Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajdeep leaves Nandini on roadside

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini was left shocked when Rajdeep says he sent her there. Rajdeep drags her out of the night club. She only stared towards him blankly.
Mauli gets a call from hospital. Kunal tells her to pick up the call. It was nurse who tells her about an emergency. Mauli says her phone is dead, its an emergency. Kunal promises to take Mauli to hospital in time. In the car, Mauli apologizes as she just promised him to spend time with him. Kunal says he has understood their life would go like this, they will have to make a space for this third in their lives.
In the car, Nandini was haunted by Rajdeep’s acts. Nandini complains to Rajdeep for selling her in a business deal. Rajdeep scolds her to be continuously speaking, he and Makhija had a business deal.
Mauli asks who third?

Kunal says it’s the same thing that always come between husband and wife, her second love she goes for. Mauli insists she goes for work. Kunal says yes, its work. They laugh.
Rajdeep tells Nandini she has a poor mentality, this is a common thing in bigger cities. One has to do everything to get the fame, money and status. He is her husband for whom she does a lot of fasting the whole year, but she couldn’t spend some time with that Makhija. He clarified to her that they can’t lose Makhija as a client, he is already indebted. She had promised him all her help but she betrayed him. He calls her a small town mentality, he was tensed that Makhija was their last hope. Nandini questions how he even thought she would help him in such an act. She is his wife, and mother to their unborn child. Rajdeep stops the car with a jerk, stares at Nandini and questions what she just said. Nandini stammers that she was about to tell him. Rajdeep gets off his car and pulls Nandini out of the car. He clutches Nandini’s neck and slaps her hard, physically harassing her badly. He questions if she will bear a child without his consent. Nandini says she was about to share it with him. Rajdeep understands its Mauli who was giving her the courage for all this, she was already discussing about the supplements in the mall. He pushes her down on the floor and kicks her belly hard before he furiously drives the car away. Nandini was left suffering on the road side. She gathers some courage.
In the hospital, the nurse bucks Mauli up as it’s her 98th surgery and 98th surgery has a 100% success rate in the hospital. After only two more surgeries she will score a century. Mauli says the case is complicated but she will try her best with it, because it’s her duty.
Nandini finds Rajdeep’s cell phone on the road side and dials a number. The phone bell rings in the car. Kunal notices Mauli had forgotten her phone in the car. He disconnects the call which was from an unknown number. Nandini redials. Kunal hears the weak sound of Nandini calling him by name from the other side. Kunal recognizes her voice and asks where she has been. Nandini says she is much hurt but she doesn’t know where she is, it’s a lonely path. She reads a library sign board nearby but Kunal couldn’t hear the name. Kunal searches google for libraries in Mumbai and finds it was Patkar library. Nandini tells him to hurry up.
On his way Kunal calls the hospital and gives the receptionist a message for Mauli. The receptionist notes that Mauli’s friend Nandini is hurt badly. He is bringing her there, she must not leave. Kunal was shocked to find Nandini lying on the road side. She breathed weakly when he helps her into the car. On the way, Nandini clutches Kunal’s collar out of pain, Kunal calms her down and promises Mauli will take care of her. He notices Nandini was getting unconscious.
Mauli comes out of the operation theatre. She comes to reception to call Kunal. The receptionist tells Mauli about Kunal’s call. She calls Kunal. Kunal tells Mauli that Nandini is injured, they must do the surgery. She must get the OT on standby. Mauli sends the staff to get ready for
Kunal tries to keep Nandini awake. Mauli had everything ready for operation. She calls Kunal.

PRECAP: Kunal tells Mauli that Nandini is losing consciousness. Mauli takes Kunal’s promise that he won’t let her lose senses. Kunal was stuck in a traffic jam, Mauli was restlessly waiting in the hospital. Later, Mauli slaps Rajdeep hard on face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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