birth to child and brings her up while the father has no idea. a leap of six-seven years happen, a new guy has entered the wife’s life who is more attached to the child but eventually also fall in love with the mother. And then the husband returns, wife husband get back together and the new guy either becomes a villain or is forgotten….
    But i hope Silsila doesn’t go that way. Kunal cried a lot about getting over Mouli completely and Mouli also decided to move on. So i hope we get something new where Ishaan continues to be the man in mouli’s life and Kunal never gets a place back. I dont want a love triangle with Kunal-Mouli-Ishaan. Rather Mouli, Ishaan and Mishti should have a happy separate life and Kunal and his family stay separate. But a story needs conflict… i just hope Silsila’s conflict is something different rather than what is generally shown
    wonder if rajdeep will ever make a return now…

    1. Hey I always love reading your comments. want to say a few things too.

      What kind of disgusting love Is this that kunal just ran away from his responsibilities both in terms of kid and his own Family. Didn’t his so called nandini make him realise his responsibilities about his mother n grandmother? And this kunal was talking about trust ,the same man who fell for his wife’s friend (don’t know why) who was romancing with her while being married to mauli,who was sleeping with her again while being married to mauli.When he said he wants to give this marriage another chance ,mauli should have said who are you to decide whether you would want to give it a second chance.I decide that I am not going to give you a second chance n should have slapped him instead of hugging him.Like they say you can’t heal by going back to what broke you .

      Very happy for the track post leap but I m still not satisfied I think makers should show where the character of kunal who was such a loving husband fell for another woman and why ?

      I simply hate when fans of these two spineless characters keep defending their love.They were even uttering disgusting words for real life people like Jaya Bhattacharya who wished Drashti all the best.I mean what the hell.
      Also yes nandini shouldn’t die,I want her to suffer and cry yet again.I mean what kind of a disgusting character was it.It wasn’t a difficult role to play according to me it was a negative role in the garb of innocence.But I m happy for Drashti per se because atleast she realised may be what disgusting role she was playing.
      Oh and yeah the makers ruined my favourite song by playing it at the wedding of two spineless people.

      1. Hi sangeeta, thank you 🙂
        I agree with everything you said. Nandini “tried” to push Kunal away so many times, but she was not really trying even once, always ready to take him back at first notice. (in contrast, once Mouli decided to let Kunal go, she let him believe the pregnancy was false, and also ended the relationship on her part as well and moved on, not waiting for Kunal to come back.) Nandini not once tried to make him aware of his responsibilities, because i think Nandini herself wasn’t aware of them. Even in this telecast, Nandini is happily bursting crackers in Diwali, not once thinking what her divorced “best-friend” might be going through. There’s no pain or remorse in either Kunal or Nandini for what they did, both swimming in their own self-righteousness. Both these characters are so selfish, but instead of portraying them as such, the writers always show them as a lovely couple basking in the glory of true love. Bullshit. As you said, they didnt even make the falling in love believable. Kunal, who was so in love with Mouli, fell suddenly in love with Nandini for no other reason than her rain dancing skills. What does he appreciate about Nandini? What are the qualities that commands his respect for her? No answer. Just endless dialogues of how he cannot live without her anymore because Nandini is suddenly oxygen. Go figure.

    2. Hi Dhara
      Me too eagerly waiting for your comment and always like. I agree that the most irritating in the show that the writer tried hard to influence some of the viewers by showing how they match each other how they are both such cute lovers, though for me the most annoyed scenes were kunan scene I used to forward their scenes .I also think the writer must clear why Kunal had changed like that if He really wanted to pass a warning message to every wife unless the current massage that every husband could change so easily and banded his family with the excuse of love and should be forgiven .I also think the reason of that Drashti leaving the show is for not being amother for 7 years child . she is like most of actress tried hard to keep her image as the young woman who is icon of beauty .And from her fan pages reactions and how much their fans defended her so I cant blame her for that since she is already 34 years old and the produced may start choosing her as a mother .

  6. Hope ishani nandni jaise galti na kare verrry excited to see new character’s pls guys no negative comments now

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I was laughing😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁, ek diwali thik se suru nhi hui thi or serial me 6 yrs ka leap aa gya that to with diwali again….

    2. Mouli hairstyle and make up was nice😍😍 but not her dress😣😣😣😣

    3. After so much long tym old Mouli was back…😍😍😍😍 with episode 1 wali smile😊😊😊😊😊

    4. Finally new lead for Mouli and her journey will be shown….. Yeahhhhhhhhh, 😊😊😊😊😊I hope Kunal, Nandini and Rajdeep do not return in her life again….

