Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajdeep creates a drama outside Malhotra house

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini brings tea for Dida and explains Pramilla was in market. Dida sips from the cup and loves the tea. She asks Nandini to sit with her in the room and says she doesn’t completely know what happened to her. She says the relation of spouses isn’t easy, not in any age. How it can even be easy, it’s the relation with a stranger. She says she herself fought with Kunal’s grandfather and had to stay at her parents for months. She should mind that they should share as much love as they fight. If her husband comes to take her she must go with him. They can also speak to him about handling her with care. She then asks Nandini to leave the room and let her enjoy her tea.
Nandini comes to her room and thinks she can’t tell Dida how her husband is, she can’t expect love from her

husband. He would only come to take her to take revenge from her. She notices there was no message or call and wonders if Rajdeep has created a new problem.
At night, Nandini and Mauli were in the balcony. Nandini complements Mauli’s house being beautiful. Mauli forbids Nandini cook such tasty food. Kunal comes there and requests Nandini to continue cooking. Mauli forbids her as Kunal gets fat really soon. She tells Kunal to leave and let them speak. Kunal suggests about having tea. Nandini stands to go and prepare it but Mauli says Kunal will prepare the tea. He is good at it and sometimes even mix milk in green tea. Kunal teases that Mauli will now only get green tea with milk. Mauli goes inside chasing Kunal. They playfully run across the hall. Nandini wonders if husbands are like this as well. She only saw her father, he might have spoken only six to seven words to her mother in years; tea, breakfast, tiffin, turn off the lights. Then she spotted Rajdeep who isn’t even a nice human being. She prays that Mauli never gets an evil eye, her house is beautiful, her in laws are and her marriage is the prettiest. In the kitchen, Mauli asks which tea Nandini would take. Nandini says nothing, she only wants to sleep.
Late at night, everyone wakes up as they hear Rajdeep shouting Nandini’s name and knocking the door badly. Kunal opens the door and pushes Rajdeep outside. Rajdeep asks where his wife is. Mauli asks where he had been when Nandini was injured and fallen on the road side. Nandini comes from behind. Rajdeep tells Nandini he had enough of the drama, she must come home. Kunal and Mauli stops his way as he tries to pull Nandini. The neighbors from apartment also gathered asking Kunal what happened. Rajdeep hides the bottle of alcohol and tells the neighbors they have kept his wife at their place. They are creating difference between him and his wife. Kunal shouts at Rajdeep to stay away. Rajdeep asks their help but Mauli forbids him to create a drama. Nandini was worse when she was brought here, if Rajdeep doesn’t leave she will call the police. Rajdeep says they have kidnapped his wife, they will be answerable to police. He questions Mauli what enmity she has with him, she slapped him six years ago and today she doesn’t want to spare his wife. He warns Mauli she will have to pay the costs with interest. Kunal grabs Rajdeep’s collar and was about to punch him. Mauli holds Kunal back. Rajdeep tells Nandini this is a house of innocents, doesn’t she care her husband is being beated. Mauli asks which woman would want to go in the condition he kept her. Rajdeep insists on Dida and Mamma to explain to them, there was a small fight between them only and they will solve the matter. Kunal says Nandini doesn’t want to go with him. Rajdeep says he wants to hear this from Nandini. Rajdeep speaks to Nandini that they will sort this small fight, they have vowed to spent seven lives together, how can she accept her defeat in seven years only. Nandini tells Rajdeep to go away, she won’t come. Rajdeep says alright he would leave, but he will never forgive what they have done. He will now show them what respect is, warns Nandini through the signal of his eyes and leaves. Later, Sweety asks Mauli what was this drama? Mauli apologizes everyone for all the drama and disturbance. Sweety says neighbors are to help each other, it’s alright.
Everyone at house was tensed. Mauli consoles Nandini who was crying. Mamma asks Kunal what this all was? Kunal says it was Rajdeep. Mauli says he is a goon, how he must have behaved with Nandini when alone. Dida says they aren’t concerned about what he does when alone, but what he did today was witnessed by the whole neighborhood. They have lived here for years, but no one could point a finger towards their personal matters. She decisively announces what happened today was for the first and the last time. She says she doesn’t want any argument about this, Malhotra’s have only helped everyone in the society. She goes inside. Mauli signals Kunal to handle and speak to Mamma. Mamma says Dida is right about the matter. To whom they will continue explaining that Rajdeep is wrong and Nandini is right? After they have left, Nandini tells Mauli she must leave. She wants to go somewhere that Rajdeep can’t find her. Rajdeep will continue teasing them until she lives here. Mauli swears Nandini on her life to even think like this. Nandini says she can’t put the house and family in trouble. Kunal seconds Mauli and says she must understand two of this family’s members want her to stay. They can solve the problems, he suggests Nandini to take some rest as her body needs stress. Its doctor’s orders and makes Nandini go to her room.

PRECAP: Everyone in the family gives a surprise to Mauli for completing 100 successful surgeries. Kunal announces a party tonight. Rajdeep plans to ruin the celebrations.

Update Credit to: Sona

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