    5. Promila ki shadi😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 leap me yeh gajab bhi ho gya….

    6. Student camp se phone phele hi aa gya but hua kuch hai nhi, some time secenes are too much dramtic😂😂😂😂😂😂

    7. I miss Drashti, she should not have left show…. And its clear she left just because she was not ready to play as mother…

    8. Misty not at looked like 5/6 yr child, I personally not like child actor, she didn’t have that spark, which Mouli have (wrong selection of child)😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    9. Misty and Kunal-Nandini daughter will be friends (both are half sisters)

    10. Though Dida is shown happy but her actions shows that if Kunal come infront of her right now, she will forgive him and will choose Kunal over Mouli…😑😑😑😑😑

    1. Even i didnt understand what was the phone call about from the student camp. Nothing even happened. Who calls parents if weather worsens a little? That scene was stupid. If they wanted to show Mishti as strong or mature, they could have chosen something else, like maybe swimming classes and a minor accident there :/ :/ I didnt like the child actress much either, but maybe she was nervous on the first day of the shoot. Hopefully with time she will settle, because otherwise this show has excellent casting

  8. Sure 50% viewers will not watch this serial anymore without dhrasti.

    1. Yes. Though kunal nandhini pair were wrong in audience ‘s eyes, I loved their chemistry in SBRK. Off mailing should get justice but I am glad I could see the pair on screen anymore.

      I appeal to drasti to come back in the soap. I hope everyone agree with me

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    omg … Drashti left the serial becuz she didn’t want to be portrayed as a mother 😂😂😂 what a load of crap !!! So many women are on the brink of insanity becuz they can’t hv kids n she doesn’t want that … I feel sorry for her thoughts 😔

    1. No Naina. You are wrong. Drasti quit the show just bcz her character is turning negative in the show and she does not want it. So she tweeted it publicly and has quit the show.

      The reason of motherhood is fake. For more details please search “drasti in silsila” .

      I miss her dearly

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        No anonymous she left becoz she didn’t want to play mother, her show producer/director said.. He added that she left ek tha raja ek thi rani for same reason only…

    2. If Drasthi really left because she didn’t want to play mother, then i think it is very unprofessional of her. The basic story of this show was set from beginning. It’s not like Nandini was a young girl just getting married. Nandini was already married for seven years at the start of the show and even conceived. Although she had a miscarriage, it is only expected that she will again get pregnant as the story progresses or will have to play a mother soon. But i feel the mother track is an excuse. The story could have been woven in such way that Nandini cannot be pregnant again (because the first miscarriage was due to excessive violent abuse and Radhika also cursed Nandini to never be a mother). But i feel after so much backlash for her character, Drasthi’s heart was not in it anymore. And the creatives thought if they have to kill/change Nandini, they might as well introduce a daughter for her. All these are speculations though, only Drasthi knows the truth.
      But i dont think it’s fair to say so many women can’t be mother so Drasthi shouldn’t have problem playing one on screen. I have seen many young actresses who play mother on screen once and then find it hard to find roles suitable for their age again. They get type-casted to motherly roles after that. Besides the no leaps that indian shows have is also ridiculous. I have seen actors playing grandmother to other actors the same age as them. I understand if some actor doesnt want to do that… But Drasthi should have been aware since start that Nandini will have to play certain roles. So she should have thought about it in the beginning itself instead of leaving midway.

  10. Preethika

    Same history repeating like mauli and Nandini, their both daughter’s now create a huge mess in Mauli life. But I genuinely dnt want Mauli and kunal together again…… but Nandini’s last message was to again go back to Mauli life(bcz she can’t be here again to snatch him from mauli anymore)

  11. what heck is going on in this serie

  12. It’s nice that Mauli moved on her life….new love in her life is also perfect…..but Kunal and Nandini should also get the punishment for cheating they have done with Mauli… kunal should repent for what crime he did and should never get forgiveness for whatever he has done…bustard….

  13. Why sud kunal repent, he didnt like mauli so threw her out of his life. I want nandhini to be back and leading a happy life with kunal. Let mauli live her own happy life. ishan looks good with mauli and i never want mauli to accept kunan’s baby and become mahaan.Let kunal and child live happily.

  14. This ishaan is like salman khan of kkhh…very lovable.I wish he replace kunal in mauli’s life. Also there shouldnt have nandini’s child.Kunal doesn’t deserves to be a father.He must beg to see his daughter…the same child he wished not to happened.even if a little shame is left in kunal he won’t come before mauli…after all who takes back step(mauli) after reaching goal(nandini).

  15. Yes. Though kunal nandhini pair were wrong in audience ‘s eyes, I loved their chemistry in SBRK. Off mailing should get justice but I am glad I could see the pair on screen anymore.

    I appeal to drasti to come back in the soap. I hope everyone agree with me

  16. Wowwwwww mouli.m vry much delighted n excited to c u in happiness.i wish till d end u must lead a lovely life wid ishaan.kunal must die wid d guilty.

  17. Wowwwwww mouli.m vry much delighted n excited to c u in happiness.i wish till d end u must lead a lovely life wid ishaan.kunal must die wid d guilty.i loveeee u so much mouli.

  18. Kunal Nandini should become childless. They don’t deserve complete happiness in their life. Karma needs to be paid back. I think the weakest/most spineless character was Nandini. So fearful , so helpless. And then strong enough to marry her best friend’s husband. So ungrateful. Kunal also shameless. Where are the wedding vows? What they did to Mauli, they should see it happening with their own daughter, if they have a girl child. They need to understand how important commitment is. They need to understand how painful it is. Both for the girl and the parents.

    Mauli, if Kunal comes back, dont ever accept him back.

  19. Jab punishment ka time aaya , nandini bhaag gyi ,,,,,,😊

  20. Happy to see new guy in mauli’s life but don’t want the story like kuch kuch hota hai. Kunal must realise his mistake but mauli must not give place to kunal in her life again…just ishan mauli and misti…let kunal leave alone he doesn’t deserve mauli like shahrukh kajol in kkhh.that story was different.

  21. Why do I feel it will b shown that Nandini died of terminal illness after few years and she took a promise from kunal to return but kunal love Nandini so much that he can’t even think of going to b with mauli he did rather stay with Nandini child and memories without thinking of his mother and grandmother what a waste
    I just hope writers don’t show him a useless fellow where mauli will feel pity for him he doesn’t deserve it

  22. Finally Mauli has moved on in her life.. Its really great to see her with Ishaan.. I just hope Kunal stays away from her new family and he is punished for his deeds. But it will be interesting to watch how he will react after knowing about Mauli-Ishaan and Mishti…

  23. Poor kids… no holiday on Diwali also😶😶😶😶

  24. They must not show kunal nandini kids. Wanted to see negative nandini but they don’t show her negative that’s why the show has low trp Bec of drasti dhami.

  25. Don’t want to watch mauli United with kunal. Kunal doesn’t love her. And why nandini does of drasti doesnt want to act negative role then let her leave and take another girl as nandini who turns negative.

  26. Its been couple of months when I stopped watching this show! I had great hopes in the beginning but then I realized its Indian tv and expecting realistic good stories is hopeless! So I gave up and stopped watching. But when I saw news of Drashti Dhami quitting show I felt so happy and relieved that now this show might end and we will be free ! But unfortunately it is still going on and I hate it more! Honestly I don’t feel there is anything left in the show! I don’t think Drashti Dhami left the show because she didn’t want to be a mom on screen! But I am sure she left because she knew people hated her more and this show wasn’t doing any good for her! It’s a lie from the makers to spread rumours about her leaving? As per the makers of leap and kids track was always in the story then why did Drashti sign the show in the first place? She would have rejected it very first!

    I love Mauli and I support her decision of not telling kunal truth about her pregnancy because she loved that man more than what he actually deserved! He was a bastard who didn’t had any feelings left for Mauli and his own family! He always wanted to be with Nandini and never wanted hindrance of kids with Mauli! So Mauli is right at her place where her husband hates her for being pregnant and doubts her pregnancy being selfish then I don’t think so he deserved to know the truth!

    What Kunal and Nandini was not love but only selfishness! I don’t expect Mauli to be too good hearted to forgive them and be good with them for kids only!

    I want Nandini to die! That’s the only punishment she can get! And that’s good punishment for Kunal too! Nandini didn’t deserve a happy life with her husband and kid after destroying someone’s home! Her happiness is not hers but of Mauli’s which Nandini snatched! So I want her to die and die in pain and regret! She didn’t deserve a happy life!

    I don’t know how this story will unfold! But I think from now on silsila will not be about Nandini but about Kunal Mauli and Ishaan! I think Kunal will repent and regret and hopefully now its his turn to know how it feels to be betrayed and cheated in love as he did to Mauli! I want to see Mauli with Ishan happy and don’t want Kunal in her life anymore!

    The best punishment to Kunal will be when he will be left alone with neither Nandini nor Mauli in his life!

  27. Kumkum bhagya with a different twist in the making!

    1. And kumkum bhagya was another repeatation of kasam track
      Lol ekta and her craps

  28. Don’t want to see kunal nandini daughter…just kunal mauli daughter. .nandini will die or replace?

  29. vijayalakshmi

    Now change serial montage and add ishan also in montage from tom
    nandini character have to replace by other actress if drashti exit kunal and nandini have to suffer in life and no happy in their life and new child plz don’t make dem as nandini and kunal daughter
    for them no child have cm
    plz at the end mauli and ishaan only be there pair not like other serials plzzzzz
    who agree with me

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